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  1. Ive always loved playing DB but it has lost its luster in last 4 or 5 years.It was big time when we was in the same class.Even with some big games vs DB Ive never had the dislike for them like I do for some teams.It has always been a class program with nice fans.Clinton should be our biggest rival but after so many blow outs it died down for a while.But with the new coach and his antics I think it will be fun for a couple of years.Any time Clinton thinks they are going to win it makes it good.I really think the Powell game has been gaining steam.
  2. I loved it.I think we hit a home run with Cummings.It may take a couple of years to get his culture and system in place but I think he is just what we need at this point.I cant wait for the first game
  3. Im happy to hear yall are doing better.Some things a lot more important than disagreements on CoachT.Plus CoachT wouldnt be the same without Willie the Wildcat
  4. He is the man.How are you and the wife doing?
  5. You are a joke.You must be new to Clinton and not know the history of that school.Oak Ridge has a great rep of being one of the most diverse and inclusive places in Tennessee.But you dont care anyway and just being a troll trying to start something.Take some time away from Oak Ridge football and learn some history about your school
  6. What are the teams in the area that dont like Oak Ridge.Clinton has been a trainwreck for years but too worried about what AC and Oak Ridge are doing to fix it.Oak Ridge has a top 10 or 5 team in state about every yr but I guess thats not enough for a Clinton fan.Go play more give me wins and act like things are getting better and we will worry bout Oak Ridge.Coach Cummings will make you proud in the next decade
  7. It no doubt is the place to share what you want.I just want to know where you are coming from so I know not to feed into it or not.You are trying to be slick and troll Oak Ridge while trying to look like you are doing something else.
  8. Why are you coming on here trying to be negative about Oak Ridge?Do you have something against Oak Ridge or Coach Cummings.Who is your team? Just trying to figure out where all your comments are coming from?I seen where somebody said something about Clinton to you but surely a Clinton fan wouldnt be trying Oak Ridge
  9. What little I have got to know our new coach has been great.I have no doubt he will have us on top in no time.If you are good he will find a way for you to help the team.Ive been impressed and if parents can get behind him and just tell little Johnny to go to work they will be happy in the end.Its too bad so many kids today are taught its all about them because its so much better when you play for the right reasons.Im just glad my parents told me to get better instead taking my side when I would complain about not getting ball enough.We have some really good players and it can get good quick if we can fix or improve a few areas in yr 1.Go Wildcats
  10. Congrats to DB.It was great to see all the real high school teams battle it out.So much better this way than these super teams with transfers from all over winning.Hopefully it stays this way for a while
  11. Kelly leading the defense.Weapons all over the place on offense with multiple D1 players.If the new staff plus hard work in weight room pays off upfront Oak Ridge can be really really good.As the case most years at Oak Ridge it all comes down how good line will be.I have a lot of faith in the new staff and cant wait to see them in action
  12. Ive not heard of anyone but I hope he is good.What position?
  13. We picked a bad night to not play good.For some reason we just didnt look like ourselves.I give them credit having a good yr after losing so much.We had some solid players this yr but really missed having a true post player.This team was undersized and just played hard and got the most out of what they had most nights
  14. They was just too big for us.I had fun watching this team grow and believe a lot more people will care and pay attention the next 3 years.Proud of the hard work and fight all yr
  15. I agree with some of what you said but a lot of the talk is all on Clinton.The HC has ran his mouth and said a lot of dumb things.
  16. I ask around today about this and was told by a Clinton person that he has heard the coach has had a player or players living with him but wasnt sure if it was still the case
  17. Nothing would surprise me with Clinton and that HC.We know they recruit but as of now the only people that would be crazy enough to go is the ones you dont want anyway.
  18. One thing I can count on this time of year is doing my taxes and Oak Ridge winning another title.Everybody come out Friday and Sat.
  19. Should be a battle to see who the real champ is.I know all area teams are not feeling good about all the young talent at Oak Ridge and know they better win while they can.It would be a huge win if this team can win the district tourny Monday
  20. Gracie coming back is huge for Lady Cats.We needed some size and plus she is a great teammate.Its amazing she was able to come back and play and Im so happy for her.She was working really hard in off season
  21. Yes we are also spoiled with great play by play guys.Clary is the goat and Alex is always great
  22. Your point about the twins was great.I love how they play and get the most out of what they can do.They have improved so much.Not just this yr but last we shut JG down.I remember he needed pts in garbage time at Oak Ridge last yr to have anything.I think Bright is their best player when I have seen them.Cant believe Lockard thought Truss could guard Kell.We are just so spoiled to have a basketball team that maximizes our potential every yr.We rarely ever lose in our district or to other local teams and think nothing about it.Hopefully we can get out of region and have a one game shot at going back to State again
  23. Nothing like watching them Wildcats run Clinton out the gym.The best team won this time and another great job by the Oak Ridge staff.I dont watch Clinton besides when they play Oak Ridge but I would take Kell all day over JG for Clinton.Maybe Oak Ridge just shuts him down but Kell shows out when we need him most.Go Wildcats
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