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  1. We will practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00-7:30pm starting March 17. Sign-ups are March 4, 9, and 11th from 6:30-7:30pm. Sign-ups and practice are at the Clarksville HS Wrestling building. Club fee is $60. For additional info contact Dave Isbell @ 719 494-6685 or [email protected]
  2. I don’t see middle TN as being held back. I see middle TN as an area to learn from. Our abundance of really good wrestlers are spread out between a large number of different teams. But if y’all want to give some advice on getting a majority of those kids on the same team then we’re all ears. Lol But there is some misinformation if you think that fight nights are the only thing going on up here after the regular season. Fight nights are just one small part.
  3. Fight Nights have helped the middle TN area get much better. I say “area” because it is helping everyone and not just the elite, well funded individual programs. The better wrestlers in middle TN are spread out among a large number of teams rather than concentrated in a few teams like some other areas. I’ve only been back in TN for 12 years and I’ve seen a huge shift in the number and quality of State medals collected by middle TN. I do credit Fight Nights for part of that trend.
  4. State Champs by school Cleveland HS-3 Clarksville HS-2 Beech HS-2 Brentwood HS-2 Dobyns Bennett HS-2 Blackman HS-1 Wilson Central HS-1 Science Hill HS-1
  5. State brackets are posted!
  6. https://tssaasports.com/event/bracket.cfm?id=20197102
  7. Gabe is definitely in the lineup but hasn’t had many chances to wrestle lately. Because of all the giving and receiving of team forfeits.
  8. Don’t miss AAU Spring Youth Nationals in Kingsport, TN on March 21. Boys and girls division Individual on the 21st and K-8th All-Star Duals on the 22nd. https://aauwrestling.net/page.php?page_id=115037
  9. deadlift

    Week 1

    Dual meets start in just over one week. What big matches are coming up during week 1? I know Clarksville and Brentwood will visit Centennial on Nov 26.
  10. The top 6 from each weight class is what Hamm ranks for AAA. Some states rank more. Kentucky for example ranks 20 in each weight class.
  11. We are considering adding an all girls wrestling practice that is separate from the normal co-ed practice we have at our youth club in Clarksville. I’m currently gauging the interest with our Clarksville area parents in adding this separate practice. I’m wanting to open this discussion up to the rest of the state now for additional feedback. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a separate practice? Let’s hear everyone’s opinion.
  12. Don’t miss our clinic this Saturday featuring 11 former Division 1 wrestlers. ARMY RANGER WRESTLING CLINIC WHEN SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 WHERE CLARKSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL WRESTLING BUILDING 151 Richview Rd, Clarksville TN 37043 SCHEDULE 8:00-9:00AM ONSITE REGISTRATION 9:00AM-NOON INSTRUCTION CLINIC FEE $20 At The Door Make Checks Payable To “Team Clarksville Wrestling” QUESTIONS Dave Isbell 719 494-6685 [email protected] Lead Instuctor Kirk Landon - IA · University Nationals Finalist · All-Army Freestyle/Greco Team · Iowa High School State Champion · 4x High School All-American · Ranger Qualified · West Point Associate Instructors - Div-1 Wrestlers while at Army West Point Nic Bundy- TN Patrick Marchetti- TN Mark Marchetti- TN Patrick Smith- IN Lincoln Mallinger- MN Jacob Vetter- IL Josh Sandhaus- CA Bryce Barnes- VA Connor McCarthy- KS Rudy Chelednik- PA
  13. We are bringing Coach Raymond Dunning back to Clarksville HS on October 25-26. You do not want to miss this clinic that will focus on leg riding. RAYMOND DUNNING FALL WRESTLING CLINIC WHEN FRIDAY OCTOBER 25TH AND SATURDAY OCTOBER 26TH WHERE CLARKSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL WRESTLING BUILDING 151 Richview Rd, Clarksville TN 37043 WHAT A clinic that will include technique, positioning, drills, motivation, live wrestling and training tips that will help prepare you for the next season. The training will focus on leg-riding. SCHEDULE Friday 3:00-4:00pm Registration Friday 4:00-6:00pm Session 1 Saturday 9:00am-Noon Session 2 Saturday 12:00-1:00pm Lunch (Bring A Lunch) Saturday 1:00-3:00pm Session 3 RAYMOND DUNNING 3X NCAA ALL-AMERICAN 2X NCAA ACADEMIC ALL-AMERICAN 2005 NCAA DIVISION II 6THPLACE 2008 NCAA DIVISION II 3RD PLACE 2009 NCAA DIVISION II RUNNER UP 106 CAREER COLLEGIATE WINS 4X TSSAA FINALISTS 3X TSSAA CHAMPION CLINIC FEE $40 At The Door During Registration Make Checks Payable To Team Clarksville Wrestling QUESTIONS Dave Isbell [email protected] 719 494-6685 We’ll take the first 50 wrestlers. Contact me ASAP to reserve a slot.
  14. deadlift

    Super 32

    The Fall tournament at Harpeth is Sept 14. Beech normally has a pre-Super 32 tournament but their’s is a week after this year on October 19.
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