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  1. Great win Spartans! Timely scoring and great defense got the job done! Time to finish the season the right way!!
  2. Dyer Co. was really good! Congratulations on a great season!
  3. An interesting draw in AA. Memphis vs Knoxville and Nashville vs Chattanooga.
  4. It’s an AAU mentality. If you don’t get your way, change teams. Sometimes schools/coaches benefit from the moves. When a coach gets a bad name in the community it hurts other programs in the school. If the coach has a good reputation it helps other programs! People are always looking for a loophole!
  5. After five years as an assistant your good....
  6. I’m with BigPurple. Who cares who turned them in? Mistake or deceit, Northeast was wrong! Good news is they can still overcome it and make the playoffs...
  7. So 6 public and 2 private in football but 3 public and still 2 private in basketball.... Does anybody know why?
  8. The girls basketball program at East has had limited success until now, to say the least! In twenty years the girls team has made the Region semis 3 times until this year. Last year's team could have made it to the state if not for MLK being upset in the district semis and ending up in the same bracket with East in the Region. Funny, nobody complained about the magnet school that lost every game for two straight years.... These girls did a great job! They are talented and hard working and deserve all the credit! The Levy girl is awesome! I didn't think she played as well as she could have (east girls had something to do with that) and she still ended up with 19. She is going to be great! I could see East and Upperman squaring off in the state tourney again next year! Great year for both teams!
  9. Which school is the host school for this tourney?
  10. Terry Holt - 6'3" Senior, Guard East Nashville Awards: All District 10 AA All District Tournament 10 AA All Region Tournament 5 AA Tennessean All Mid-State Above the Rim Invitational All Tournament Terry has scored over 1,300 career points and will soon become the schools All-Time leading scorer. Terry has been to two State Tournaments and is averaging 19 ppg this year. Worth Considering! Thanks!
  11. I just wanted to say, the people of Cheatham County were very hospitable and gracious. Which, unfortunately, is not always the case across the state. It was a great atmosphere! Coach Dawson has done a great job of turning things around! The kids at Cheatham showed great class and character! I expect they will be strong again next year and welcome to the region!
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