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Everything posted by maynordaisesammich

  1. Ill have to agree with Daisy Duke on this one. LMBO!!!
  2. A sad day for Smith County indeed! It would be impossible to list all the things that CJM has done for the Smith County football program on this thread, Much less all the lives he has changed, for the better, throughout the Smith County school system. Countless students, teachers and other school employees as well, would gladly tell you how much he has helped everyone he has come across. But this is a football thread and coachT doesn't have enough servers to list all that!!! LMBO It's obvious from a lot of these derogotory posters that there is more than an abundance of jealousy for what CJM has built at Smith County. The funny thing is, if CJM coached at any of their schools, opportunites he turned down regulary I might add, you'd all be singing his praises as well. Not to mention how much more successfulls all those programs would have been under his watch. But thats life folks, and jealousy breeds contempt. CJM successes at Smith County speak for them selves. He took an average program and turned them into a contender EVERY year! A lot of you all forget that SC was ranked #1 in 3a just a short time ago!!!! I for one wish him only the best and thank him for what he built at SC. A foundation that will allow this next coach to spring board to levels they haven't seen before. This will be a job that attracts TOP CANDIDATES and SC will have the opportunity to pick THE VERY BEST of the bunch. And that opportunity is just another product of what was done in the last 14 years. I can promise you this, CJM isn't going to let what he built go to ruin either, he will have his say in who precedes him and that lets me know that the right man will get the job!!!! GOOD LUCK IN 13 BIG OWLS WE ARE GONNA SHOCK THE WORLD!!!!!!!! And like a lot of other Owls fans, I will be paying ALOT more attentions to Cookieville football as well!!!! LMBO And just for those wondering I'd like to say that TEAM NATIONAL is THE REAL DEAL!!!! Not everybody is smart enough to understand it but those that can know it's WORTH IT!!!!!
  3. SMITH COUNTY 34 WHITE COUNTY 00 It doesn't get much better starting the year playing up 2 classes and putting the old MERCY RULE ON EM!!!!!!! Now pass the MAYNORDAISE!!!!
  4. Some teams just can't handle playing up. LMBO Just kidding boys. I still think y'all can get 3rd in yalls region this year TOPS!!! LMBO
  5. They weren't able to handle anyone in 3a 10 years ago but that didn't keep em from dodging thoe private schools. Then after the privates got banished they snaked back down to 1a Because they was tired of bein force fed MAYNORDAISE SAMMICHES EVERY YEAR!!! LMBO
  6. Well I can't say I surprised. The director of schools down there made sure to move up in classification 10 years ago when a private school was getting to be more than he could handle. Looks to me that History is just repeating itself! LMBO
  7. Good luck to The Gordonsville Tiggers this year From your Big Brothers across the river! I hope you boys go 14-1 this year and win it all but you'll still be second fiddle in Smith County! LMBO
  8. Rocking Chair these kids think that their gonna be young forever. LMBO I guess we used to think that way to when we were their age! Any ways on to the important stuff! THE OWLS 2012 RUN STARTS TONIGHT!!!! White County is a team on the rise and they are gonna come out fightin tooth and nail. But we have one of if not the best coaching staffs around and I'd bet the farm that Coach and the boys have a plan that they are ready to execute to perfection! White County I hate it for ya but yall are the first wall of many that the OWLS are about run through this year!!!! Now somebody pass the MAYNORDAISE!!!!!!!
  9. I've been wondering when the cat would finally find it's way outta the bag. LMBO Looks like every bodies done caught wind. GONNA BE A GREAT YEAR TO BE AN OWL AND A BAD YEAR TO BE PLAYING US!!!!!
  10. KEEP DREAMING DAISY DUKES! The only hope you ridge runners has got is YOU AINT GOT ONE!!!! LMBO. Coach Maynord loves SMITH COUNTY AND WE LOVE HIM! Its a match made in Football Heaven and it aint about to change!!! Now open wide and get ready for another BIG OLE MAYNORDAISE DUMPLIN!!!!
  11. And Macon county, winning a mere fifty three games with fifteen different coaches in the past twelve seasons to Maynord's one hundred sixteen in the same time period really stregthens any argument you have with Smith County! LMBO!!! Now somebody PLEASE PASS THE MAYNORDSAISE!!!!
  12. From the looks of things in Hartsville the last two seasons, they should be happy we AINT on the schedule. LMBO!!!
  13. Thats tellin him scooter!!! I believe ol' daisey is just plum raw and stuff because them little Tigers wern't able to land a proven winner like Creasy and Maynord up there on the ridge. Them guys are way to smart to fall for that mess. LMBO!!! I just wonder if they offered the new coach a free house and a $10,000 bonus just to beat Trousdale like they did these two?! Smart money says they didn't! NOW SOMEONE PLEASE PASS THE MAYNORDAISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Durn right it would be hard to believe! I say it's IMPOSSIBLE to believe!!! LMBO Coach is right where he wants to be and that's from more reliable sources than old Daisy Dukes has!!! His boy Pemberton and those Kittens got sent back to the ridge after Coach Maynords boys took em to the wood shed and they are all HOPING that Coach Maynord isn't around to do it again and again and again year after year!!! LMBO Keep Dreaming HAYSEEDS!!! Now open wide and get ready for another big dollop of MAYNORDAISE!!!! LMBO
  15. Your face won't be rolling and laughing at the end of the 4th quarter when you are wiping all that Maynordaise off your chin. LMBO NOW PASS THE MAYNORAISE!!!
  16. Yeah, son, but that was loooooooooong before The BIG MAN Jimmy Maynord came to town! LMBO. You enjoy that big ole Maynordaise Dumplin you're going to get served tonight. LMBO
  17. LMBO!!! Now that's telling him Termie! The only thing I've EVER seen that Troll fellar post is a bunch of that dearn photobucket mess that just slows down Coach T and fills up his servers. Now somebody PLEASE PASS THE MAYNORDAISE!!!!!!!
  18. Well I must say, the MIGHTY OWLS looked thoroughly impressive against that jr. high team from across the river Friday night. LMBO!!! I will be so happy when the BIG GUY finally drops them from our schedule. We have absolutely nothing to gain from playing a small time program like them. Moose can make all the excuses he wants, but it ain't gonna hide the fact that got served another Maynordaise Dumpling! NOW SOMEBODY PLEASE PASS THE MAYNORDAISE!!!
  19. Termite I can't figure you out Identity wise but I know that you know your stuff, specially regarding the Owls. So I think I'm pretty safe in assuming that you know as well as I do, that when the cat is away the mice will play, or so to speak. I can gaurantee you that if Coach Maynord had been able to attend the scrimmage you would have seen those boys with their A game in tow. But as youth is prone to they probably felt a little lax with the absence of the Head Man. I'd say after Coach saw that game film he wasn't none to happy with what he saw in the O-line, but considering the circumstances I doubt he was terribly surprised. And I'd bet the farm that the big heavy's have been paying their penance in practice this week. LMBO That said, I have no doubt that with a rejuvinated Coach Maynord you will see a rejuvinated offensive line. Besides ole buddy that Hero Sandwhich of a front line will be that much better once it get's a big helping of MAYNORDAISE!!!
  20. Mancoverage, I've seen enough of you and your Goat on here to know you don't even talk Football. You just troll around these boards looking to antagonize, belittle folks opinions, and start arguments. I however am too old and too seasoned to be pulled into any of your ploys. Unless you or your Goat have something meaningful to say regarding the Game of Football I probably won't be addressing you again. But in all fairness I will say on the rarest of occasions you have produced a laugh or two. LMBO
  21. Let's see now, just retired to Cumberland County from Alabama but thinks he knows how Smith County's football season goes every year. Seems to me like you've been watching The Owls a lot longer than you let on. LMBO. If you were truely affiliated with a national program like Hoover you wouldn't even feel the need to address "Little Old Smith County." And then you have to bring up the premier team in our state (that wasn't premier until they hired one of the Owls own. LMBO) to try and belittle our great program. I am 100% positive that you are just one of the many fans thats team gets beat annually by Maynord's Owls and you just had to fabricate your whole life to see what it felt like to be one up on Jimmy Maynord and Smith County for the first time. Pretty Pathetic, son. LMBO NOW PASS THE MAYNORDAISE!
  22. The mighty Owl defense looked as solid as I've ever seen. Don't look too deep into those scores scooter. A coaching staff like ours knows that a scrimmage like this is just for letting our boys get a little taste of full contact. This wasn't about opening up our playbook for the world to see. I can guarantee you things went exactly as the Big Man intended them to. Now Whites Creek on the other hand probably threw out a little bit of everything they had, just to meet the brick wall that was The Owl Defense. LMBO. Us fans just have to be patient a little bit longer, then everyone in the district will be pleading, PLEASE HOLD THE MAYNORDAISE, but we'll just keep piling it on. LMBO NOW SOMEBODY PASS THE MAYNORDAISE!!!!
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