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  1. How many seniors from TC? May sound like a broken record but they are going to be a tough out come tourney time.
  2. Great game by both teams, PC defientely showed their youth at the end of regulation (playing 2 Fr, 2 So, and a Jr). With one Jr out for the game
  3. RBS has talent, and marsh is a great player, but they are not very well coached and undisciplined, if they can keep Marsh on the floor they are dangerous.. take him out they are average at best
  4. #? This isn't twitter, I think you opened the wrong app, you're looking for the blue one with the bird, that says Twitter.
  5. He also scored all those points for a little girl, that was put in the hospital due to a heart transplant at his school.
  6. PC played without Gibson and got into foul trouble. Pickett's bench is weak after the first 2 come off. That played a huge role in the loss. But Monterey is improved with the transfers and size
  7. Yes PC won, that was the score to the girls game but PC won that one too, so I don't know what the deal is.
  8. I dont believe that the Pickett county fans were acting like that towards a player or other coach but the terrible officiating, I agree that there shouldn't be racist comments or anything like that, but the Pickett county kids were not being dirty as I was there from my point of view they were just defending themselves from #40 as he was being very rough with the Pickett county players and as for #32 he will be taking care of by coach Aaron as he will not stand for that
  9. Ferrell with 20 and Gore with 19 combined for 39 of their points alone not to mention Gibsons 13 and Abott's 10
  10. They won a close won today with bad officiating on the road 53-58
  11. Who wins this game, does this game Tuesday show who is the best team in the 7A district. Opinions?
  12. Gonna be a good season and competitive games is 7a
  13. Both coming off wins in week 0, what's the predictions?
  14. yeah they have two juniors Andrew Conner and the gore kid, that played RB and won freshman of the year in 7a he is out with a knee injury and didn't play against Albany, but they still pulled off the win and this is the pee wee team that went 13-1 with 9 returning starters and they have Been together since 4th grade, you have to think they will pull off some more wins.
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