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  1. Question: what about when a more athletic and obviously better team is in the lead, and they pull it out to run clock late in game... knowing that the other team can't guard them in man-man defense... I guess that isn't good basketball? Is that bad coaching? I'm pretty sure that's a strategy that could help the team win.... so why is it looked down upon if someone does the same thing throughout the game? Isn't that a strategy to help their team win? Also, it happens so rarely.. this shouldn't be a discussion... TO THOSE WHO CONSTANTLY SAY THAT ITS IN THE NBA AND NCAA, GET READY ITS GOING TO HAPPEN IN HIGH SCHOOL SOON: Not all rules trickle down... There is a defensive 3 second rule in NBA... but that's taught as a good defensive strategy in other levels of basketball. Also, the lane is wider... should that trickle down as well? Should we allow this changes to trickle down to Middle School level, or Elementary level... or rec ball? Could you see an elementary game with a shot clock... little Johnny going 1v1 (or 1v5) to get a shot off every trip... the team game wouldn't be taught at all... it would be to get the ball into your best players hands every possession, and let him/her try to make a play, most likely from a ball screen. (kinda sounds like the NBA) There is nothing wrong with the game not having a shot clock. We don't need to change just for the sake of change... in the words of the Great Coach John Wooden as one of his 12 lessons of leadership: "Seek SIGNIFICANT change." I'm not sure it enhances the high school level game.
  2. Many good points in both ways. I can see value in it both ways. However, one of biggest reasons that people are for a shot clock is that "holding the ball ins't basketball". You hear it in every argument for a shot clock. My response is that if a team is holding the ball for minutes at a time... that's on the defense, not the offense. The defense is allowing that to happen. Also, this happens very rarely. I also wouldn't make changes to rules (or laws for the matter) for a small minority of the population. 3% roughly will go on the play college basketball. Those players are already playing aau with shot clock and thus are being prepared for it... the better way to prepare the player for the next level is by helping become a well rounded player and person through fundamentals, accountability, and hard work. In coaching, the object is to give your team the best chance they have to win. If keeping the ball in your favor gives your team the best chance to win, then do it. I know that many will think I'm an old school and don't like to play an exciting style of ball. I've been a part of teams that have won games in the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60', 70's, 80's, 90's, and 110's (yep, skipped 100's) in the same year. I believe teams can win in multiple different ways. Teams that typically make double digit three pointers on any given night. However, play styles that help your team win...that's what smart coaches do. I feel with a shot clock, it will become more of a game about who has the most athletic players.. and coaching will be less influential. A question I have is this: why is forcing a team to shoot part of basketball? Isn't basketball about defending your own goal and trying to score in the other person's goal. Why should I have to take a shot that I don't want to. Possession of the ball is very important. Look at how many bad shots are taken at the end of quarters now... there are only 4 opportunities in a regulation high school game to shoot when the clock is winding down (unless overtimes). Of those 4 opportunities, how many high quality shots are taken? Very few. Most come down to a 1v1 contested shot or a long 3...each with poor offensive movement. The ball is very precious...the most precious thing in the game... without it you can't play... possession of it is the key.
  3. I'm not sure that the "game passed Coach Bray by". He has been and is a very good coach. That being said, I do think CHS hit a homerun with the Coach Josh Heard as the coach... truly cares about Cookeville community and will do a fine job there. I hope the political side of it all will allow him to coach and build the team his way. It may take some time to implement his culture and standards... but given enough time, it will happen. Best wishes, Coach Heard.
  4. Jared Laverdiere is not the assistant coach in the previous posts, either... correct? I believe he has done an outstanding job as an assistant at Alcoa. You can see his fingerprints throughout the improvements Alcoa has made in past couple years.
  5. Coach Milsaps has always been a great man with words and quotes. He is a leader of people... he and I didn't see eye to eye sometimes, but I respect him greatly. As for Coach Graves, I hope he understands that what he has done for that community has been special. They are a proud group. He is a good young coach who is willing to learn and ask the right questions. He will be successful; there or somewhere else. I'm actually surprised by Mr. Vance. Is there more to the story that what we don't know? I hope the TEAM finishes strong. Make Redskin Nation proud.
  6. This exact call was called in tonight's game I was at. It was clear the player didn't intend to dribble, or have control. He was slapping at the ball from an errant pass by a teammate and then picked it up to gain control. Then when he dribbled it was called a double dribble. I agree, it could be called that. Probably should be. But it was clear there was no control or intent. So, I guess it comes down to being basically a judgement for the official on whether has control or not.
  7. The double dribble question could be based on INTENT. If the player doesn't have intent of dribbling, then it shouldn't be. However, it stands to reason that it would be a double dribble, yet it's not called often.
  8. my question is why this rule was put into place. Does it offer an advantage to a player? In my experiences, it's been more of a disadvantage to a player if his shorts are too big... If TSSAA is about the players, they should look into changing/modifying that rule, or not enforcing the rule so strictly... (we all know there are certain rules that are not followed exactly as written... from game to game, season to season, or even team to team, at all different levels).
  9. Agree... its sad that some schools have to "recruit their own" to keep the kids zoned for them.... However, the TSSAA nor TDoE will never make zoning across the board... because many school systems benefit from being "special city school districts" financially...
  10. And thus the confusion......... I'm just telling you what I was told from the TSSAA when I called them about it... although that was a couple years ago.... could have changed, or been "interpreted differently" since then.
  11. I'm not sure what the answer is... but I do think we need more... However, the TSSAA will not do it because of the costs of the venues... they barely make enough money to pay the venues for the weeks they use them with only 3 classifications... The answer would be to only take 4 teams to the state, but then the coaches would not like that idea... even if there were 4 or 5 classifications...
  12. Not if the players are not going into the school that the coach is currently at... no... Sorry for the confusion.
  13. Its actually not through the summer... HS coaches can coach any 8th grade student... once the 8th grader is no longer enrolled in 8th grade (graduate from middle school) then they cannot coach them.... because they have been promoted into the next grade which be high school 9th grade..... There is one exception: if the school is one campus (6-12 or K-12) then the HS coach cannot coach 8th Graders in AAU because potentially an 8th grader could play on his HS team... The rule of the 3 players on a team (or 60%) only applies in the fall.
  14. ChinaDog, Heritage is a good underdog pick... a very capable team. However, I think they are ranked ahead of Lenoir City in the standings. This district is very even in the middle... Obviously, Bearden, Maryville, and Catholic have separated themselves into the top 3, but after that, all the teams are very even... each with 7 or 8 losses except Lenoir City with 9. Anyone can beat anyone in this league. Should be fun down the stretch!
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