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  1. I really like McCallie. If McCallie beats FRHS, then I hope you guys beat whoever in the state title. your the only team I know who plays with a lot of class and sportsmanship. Heck, I even consider myself a fan of McCallie, even when we play you guys. Good luck.
  2. Well lets put it this way, boys. Father Ryan has scored 33 points againt teams who have not won a game. They've allowed an average of only 3 points against teams who have not won a game. BGA is winless. You do the math.
  3. If FRHS beats MBA, then MBA can kiss the playoffs goodbye, cause you guys dont stand a chance against Baylor/BA/McCallie.
  4. MBA had lots of talent, and they still do, but now they have to share with Ensworth. Same thing happened to us. Its ok
  5. JP2s offense will be much more dangerous than CBHS's offense, so MBA better be ready for that. Both team's defenses are just alright. Pope can win easily if their offense can run the show most of the game. JP2 by 10. Its hard for me to say but this aint MBA's year.
  6. I was really hoping for JP2, but since ECS just beat MUS, I think its ECS one more time.
  7. If FRHS beats FHS, please add them in there. They beat the 4th team in the state by 3 touchdowns a week ago.
  8. Toughest game for both teams so far this season. father Ryan wont face anyone as difficult until the MBA game probably(which might be the best game of the year). Should be good, and hopefully the same outcome as last year.
  9. You already said that. If we can beat CBHS, we can play anyone
  10. We just beat the D2-AAA runner up. We beat the probably D2-AA champs a week ago. We beat Ravenwood, last year's D5A champs 2 weeks ago. Need I say more? We just beat 3 of the toughest teams in the state! We are BACK
  11. Um in the past decade we won the D2-AAA championship the very first year. 'Nuff said. Get your facts straigth. Also many other championships that rack up every year. Remember: Football is not the only sport played in high school. Dee-da-dee
  12. We are not talking smack. Bigbigguy simply said we 'laid down the law', which is an unusual, but true expression of the scrimmage. Ill try and rephrase it so my2cents understands what bigbig meant to say, '#22 off FR is a beast and had 7 sacks on defense, no one can stop him.' Thats it in a nutshell. And to answer the question of Lebanon players hurt, many became injured during the game, especially one play in particular where Lebanon's full back came to blind side a FR player, but got nailed. He didnt get up for about 10 minutes. The scrimmage was sadly raiend out, however.
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