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  1. Man oh man......I was talking about you just the other day. Wondered what happened to you. I will holler at you on your email so we can catch up.

  2. Hey Man, Sorry it's been a while since we talked! Send me an email at [email protected] , since I don't have a + membership and can't do personal messages on here! Later!

  3. Hey Priceless, and everyone for that matter! It's been a long time since I chatted with you all. Been busy here in the Nation's Capital with work, coaching and chasing the kids! It looks like TN has went the way of VA high school sports. We have teams here that do this kind of garbage all the time because they have to play for "Power Points" to get into the playoffs, so they go out and find a smaller school to try to crush for no apparent reason! Why did they go away from the true 5A system we had and back to this antiquated AAA type system? By the way Priceless, I don't have a CoachT Plus membership right now, so email me on my new email when you get a chance at [email protected] I'd like to catch up and fill you in on the happenings up here with my teams.
  4. Thanks to you and The Squad for the thoughts. Things are getting back to normal around here now...Finally! We start our HS season this Friday, and my youth team is looking really good. too. They are the one's who are the most fun to coach! Well, if some of the Dad's doing the bleacher coaching would hush! It's a little tough to split time between them and the HS team, but the HC at the high school let's us practice there after we are finished with the varsity. At least I don't have to drive somewhere else! Plus the free use of blocking sleds and dummies doesn't hurt much either! Hopefully, all is well at home right now. Everyone stay safe and good luck to everyone at all levels this season!
  5. I can remember the thin days too Squad! Nobody wanted to play when we were average, AT BEST! Thanks to Coach J for that! As far as this game, great job by White Co. I will be the first to admit, I didn't see it being this good of a game. Hopefully, you guys can go deep into the playoffs this season. It's also great to hear that everybody on both sides can act like they have some sense. That's much better than the inevitable brawl that was going to break out anytime we got together several years back!
  6. Thanks man! I hadn't heard, of course I've been so busy up here, I haven't had a chance to think of anything else but my 2 teams. Then, 2 weeks ago, in the 3rd 2 a day practice of the season for another local high school, one of their jr. starting o-linemen went down to the heat/possible other health problems, was in a coma for 4 days, and passed away! He was a kid that I had coached several years ago in youth ball on top of that. It's been a really rough time up here. All 5 of the high schools in the county cancelled practice last Friday, and we all attended his memorial sevice at his high school. Everyone please remember his family and team in their prayers! This family also lost another son a few years back to cancer.
  7. Hey Squad, is Zach going there to play for his Dad, or did he go another direction? I've been off of here for a while, and I hadn't heard anything. As far as Coach Hennigan goes, I wish him well in his treatment/recovery! I have suffered from chronic back pain for several years and finally had to give in and have surgery last Dec. once football season was over. It's still not great, but it is definitely much better than it was.
  8. Hey denlron, I brought my son and my best friend down from Northern VA last year for this game in Ooltewah, and I can honestly say we had the same experience. Like you and others have said already, it is always a great time when both sides show at least some type of manners! Yes, we do love Double J! He is the best coach that I've ever known us to have. Sorry I couldn't get home for the game this year, but I have my own football nightmares going on up here! Good luck to the Owls for the rest of the season, and hopefully we can make good on the promise of "See you again in the playoffs!" Football_observer, you have evidently forgotten about the pounding your boys have been getting for the past few years, at your house and our's! Stay on the threads that actually concern you, and you will be much better off! Hey Cav's, would you guys care to shut Football_observer up next Friday night?!? Thanks and sorry I wasn't there to see you on Friday! Keep up the hard work and keep on making me and every other Cav of the past very proud! Oh, by the way, I'M BAAACK!!!
  9. Thoughts and Prayers from Northern VA! We've lost too many young people up here over the past couple of years also. Such a sad time for what seems like a very fine family! Hey 2P, let me know when they get something set up for donations. My team, the DC Generals, have said they would like to help.
  10. LOD has to spend so much money on food for the Clone, he can't afford DSL or cable modem. That's why he is still using dial up and praying the Clone gets a scholarship!
  11. My wife would love to see him go to Tech, because she is an alum! I just hope he goes somewhere that he can get what he wants and get a fair shot at the team!
  12. LOD, you would firgure out a way to re-enroll in high school for an Unlimited Free Ribs offer, wouldn't you?!? How's the Clone doing? Has he decided what he's doing in the Fall? Good luck to him!
  13. Exactly! This is what the policy was, and I assume still is, at Cookeville when Coach Joslin took over. My son played for him, and no you don't have to sign the consent, but if you don't you won't play football for him. Perfectly fine in my book! The folks from Gallatin can verify this for me, but I believe Gallatin was the first public high school program in TN that started a drug testing program while he was the coach there. Great job Coach J!! Any parent that would not want to make sure their child isn't taking a substance that can possibly kill them really needs to re-think their stance! Just my opinion. eaglesin08, it's not just the TSSAA, it's most state secondary athletic associations. It really has nothing to do with thinking the players are all like Bonds. THANK THE LORD!! It started getting really bad as far back as the late '80's. Not wide spread, but it was already happening. There were 8 or 9 high school football players, just last year, in Michigan that tested positive for steroids. They just started testing at that school in that same season.
  14. You might want to check those figures, because it is widely known that per capita, PA puts out more than any other state, before or after Katrina. Just the Southwest corner of PA produces more college and pro football players than any state does as a whole with the exception of CA, TX and FL. That's just because of sheer #'s.
  15. I must say, I have to agree with this entire post. Coffee was the only team in the region that actually gave my boys from Cookeville a decent game last season, and they should only get better next season. As a matter of fact, with the exception of the Ooltewah game in week 0, it was the only close game we played during the regular season, period. The rest of the games were over by halftime if not earlier.
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