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  1. Plus the metro middle school season ends on the high school regions weekend. Runs late compared to most other middle school leagues. They miss all the regular season AAU tournaments. There were 9 kids who wrestled in the metro middle school league who wrestled in the AAU state tournament. Highest place finish was 5th place.
  2. 106: Hicks-Bradley Central 113: Navarro-Bradley Central 120: Chalifoux-Father Ryan 126: Fuller-Bradley Central 132: Debian-Cleveland 138: Murphy-Baylor 145: Mullin-Notre Dame 152: Binns-Wilson Central 160: Garrison-Blackman 170: Kennedy-Riverdale 182: Soloman-Maryville 195: Russell-Clarksville 220: Filby-Franklin 285: Boykin-Riverdale
  3. I am wondering the same thing. Both the sites you listed haven't been updated in over a month. Lots of wrestling is taking place so I should see something I would imagine.
  4. Best Match: 182 Finals: Westain Partain of Arab, AL & James Hughes of Stratford. Partain won in overtime 14-12
  5. Best Wrestler Awards: 126 Jeremiah Kline Trigg County, KY 132 Mason Dobbs McGavock
  6. Hillwood Hillsboro McGavock Arab, AL University Heights Academy, KY Trigg County, KY Livingston Academy MLK Hunters Lane Glencliff East Nashville Hendersonville Stratford St. Benedict David Lipsconb Academy Antioch Cane Ridge David Crockett Clarksville Northeast Lebanon Summit LaVergne FRA
  7. Hendersonville did not attend. They were at the McGavock tournament this year.
  8. I may have ran into you at atournament or two... I don't recall seeing any negative comments from your posts & appreciate that. I'm starting to acknowledge & encourage more this kind of approach with positive rating points voted on two of my favorite posts every day. It's a quiet and anonymous way to say thanks for one's input. for what it's worth

  9. 8 kids quit wrestling because they saw the size of the state medal!?!?! Sounds like their heart wasn't really in the sport. Size of medal was never something on my mind when I was wrestling.
  10. He has zero luck with the ladies because they all want Bigger Boobs Just helping you out rlwest lol
  11. I thought Hamm did a great job with the rankings this season. I like how the rankings were continually being updated. Great Job. Thanks for doing it Hamm!!!
  12. Thanks for sharing. You're right all these venues blow Tennessee's out of the water. Can't seem to get Georgia's to come up though. Thanks for sharing.
  13. I agree with everything you said tnlonghorn.
  14. The team that host their region tournament has to buy the ribbons for the medals, the best match awards, the best wrestler awards, and the team trophies for third and fourth if they decide to give all that out. The TSSAA needs to be providing all this to every region host school in my opinion.
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