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  1. Cocke County 48, David Crockett 28 early in the 3rd quarter.
  2. 1. Jeff. Co. 2. Morr. West 3. Morr. East 4. Sevier Co. 5. Cocke Co. 6. Seymour 7. Cherokee 8. South-Doyle
  3. Pats should be the main beneficiary of the new region format. Dropping Bearden, KDB, Campbell Co., and Science Hill and joing in with this region should vault Jeff Co. to the upper 4 every year.
  4. This game was a surprise to many that attended Friday night. Being down only 6-0 at the half, the Cougars still had a glimmer of hope for a monumental upset. The Cougar defense played well most of the night until the lack of depth took its toll midway through the second half. If the Cougars offense could have generated any yards at all, it may have been an interesting game. The PA man was everything he was hyped up to be - made the game more entertaining! I am very proud of the Cougar faithful that made the trip to Blount Co. - we made a lot of noise in a losing effort. With the development of some younger players, next year's Cougars team could be very good. We lose only about 5 key seniors and have alot of talented juniors and sophomores hungry for next season. The Cougars should certainly make the playoffs back-to-back, which will be huge for Campbell Co. I guess this the the part where I should wish the Govs good luck next week at Bearden. Sorry, but I can't be a hypocrite. The Bulldogs are in our region and have a class program. In addition, their OC is a former Jacksboro Middle School coach who is a class act. The Govs coaching staff pulled an Urban Meyer on the Cougars by throwing the ball deep downfield with less than 5 minutes to go with a 21-0 lead . . . like the Gaytors, I hope the Governors get what's coming to them. Call me a sore loser, but that last drive was in poor taste with the game already decided.
  5. What is the deal with Clinton? At the Jamboree they looked impressive. A very athletic QB, fast & strong RBs and a pretty big O-line. The Maryville game was no surprise - after all it was Maryville. But the AC score surprised me somewhat, especially after what Fulton did to AC. I hope they don't play tonight like they did in the jamboree or else the Cougars could be in trouble. On the other had, if the Cougars can control the trenches, they may just pick up a very important W going into their open date.
  6. Campbell Co. vs. Jefferson Co. has developed into a very heated rivalry, (one-sided, but fierce). As I watched the play-back of the game, the intensity of the hitting on both sides was very evident. From watching the film, it showed BOTH teams competing very hard in a smash mouth game. The film showed BOTH teams being the victim of some questionable calls from the officials. It appeared that BOTH teams did some posturing and mouthing after certain plays. Remember, these are young student athletes chocked full of testosterone and are fiercely competitive. To blame the loss on officiating or a phantom fumble/goal-line stop is not becoming of fans from a program with the pride and winning tradition that Jefferson Co. enjoys.
  7. Who are the players-to-watch for Powell? Is there offense balanced or is their strength the running game?
  8. THe thing that most impressed me about the Cougars in their 33-6 victory in Week 0 was the pursuit to the ball by the defense. The gang-tackling was so strong, it was very difficult to determine who to give credit to for the tackles. Very fast and aggressive Cougar defense this year.
  9. There is very little info about Powell this year. Powell is usually a playoff team, but some on Coach T have indicated they may not be as strong as usual. Does anyone have info on this year's Panthers? Strengths, weaknesses?
  10. In the early season matchup at Clinton, the Dragons rolled to a 28-0 victory over the Jacksboro Eagles. HOWEVER, the Eagles were without their starting QB/LB Bradley Hicks. Since Hicks returned the 3rd game of the season, the Eagles have been impressive. In addition, 3 of Clinton's score came on big plays of 60+ yards, including a recovered fumble returned for a 68 yard TD. I must admit I was surprised with the ease the Eagles defeated the Robertsville Rams (37-14) last week. If the Eagles bring the full team effort exhibited vs. the Rams, it should be a very interesting and hard fought contest. Once again, it is power vs. speed. If the Eagles can manage the clock and churn out the yardage and keep Clinton's outside speed contained, I feel they may pull off another big game. Eagles in a close one!
  11. Reports indicate that Chris Johnson skipped practice due to an unavoidable personal matter that was scheduled in advance that Coach Wells reportedly knew about. If it is confirmed that Wells' suspended Johnson for an unavoidable personal issue, the I-75 South pipeline may start flowing again like the days of old. Several Jacksboro Eagle Middle School footballers are watching this with great interest . . . To make matters worse, two current JMS footballers who are now Mavs (one Sr., one Frosh) are talking to the Eagle players about the virtues of the Anderson Co. football program - the recognition, absence of favoritism, playoff opportunities, weight room program, off-season workout regime, etc. This situation is so sad, because Coach Wells has worked so hard to turn the Cougar program around. With a very talented JV/Freshman team, the Cougars are poised to make noise in Region 1 if the talent stays at home and focuses on football. However, it is disapointing that very few Cougars and coaches were at the Eagle playoff game last Tuesday. Maybe some of them will make an appearance this week as the Eagles take on Robertsville. You can rest assurred some of the Maverick folks will be there.
  12. Thanks, bud. We just talked to some Cougars fans and they said the game was delayed due to rain and lightening. It appeared from the simucast that a middle section of the bleachers had collasped. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  13. Why has the game between Campbell Co. and Dobyns Bennett delayed? I quit watching during halftime and the game has not resumed. It appears that perhaps a portion of the bleachers collasped on the visitors' side. Does anybody know any details?
  14. Jacksboro has a strong defense and a pretty good power rushing attack. Robertsville has eliminated the Eagles the last 3 years in the playoffs, but this time the game is at Jacksboro. Both teams defeated Horace Maynard rather easily, Jacksboro 24-0 at HMMS the 5th game of the season and Robertsville won in the 1st round of the playoffs 34-6 at home. Power vs. speed. Should be a great match-up, but without knowing hardly anything about Robertsville, I like the roll the Eagles are on. Jacksboro in a nail-biter.
  15. We're still here Peeblee, but you know the old saying "If you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all". I am very disappointed for the team this year. So many of them work so hard and give so much, it is sad to see the support for them faltering. I am going to feel like a "fair-weather" fan this week. Instead of making the 3 hour trek to DB, I am taking the night off to celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary. Here's hoping me and the Cougars both get lucky!
  16. In first round playoff action last night in the Large School Division, the Jacksboro Eagles defeated the Cherokee Yellow Jackets 46-8 in Jacksboro. The Eagles will host round 2 next Tuesday vs. the winner of Horace Maynard @ Robertsville. Does anyone know the rest of the playoff schedule/results? In regard to the N. Anderson Co. forfeit, it was reported the Colts' Head Coach was ejected from the season finale' making him ineligible for the 1st round playoff game vs. Clinton. The administrators reportedly did not feel comfortable with the assistants leading the team and decided to forfeit instead.
  17. Can anyone post the schedules and results for CAK, Avery Trace and Robertsville? I am assuming the higher seed will play the quarter & semi rounds at home. Where is the Championship game be held? Last year's Large School Championship was a thriller with Clinton upsetting North Anderson in Oliver Springs.
  18. It was a rough outing for the Cougars JKar. A key play midway through the first quarter was perhaps the play of the game. Chris Johnson of the Cougars broke a run from the Cougar 35 yard line down to the Bearden 16, but the play was negated for a motion penalty. The Cougars were forced to punt after a sack and the Bulldogs took over on the Cougar 49. The Soph QB for Bearden hit a WR in stride and just like that the Dogs were up 7-0. In the 2nd quarter, CC mishandled the snap on a punt attempt and Bearden took over deep in Cougar territory and went on to score, 13-0. Late in the 2nd quarter, the Cougars penetrated the Bulldog 10 yd line but could not convert a 4th and short. With about 2 minutes to go, Bearden marched downfield on the arm of the Soph QB and some good runs and scored at the end of the half to go up 19-0. In the 2nd half, the Bulldogs had a short field 2x, once on a mishandled punt snap and again on a failed fake punt, incomplete pass. Although it didn't really effect the outcome of the game, the officials were terrible. To compare them to the Three Stooges would be an insult to Moe, Larry & Curly. It doesn't look promising for the Cougars as Science Hill comes to town next week, followed by a roadtrip to Dobyns-Bennett and then the season finale at home vs. Karns. This is a team that plays hard with alot of heart, but just can't convert their opportunities or get a break at a key junction of a game. They still have the opportunity to spoil someone's playoff dreams, but have to play a complete game and get a break or two. Too many dropped passes, missed blocks, blown coverages have put this team back in the cellar.
  19. Congratulations to Bearden for an impressive win. Bearden totally exploited the Cougars' weaknesses scoring a TD with an exceptional 2-minute drill to end the 1st half with a 19-0 lead. It only got uglier after that. Bearden should be a force to deal with in the next few years with the number of underclassmen that played so well throughout the game, especially that soph QB. For the fans that attended the game, have you ever witnessed a more pathetic excuse for an officiating crew? It certainly didn't effect the outcome of the game, but the guys in the striped shirts were ridiculous. Even the Bulldog press box guys (who were very gracious hosts) were scratching their heads trying to figure out some of the calls and ball placements.
  20. How did North Anderson score 14 on Clinton? Jacksboro beat NAC 36-8 at ACHS with the score for the Colts coming in the final minute of the game vs. the 6th graders. The Eagles finished up division play with a 34-12 voctory at LaFollette Thursday night to finish with a 4-0 division slate. In the second game of the season Clinton torched the Eagles 28-0 at Clinton. Clinton scored 3 of their TDs on plays of 60+ yards - very explosive that night. I think Soldiers Memorial will be #2, losing only to the Eagles in division play. Jacksboro finishes the regular season vs. CAK Thursday night at home. What does CAK have this year? East Division Jacksboro 4-0; 5-2 overall lost 14-13 to Jefferson 1st game of season SMMS only 1 division loss to Jacksboro (16-0) Horace Maynard beat NAC and LaFollette N. Anderson Co. beat LaFollette LaFollette winless in division
  21. Has any team beat Clinton in the South Division? Jacksboro has already clinched the North Division and will host the first round playoff game vs. #2 out of the South. What are the standings in the South?
  22. Congratulations to Union County - good win guys!
  23. Once QB Brance Stiner regains his touch and a couple of WR step up to make catches on a CONSISTENT basis, this Cougar team will rebound in a big way. The defense is holding thier own, but need the O to put points up. Stiner is very capable as shown last year, but he hasn't quite gotten his confidence or touch since suffering a broken thumb last year.
  24. Congratulations to a young Jefferson Co. team on a big Region win on the road. I am totally baffled by the lack of offensive production by this Cougar team. Before the 0-3 start, I looked at 3 returning OL, a stellar QB in Brance Stiner and an All-State Sr. RB in CHris Johnson. I thought they would average 20+ a game just by letting Johnson run the ball behind the big and experienced OL. 6 points in 12 quarters of football. Very disappointing. Not giving up yet, but the O better start clicking like it has the potential to do or it will be a long and frustrating season for the Cougars. Need to beat Clinton, take advantage of the open date, beat Union Co. and then get ready for a playoff run with some victories in key region games.
  25. Campbell Co. played some decent defense vs. Heritage. Coming into the season, the D was the big question mark, but if Friday night's performance is any indication, and the D continues to improve, look for the Cougars to turn it around. Nick Lane is emerging as a force at DE, Chris Bowlin is a strong and steady performer, Josh Evans, Travis Leach and Colby Mattie all fly to the ball. The "team tackle" was back in full force vs. Heritage. Also, #33 Norton played lights out in the 2nd half and Cody Johnson is plugging the middle nicely. Offensively, the Cougars should get a big boost with the return of Chris Johnson. Against the Mountaineers, Josh Howard had some nice runs, but could not quite break the big one. Johnson, based on past history, could have been a huge difference maker vs. Heritage. With a rested Chris Johnson and a reportedly weakened Jefferson Co. defense, the Cougars could be poised for a big game. QB Brance Stiner and the Cougar receiving corps are not quite on the same page, but they are getting there. Howard makes some nice catches out of the backfield and Wesley Chapman is showing signs of getting his timing down. Look for more out of Aiken and Davis. Johnson is definitely a serious threat in the slot. It's Region time - this game is HUGE! I like the Cougars' chances in their home opener.
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