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  1. I have a strong feeling that you are wrong. I could be wrong been wrong before. Last time I talked to him he had no interest in high school ball.
  2. Yes but if you chose to play up in football then you could play 2a in the other sports. Which is very doable.
  3. I totally agree why not go ahead and do it now instead of paying to build a new Gville high school lets just build one big high school over near the ball park and be done with it. Track and wrestling would be great for that county. I for one love track and love coaching track myself. They are fun to attend when you are at a good meet. Combining would make all the sports better. That is a region they could win and dominate year in and year out.
  4. I don't believe they would be a big 4a school. What are the numbers at SC and Gville? I think they would be smaller than LA, DC, and Macon. Either way if they ever did combine which will never happen(but I wish they would) you wanna play in 5a it is more wide open than other classes IMO
  5. No way they would be a 5a school. They would have to have over 1100 students to be 5a. They would be a big 3a or average size 4a school. If you where 5a that is the classification you want to be in anyways. 1a is south pitt and greenback, 2a is TC, Marion, Tyner, Peabody, Union City, 3a is Alcoa, 4a is Greeneville, 5a is the classification without a dominant team year in and year out, and 6a is Maryville, Oakland, Whitehaven. SC people are ridiculous when thinking that if they combined both schools they would be this big. Yes by SC people I am counting both sides of the river.
  6. Dillehays is the place to eat best meat and three around IMO. Especially on Friday with the salmon patties, but to get there for that you would need to be in Hartsville around 11am.
  7. The difference in 6a and 2a or 3a is the 2nd 11. For the most part if you have two good teams the first 11 is real close. It is the 2nd 11 kids that is where the difference is. I know this because I have coached in the biggest and best rivalry in the state and saw it with my own two eyes. Alcoa vs Maryville.
  8. Watertown lost 33-22 to tyner in 2nd round
  9. Watertown is looking for a fourth team to compete in the jamboree on August 10th.
  10. Watertown is looking for a fourth team to compete in the jamboree on August 10th.
  11. only unintelligent fools like the uppercumberlandman would doubt Marion county. That dude doesn't know jack about football or Marion county.
  12. Notes:All times are local time. In the first and second rounds the higher seeded team shall be the host school. In the third round and semifinals in odd-numbered years the top team in each bracket shall be the host team. If two teams from the same region meet in the third round, the team seeded higher in the region standings shall host.
  13. how long has it been since a Smith Co vs Sweetwater match up? I believe they played when my oldest brother was in high school, but not for sure the year.
  14. Report I got from a friend who was in attendance better than Marion was last year. Fast like scary fast.
  15. Deep playoff run? How deep are you thinking about them making it with the people they have coming back?
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