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  1. Thursday, December 30 12:00 Lighthouse vs Riverdale 1:30 Independence vs Station Camp 3:00 Rockvale vs Page 4:30 Lebanon vs Summit
  2. Wednesday, December 29 12:00 Independence vs Lighthouse Christian 1:30 Riverdale vs Station Camp 3:00 Lebanon vs Rockvale 4:30 Page vs Summit
  3. Brentwood out. Lighthouse Christian in the 1:30 slot vs Rockvale.
  4. Yes, tickets will be sold at the door. I believe we said $8.
  5. December 28-30 December 28th Schedule 12:00 Independence vs Lebanon 1:30 Brentwood vs Rockvale 3:00 Page vs Riverdale 4:30 Summit vs Station Camp
  6. Who is the actual DC at Blackman this year?
  7. How can PC play two halves in a Jamboree? I can’t imagine the TSSAA approving that.
  8. This is Metro leadership at its finest…
  9. Jamborees are totally unnecessary now. Coaches will have to worry about injuries for a meaningless half. No money will be made by Metro by adding locations. Multiple schools will have extra work to do for nothing…
  10. East Nashville (Literature) began 5-12 and we had one principal, 8th graders could play. Later the 5-8 was moved to another campus with their own admin. 8th graders could no longer play or practice till the conclusion of the school year. 5-8 has since moved back to the same campus. However, the 5-8 kept their own admin. They can’t legally practice during the spring anymore. School has to end for the year. More to that story but I’ll leave it at that...
  11. I don’t think it can be that good anymore. I think that is what Broome was thinking too...
  12. Great Hire! Super defensive coach and a relentless planner and worker! Solid citizen as well! He will be missed at Summit!!
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