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  1. Was it Paul Harvey that used to say, “And now the the rest of the story ...”? Here’s a little addition to the excellent video about the Rebels’ summer mission trip. Seth Hair is in my youth group at FBC Maryville. He got back from that trip on a Friday ... did his laundry that evening ... and drove all night with his dad to Charleston to join his FBC youth group for their summer mission trip. Drove through the night and was out working with our youth on mission projects the next day, and the next week.
  2. He spends most of his time fishing for crappie these days. But in the day, he was usually best at every sport he participated in!
  3. And the Holden Lail "yard fire" right behind the field !!!
  4. Someone get Scott West to roll out the computer generated "light saber" video!!!
  5. If my math is correct we are dead even as of this season...20 years each.
  6. Was it Mark Twain that once said, "Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated?"
  7. Chill ... is that "official"? Or just your thoughts? A pretty good list. One of my favorite players in the distict hit 1,000 points last night -- Jordan Tarver, WB. Not in top five in district, but I think he would have to be considered in Top 10. He's a stat sheet kid and I have loved watching him play.
  8. I've watched Bearden play against William Blount and Maryville mostly for the past 10-12 years. I've seen so many "class" players for the Bulldogs. I too, am surprised by Kah getting T'ed up. He's always seemed to be a quality young man. You mentioned Stephney, but the one I've watched for the past 3 seasons that I think is the needs to be reigned in is the Glover kid (Ques). He talks (i.e. whines) to the referee more than any other high school kid I've ever watched. I'm really surprised that Coach Parrot doesn't intervene at times. I also sit very, very close to the floor at WB home games so I've heard his language for three years. Let me just add this to my critique, he's one of the most talented high school players I've watched in a long time. Surprised he isn't getting SEC type offers. I wonder if his attitude has anything to do with that? Honestly asking, not throwing stones.
  9. I’ll bite...who is Maryville’s assistant AD?
  10. I still say, "IF" Bearden has everyone healthy (and eligible), noone in East Tennessee will beat them. Had 'em at WB on Tuesday night. One of the better teams I've seen on that floor in many, many years. Going across to play those Memphis teams may be a different story, but around here I don't think they'll get touched the rest of the season. I plan on going over when Maryville plays them and would love to see Maryville knock them off again, but if I'm a betting man ...don't think it's gonna happen.
  11. The comment on Gale is huge, N.D. Not saying I disagree, but the names Humphrey and Damron give me pause ...
  12. Was Bearden at full strength roster-wise against Maryville? Little surprised that Maryville beats them, although as long as the Rebels have Joe Anderson out there, nothing will completely shock me. WB loses a key contributor for the remainder of the season. Looks like senior Destin Deering is moving out of state during Christmas break.
  13. #wideright. #takeaknee ...:) Sorry I couldn’t help myself. Sounds like such a great game and I would have loved to have been there. I’m thankful, men and women, that we can discuss—and even debate some—without throwing our friendships under the bus. When I say to remember, “it’s just high school football”, trust me I’m the “kettle calling the pot black”. But as I get a little older, I’m starting to get it a little better. My son taught Sunday School Sunday morning to a group of youth—some from Maryville, some from Alcoa, and even one from Heritage. He talked about how as Christians, our church and our youth group, should be our “refuge” where we can support, encourage, console, and yes, even love one another , and keep a proper perspective on sports and rivalries. I was pretty proud of him ... he’s a lot further along than his old man in so many ways. Sermon’s over!
  14. Keep chipping away at it Shadroach!
  15. Hey OB ... don’t get me wrong. It’s not Greenbacks job to “take a knee” it is WB’s job to stop them. I can also understand why both Coach & Boys might want to “go the extra mile” against WB. Plus it’s jamboree and I know team’s are still fine tuning, so you want to practice stuff.
  16. Actually, GB did not take a knee originally at a time when they should have. They tried to score again (long pass) with less than 30 seconds on the clock but it was incomplete. They still tried one more time —were penalized and THEN they took a knee. And they WERE NOT inside the 10. Just keepin’ it real. -Gary Stinnett Very impressed with the Cherokees, lots of talent. Will be surprised if they don’t end up winning it again!
  17. Barney, The stadium was pressure washed, not painted. You guys will replace your turf 2 or 3 more times before the Gov Club has to come scrape!!!
  18. Good points Willie. Oak Ridge girls are already a handful .. if they turn it up even another notch, then my prediction may end up looking silly. But I've just got a gut feeling (I'm a homer also). Campbell County has not fared so well this season against 4AAA teams ... but that don't matter in the tournament. Be interesting to see how it plays out.
  19. My prediction is that 3 of the 4 District IV teams will win in first round of Region, with the only exception that the District IV 4 seed will lose to O.R. And i will also predict that the District IV representative will win the Regional Tournament. Let's see how that plays out!
  20. Blount boys are pretty good squad, Strong X. Have battled through some injuries to key players and are now pretty much 100%. Good depth on the squad and they play like their "hair is on fire." They caught Maryville on a night when their shots weren't falling ... some of that can be attributed to WB's defense. I think Bearden is at the top ... then Maryville, Catholic, Farragut, WB on any given night are right there. Should be a good tournament. WB is the kind of team you don't want to have to play in the tournament if you are 1 or 2.
  21. Yeah .... the kid with the sign is a good kid. I noticed some of the Maryville players over talking to him and laughing together later in the game. Unfortunately, all the schools sometimes have kids that cross the line of good sportsmanship. I may be alone, but I'm of the opinion that whether your Alcoa, Maryville, Heritage, WB, or anyone else, if an administrator hears a kid in the student section cursing an opponent's players, the kid should be escorted out. BTW, RW87 I laughed at your "I thought they mispelled Rebs". That's funny, I don't care who you are!
  22. Based on your absolute obsession with William Blount (about 95% of your posts are about WB) it is quite obvious that you are a big fan BS. In all my years on "the T" I've never seen someone fixate on one team/one school/one coach the way you fixate on the Governors and Coach Shadowens. We're honored to be constantly on your mind !!!
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