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  1. sdaffron

    Most Annoying Thing at High School Games

    People who have no clue about the rules! Using your hands does not always mean HOLDING!!!!!
  2. sdaffron

    Tennessee HS Football Database

    Im sure he knows its down. Wish he would tell us the problem or when to expect it back up
  3. sdaffron

    Former East Tennessee Schools

    Hope I'm not duplicating info but Rhea Central and Spring City merged to form Rhea County. Both at one time were members of the old Tennessee Valley Conference that included two Alabama schools and was so large it split into two divison's, East and West with plans for the winner of each division to meet on Thanksgiving Day for the Championship. Conference ran from around 1937 to 196ish. Spring City went into the Sequoyah Conference later, the Alabama schools along with Grundy Co, So. Pitt. Marion County, Whitwell, Sequatchie County and Bledsoe County split to form The Sequatchie Valley Conference
  4. Cannot access your database site.  Going to be down long?


  5. sdaffron

    Tennessee HS Football Database

    Anyone know what has happen to title web site? All I keep getting is error codes.
  6. sdaffron

    Eight player football

    http://www.unapproved website.com/division/tn/JwjBmvNXX0O71uFkl3zqQA/football-fall-16/standings-class-8-man.htm
  7. sdaffron

    Eight player football

    Proposed local Chattanooga 8 man League Whitwell Sale Creek Grace (Chattanooga) St Andrews Tennessee Christian (Cleveland) Copper Basin
  8. sdaffron

    Eight player football

    And the 8 man football also has a limit on squad size (25, I think). Could be the answer for smaller 1A schools as it is much cheaper to run. I recall a large article about this type football here on coach t last year. I could envision a region/district such as St Andrews, Webb, Whitwell, Lookout Valley, Sale Creek, etc....on an 8 game schedule. Maybe even play each other twice.
  9. sdaffron

    Any 2017 schedules finished?

    The Marion County Fan page on facebook is reporting that the Warriors will also play Rhea County @ Jasper instead of Ravenwood v Rhea reported on Coach T.
  10. sdaffron

    2017 Schedules

    Why would / is Whitwell playing Cannon County @ Finley Stadium (Chattanooga)? Special circumstances? They played Sale Creek there last year because SC has no home field. SC travels to Whitwell this year.
  11. sdaffron

    Notre Dame 2017

  12. sdaffron

    2017 Schedules

  13. sdaffron

    2017 Schedules

    They have retained and will open up with Hixson again
  14. sdaffron

    2017 Schedules

    More inclined to think that Whitwell will meet Sale Creek at Finley as opposed to Cannon County. Sale Creek still has no home playing facilities.