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  1. Show proof!! Just because 2 players come from out of town means nothing. All that matters is TSSAA knows exactly why they came to South Pittsburg and approved them to play. At this point it wouldn’t matter if you knew the stories you would still complain! But to show you this. The Pirates averaged 47 points a Game. Both transfers probably scored a total of 50 points all year and that’s a guess but I’d bet I’m close. Every other score are hometown players! Fact
  2. Doesn’t seem to matter if only 1 Team was strong in the east!! They to was the Strongest in the west also!! There was no doubt in anyone’s mind who the better Team was. South Pittsburg caused themselves 3 or 4 TDs. Congratulations to McKenzie on a great season.
  3. Farrier has 160 yards rushing 3 Fumbles and 7 Tackles! Way to never give up!! Mr Football in my Book!!!
  4. I said all year the only Team that could beat South Pittsburg was South Pittsburg. They came close Tonight!! Also said McKenzie wouldn’t score 14 on the Defense. The fastest Defense I’ve seen at Spitt! Should’ve could’ve been 28-35 -0 . Did McKenzie have 100 yards of offense? I told people when they Played South Pittsburg they would see why #8 should have been Mr Football! On offense and or Defense! He showed Grit! I’d our Qb was healthy he is a beast running this would have been a mercy rule game imho!! No doubt who the better Team was! For the next 2 years keep your eyes on #3 and # 4
  5. From the Chattanooga newspaper In 10 games against Class 1A competition this year, South Pittsburg has given up 34 total points, outscoring those foes by an average of 52-3 with six shutouts. Since the playoffs began, the Pirates have allowed a total of 62 rushing yards on 68 attempts. Once teams get tired of running into a brick wall and try to turn to the passing game, the Pirates have 46 sacks as a team and have intercepted 11 passes. Even more eye-catching, the Pirates have allowed an average of just 2.3 yards per play (1.06 per rush) and have more negative yardage (521) than total rushing yards allowed (379). “It’s hard to block them if you can’t touch them,” said defensive coordinator Stephen Britton, who began his coaching career as part of the staff at perennial 6A power Murfreesboro Oakland. “I love having speed and aggression on the field for defense, and our guys love contact. You don’t have to ask them to be aggressive, it’s in them naturally.”
  6. Weatherman says the Rain will move out for the South Pittsburg vs Mcenzie Game and the winds die down from 40mph to 3 mph. That you lord
  7. Actually yes. Pretty sick. Recovering from a heart attack and some big now. That’s why I said I believe. What year was it?
  8. I remember I believe it was 2007 when South Pittsburg was playing JoBryns for the state Championship and they had some Troll fans and South Pittsburg haters on here running their Mouth just like a couple of you! a Couple of Coach’s and former opponents told them plainly “ Don’t stick a Stick in a Hornets nest” but they didn’t listen and got mercy ruled in one of the most lopsided State title ever. Keep on The Pirate fuel off this crap
  9. Write up in Chattanooga newspaper. SOUTH PITTSBURG, Tenn. — The philosophy adopted by the South Pittsburg defense this season has been simple: Take the quickest route to the football and arrive in a bad mood.
  10. All this crap you spew! How did they cheat? Before you answer look up the definition
  11. That Team played amazing football did you watch them Today?
  12. Regular season they were 10-0 . 5 of those Teams where ranked! Sooo??? Soft?
  13. No way McKenzie score 35 on this Defense. The state champion private school only scored 14
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