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  1. We still need at least two teams to fill out the field in the 2020 Alex Cassetty Classic @ Jackson County High School on April 10 and 11 with a guarantee of three games. If you're interested, please contact Juan Clariday at 615-388-8295 or [email protected]
  2. Regular Season - Privates 134 wins, Publics 40. (.770 winning pct.) Playoffs - Privates 17 wins, Publics 8. (.680 winning pct.) Overall - Privates 151 wins, Publics 48 (.759 winning pct.) Just wanted to see what everybody thought about those numbers.
  3. My solution is this: Eliminate the Board of Control and the Legislative Council. With the technology we have today, each member school gets to vote online on all business matters. Only the principal or AD's have access to this. A school or TSSAA can make a proposal during certain periods of the year (Ex: every August 1, November 1, February 1, and May 1) and the schools vote. The majority wins (Ex: if the there are 300 members, a 151-149 vote wins). The TSSAA can gather enrollment figures every four years, draw up classes, districts, and regions. The schools vote for approval. Class A votes on class A matters, class AA on class AA stuff, and class AAA on class AAA stuff. Only football playing schools vote on football matters. Same for the other sports also. Public/Private split can be voted on by entire membership. All ejections, violations, etc. would be enforced by the TSSAA itself with Bernard Childress and the assistant executive directors serving as the tribunal. That's my two cents worth. Anybody else like to tweak my proposal, say I'm nuts, or what not. LOL!
  4. Eighteen games last night between private vs. public. Privates 12, Publics 6.
  5. StudCantrell


    Region 4-AA Semi-Finals Central Magnet 9, Grundy Co. 1 DeKalb Co. 12, Signal Mtn. 2 Region 4-AA Championship on Wednesday DeKalb County @ Central Magnet
  6. StudCantrell


    Tuesday's Results @ Central Magnet Macon Co. 10, Livingston 5 Central Magnet 12, Macon Co. 2 @Upperman Upperman 6, Cannon Co. 5 DeKalb Co. 11, Upperman 4 Thursday's Game Championship @ Central Magnet - 5:00 DeKalb Co. vs. Central Magnet
  7. StudCantrell


    Schedule for Tuesday, May 6. @ Upperman Cannon Co. vs Upperman - 5:00 CC/UHS winner vs DeKalb Co. - 7:30 @ Central Magnet Macon Co. vs Livingston Academy - 5:00 MC/LA winner vs Central Magnet - 7:30
  8. StudCantrell


    Central Magnet 10, Livingston 5. Macon Co. 5, Smith Co. 2 (9 inn.).
  9. StudCantrell


    Livingston 14, Smith Co. 12. Central Magnet 1, Macon Co. 0.
  10. StudCantrell


    Smith beat Macon 12-7 in 9 innings.
  11. StudCantrell


    Macon won the first game 5-4. Livingston won the second game 3-2.
  12. Standings Cannon Co. 9-1 Livingston 7-2 Upperman 6-3 York 6-3 Macon Co. 4-4 Smith Co. 2-6 DeKalb Co. 2-7 Central 0-10
  13. I forgot to mention that once a school decides to go D1, that school can decide which class they want play in. This happens between the declaration of each school deciding to go D1 or D2 and the division of classes and districts. A school can play up a classification but can not play down. Trousdale did this for years back in the early 2000's. They had Class A enrollment but played in AA.
  14. Actually, Goodpasture had the opportunity to go D2. In fact every school in TN has that opportunity. Prior to the re-classification date, each school gets a letter to decide if they want to play D1 or D2. Any school can play in D2 if they want to. After the responses comes in, the TSSAA then puts the schools in the their classes (D2 A and AA, and D1 A, AA, AAA) and then they put them in the districts, regions, etc. Any public can play D2 if they want to as well. Goodpasture had the chance to go to D2 but chose not to. FCS chose to go D2. You can only guess why FCS chose to go and why Goodpasture did not.
  15. Macon won 47-33 over CPA in the Region 5-AA championship game. District 8-AA will be loaded next year.
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