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  1. Clinton and OR had to stop playing for like a 10-15 year period way back when, because the fans of both teams would always get into fisticuffs at the games and go at it tooth and nail. We still don’t care much for one another haha.
  2. Nice little article about OR, along with a nice 36 minute or so interview with Coach SC as you scroll down. https://sportsrenaissanceman.substack.com/p/oak-ridge-football-scott-cummings-summer-workout?s=w
  3. Never heard of ‘em. Looks like a stud though.
  4. I saw a clip on Twitter of the scrimmage (I admittedly left early, 4 AM comes really fast to have to be @ work) and noticed we passed to a TE (fella looked pretty dang big) a few times. I liked that. It has been YEARS (maybe early 2000s) since I’ve seen an OR team complete a pass to a legit TE target, and that was cool to see.
  5. YB, you have overtaken Opie as the #1 Clinton OR hater on the T, it seems. I’m surprised he hasn’t joined you in the hit parade yet.
  6. I’d be willing to bet we get fewer transfers than most all “successful” programs this side of the state. Tuition @ OR is outrageous. Probably one of the highest tuition rates in public schooling in TN. I can’t imagine many other public schools being higher.
  7. “Handpicked athletes” Haha. If that’s the case, we need to do a much better job at handpicking ‘em, since we haven’t won a state championship in over 30 years now.
  8. They are definitely something to behold, albeit not in a good way.
  9. And can't wait to be present during the recognition of both of those guys. What an incredible honor that will be. I'll be sure to put my hand over my heart during the anthem so bag guy doesn't kick my ayse.
  10. That's awesome news, my friend. I've missed him the past few seasons. I'll be sure to come see him and give him a big hello and welcome back. Good Lord willing.
  11. Pretty sure we honored the "85" during halftime of a game a few years ago. I remember some students, football players, as well as some of the faculty on the big screen monitor showing their respects to them in words. Also, just a few weeks ago, Rufus Shepherd, the first black sports player at OR (in any sport, I think) in the 1960's was honored before a baseball game, and got to throw out the first pitch.
  12. Ha, after what transpired during the OR/Karns basketball game earlier in the basketball season, that’d be funny. Let’s just say, Mama Bishop ain’t too fond o’ them Wildcats, or of the folks in charge here haha.
  13. Understood. I reckon we will see how things play out.
  14. Now that I think about it, that ‘85 Bears squad probably could’ve won it all with me as D coordinator. My pregame speeches would’ve been epic, though. “Alrighty boys!! Get after the Quarterback!! Ever-one-of-yuns!!”
  15. To be fair, isn’t that the case with any Coach? What would Gaddis in his heyday been without Lussier as DC, Rankin without Nix, Quarles in his heyday without Jimmy Gaylor, Ditka without Buddy Ryan? And the list goes on………A HC is only as good as the coaches he has surrounding him. That has always been the case, and today it’s no different.
  16. I remember when Coach Cummings first took the job, OrCat said some would quit, and that the proverbial boys would be separated from the men. I guess this is the weeding out he referred to then. Oh well, I'd rather have guys that actually wanted to be out there, who give it their all for the OR, even if it means we suffer some losses for it. So be it.
  17. I watched some of the game against Bartlett. The Injuns were on fire early and often in that game. Gillespie (spelling may be off) was lights out. I also noticed one thing about DB, and that was that those boys could shoot FTs, and when you get to state, where the competition is really stellar, a lot of times great FT shooting can be the difference. Unbelievable that y’all hadn’t won one since the 40s. I bet you’re proud as can be. OR hasn’t won one since ‘63 and we came so close in 2014 losing by 2 in the finals to Jauan Jennings and Blackman. A heartbreaker it was.
  18. Congratulations to DB. I definitely didn’t see that one coming.
  19. As a longtime OR fan, it doesn’t bother me a bit if Clinton gets good, so long as they don’t beat us! As I’ve always said, it just makes the rivalry that much better. I’m sure a lot of OR fans think differently, but it’s no fun for me personally to go to a game and already knowing the outcome of it before it even starts. To me, that is boring, but hey, that’s just me.
  20. I think Powell, Karns, and Campbell County are all capable of beating us. They pretty much all proved it during the season.
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