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  1. It’s on the website. Just have to click the arrows.
  2. It’s scheduled, but last I heard they’re not playing. I’ve heard that WC does not want to play. Back to back games with East and PC would be tough for most teams but especially for one trying to get back up on its feet again...
  3. Lol! I heard Whites Creek needed their bye week back...
  4. Congratulations to Coach Smith! He deserves the opportunity and I believe he will be successful!!
  5. This is actually the best time for these teams to play. While the students are Online, they are not crammed into school Buildings with hundreds to even thousands of potential carriers. To me, it would be easier to keep the kids safe right now.... The staffs have protocols for these workouts. They just need to carry them over to real practices and games. They need a voice in the within the district that is not there for personal gains and not simply a yes man.
  6. If something were to change with the decision makers, who would the metro teams play? A lot of the non metro schools have moved on with their schedules.
  7. Larry Smith should get a chance at the job but I can see him getting knocked out by another coach with ties...
  8. Sparty buckled down in the 4th and found a Wade to win!!
  9. Looks like Shelbyville got roughed up by Tullahoma Tonight...
  10. Glad to see East moving on in a positive direction! Good luck to Coach Stewart!
  11. East made a great decision! Good luck to Coach Stewart!
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