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  1. cav-o

    NY Giants Vs NE Patriots

    I reaaally didn't think Eli could pull it off. Good job, though. Maybe he knocked someone else up. 2p, isn't she Brazilian, not French?
  2. cav-o

    Crockett County Coach Suffers Stroke

    Glad to hear he's up and about. Definitely hope he's taking it easy. Still prayin for you, coach! Keep the updates comin. Thanks!
  3. A former Crockett football player died in a house fire this past Sarturday morning. RIP Ilandis Smith Jr Jackson Sun article: Visitation services today for Ilandis Smith Jr., 21 The Jackson Sun Visitation services for Ilandis Smith Jr. will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. today at the Gibson County Funeral Home in Humboldt. Stephenson-Shaw Funeral Home is handling the arrangements. Smith Jr. is the 21-year-old son of Bells Police Chief Ilandis Smith Sr. Smith Jr. died in a house fire early Saturday morning at 78 Cedar Cove. Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Thursday at the Cherryville Road Church of Christ in Bells. For more information, call Stephenson-Shaw at (731) 784-1797 or (731) 427-7411.
  4. cav-o

    Crockett County Coach Suffers Stroke

    Last I heard, he's still in the hospital and is just now speaking. This family REALLY needs some serious prayers.
  5. cav-o

    Crockett County Coach Suffers Stroke

    Thanks for the update. I know he'll get time to recover and hope he does so very well. Do you have more details other than it was a stroke?
  6. cav-o

    Crockett County Coach Suffers Stroke

    Thanks for posting this, otherwise I wouldn't have known. He's one of the better teachers at that school and I absolutely loved having him as a teacher. He is a great man! I saw him about a week ago. I hope he'll be fine...I can only imagine how bad PA feels since it's one of his long time buddies. From a Crockett Countian, thanks for ya'll sending prayers. I'm definitely praying for him, his family, students, athletes, etc. You just never know.
  7. cav-o

    Trouble Logging In

    Had the same problem Saturday through yesterday...things are fine for me now, though.
  8. cav-o

    Josh Hancock

    My dad and I both called it that alcohol was involved and possibly a cell phone. So...you're back to being invincible or do you still wear it?
  9. cav-o

    UTM Signs 29

    I see the 3 Crockett boys on the list...wow. I think I am correct when I say that's the most they have ever had sign in one year. Obviously that coach is doing his job.
  10. Isn't Allen Iverson your hero? And aren't some of your other "heroes" any person that plays for Florida?
  11. 2p, that was GREAT!!!!!!!!!
  12. cav-o

    USJ golfer killed in accident

    The TCA player in the vehicle died tonight from his injuries...incredibly sad, we all need to pray for these families, big time. http://www.thejacksonsun.com/apps/pbcs.dll...NEWS01/70202017 Sorry Kublah, I didn't see your post.