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  1. I hate it just as much for basketball. He would have been a solid piece of a WB team that might be the team to beat in their district next year. Govs B-ball will still be upper tier in this area, but you're losing a kid who just set the all-time single game scoring record a couple of weeks ago. Ouch.
  2. Looks like we're going to find out ...
  3. Happy for Robert. He’s a good man. No one will love WB any more than him. No one will love the kids any better either. And I promise you he will be “all in” with the program. It would poetic justice for Coach Reeves to succeed and do well. He’s put in his time.
  4. In not as “in” as I once was, but I still am privy to a few things. Within a week after job was posted, 10+ applications had been received.
  5. One of the reasons the press box was enlarged was to get coaches more privacy after Coach Meadow’s dad punched a media member during a game. It wasn’t all perfect and rosy during his tenure…but he did produce one of the best squads we’ve ever had.
  6. Charles Rathbone. All state lineman for the Govs early 90’s. All American at Carson Newman. Great young coach.
  7. Pepvol, I am reminded once again why you are one of my FAVORITE "Maryville Folk" of all time." And yes, I've "whined" before, but never about you my friend.
  8. hey Suuuzzzz…do you prefer patties? Or links?
  9. Barney, Agree that Scott was one of our better coaches. But I don't think you can blame WB for losing him, from what I gather, Catholic made him an offer he couldn't turn down. I also agree that the easiest thing to do is just to quit coming or supporting (sort of similar to church sometimes) instead of speaking up. But for me, if you're not willing to identify who you are, you lose credibility. Obviously, Shadroach is either a WB insider--or knows someone who is--cause he/she knows stuff that everyone is not privy to.
  10. So not much luck on trying to identify who Shadroach is. Got a couple of possibilities. Could be the father of a "former Gov football player" , and here's the kicker ... his son actually transferred from WB to another school a few years back.
  11. Hey, has anyone ever figured out who Shadroach is? I tried to figure it out a couple of years ago, but never had any success. Just curious if anyone else has any ideas? Would love to know!
  12. ha ...ha...ha... that's funny Barn.
  13. Bearden has indeed won both games, and Sullivan is a fine player, but Fritz is at a whole different level.
  14. A rare GovMan opinion: 1. DB coach should make the comments that were published in article only to his players to motivate them. 2. As other coaches have found out in years past, it might be better to actually beat Maryville first, then make your comments. 3. I GUARANTEE you what he said will make the Rebels “more motivated”. They thrive on that. 4. I hope DB does make it interesting, it would make the game more entertaining to watch and help Maryville as they move on. 5. Good luck to both teams.
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