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  1. She is a beast and almost pulled it off. She will take someone's spot right off of the bat in Knoxville. Congrats on a great year.
  2. Congratulations to y'all. I have been texting some Huntingdon friends. What a great accomplishment. Proud of y'all. Keep battling.
  3. Hope you enjoy it King and good to meet you at state this year. Good luck to the Lady Landers. Keep battling.
  4. Sounds like y'all got a lot of bodies to choose from. We lost 2 really good seniors and have 4 from Junior High that has moved up. That will give us 12 starting summer camps. As you know we all have to stay healthy. Proud Alexander and Micah are going to play together at Bethel. They were really fun to watch at the All Star game in Murfreesboro. They have real good chemistry together on the floor.
  5. School enrollment numbers are about the same I believe. At least for Gibson County and Peabody went up some jumping from Single A to AA. I just think a lot of these kids had rather do something else than play basketball and football. Now baseball, softball and volleyball numbers are pretty good it seems. How many HS girls dressed out for Westview last year??
  6. GC 10 players last year, USJ 10 or so, TCA 6, Mckenzie maybe 9 or 10, Peabody 9 or 10...Football rosters no where near what it used to be. Some schools doing better than others with numbers.
  7. Upperman White County both will be loaded. Dyersbirg and South Side will be a handful as well. Getting about that time in about 3 weeks we start watching summer scrimmages. Dyersburg loaded loaded loaded with talent. Most talent ever I have seen in their program.
  8. Huntingdon will be good as well. Jr. High is loaded I hear. Will be interestingl. I agree losing Micah will be an adjustment for Gibson County but they still have a lot of talent. They have always done a great job reloading.
  9. Gibson County will be good next year as well. The five girls that didn't start last year are all solid and we have Micah Hart's sister coming up this year. We will be very competitive especially late in the year. May lose some this summer getting girls reps and trying to figure things out but we are going to be good.
  10. Dyersburg will be really good for a while. Their JV is loaded as well. South Gibson ought to be much better with four really good players coming up from an undefeated Jr. High Team. Also will have 3 players back from knee injuries last year. They will be a handful especially late. Dyersburg District right there with the Upperman District with quality teams.
  11. Numbers are down everywhere in HS sports. Bradford with a great tradition for sure. Never know with every school about these numbers.
  12. Yeah summer ball is really fun, but a lot of coaches are trying to play several kids to get much needed reps that they are not accustomed to. I would imagine Gibson County will have lots of players playing to get much needed reps. Want to win games but got to get experience as well and the rotation will be much deeper. I will be at MTSU, UTM Bethel and others. MTSU is the one I really look forward to.
  13. Yeah and the coach is gone. Whole bizarre situation here. We played them a couple of times at MTSU last few years. She was a player for sure.
  14. Basically what you're saying is schools can basically bully students around and get away with it because they are protected. I agree to a certain extent but when schools decisions to keep knuckleheads on staff starts costing kids careers and a college education there is a problem. Our school system last week had a teacher supposedly push a kid and the parents went to the law and the teacher is suspended. So I wouldn't say that they can just do what they want without liability. This case don't pass the smell test because the coach had already been fired before and she got fired after a year on the job. Sounds like the student was right in this case on the outside looking in because the coach gets fired after one year. How many coaches get fired after one year?? Not many.
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