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  1. “Fortune favors the bold “
  2. If you never look at it then how did you know DB was ranked behind Nolensville in the Pin TN Rankings? I am Sure if Hamm was paid like Rank Wrestler then maybe he could allocate more time to improve the "Accuracy and reliability " that you seek. I am Fairly certain Rank Wrestler is a $9 or $10 per month subscription isn't it? I personally enjoying seeing Rankings from both Sources . Rank Wrestler is strictly Data Driven from Trackwrestling Results if not mistaken, its nice sometimes to get some subjective Rankings which is what PinTN provides.
  3. you and I finally agree on something! Good rant and very well stated.
  4. I have absolutely no knowledge or information that they wouldn't but I know Terrell was out at Bradley due to an Injury and they way the Covid/Flu stuff seems to be ramping up again and hitting Teams I was just clarifying that's who I liked assuming that they were going; That in no way was meant to be a back handed comment indicating they wouldn't wrestle.
  5. I myself like Terrell or Uhorochuk at 113, I would say both of those guys are better than Solid based on what I have seen. That is assuming they are wrestling this weekend
  6. Because it wasn’t ran on track , as each coach inputs their respective teams scores they have become viewable in track.
  7. He is at Heritage and yes he did look good this weekend .
  8. My personal opinion is that we seem to be undervaluing the significance of what being a state qualifier may mean to some kids, that is the goal in many instances and I think that's just fine and keeps them involved in the sport. I am on my 3rd son wrestling and I can say without hesitation that I would be as equally or more excited about my youngest son qualifying for the State Tournament as my older son winning it. They are different kids with different skill levels and different goals , that's perfectly ok. I don't think the ask is to water down the Tournament to the point where a State Champ feels like it was not an accomplishment but what would it hurt to keep some of the low hanging fruit in play for those kids trying to just qualify for the tournament as the goal, doesn't keeping more kids engaged ultimately grow the sport? I think the 32 man Bracket did just that IMO.
  9. Congrats from your long lost relatives! The other Bradfords!
  10. What is it exactly that the TSSAA will not allow?
  11. Not Completely accurate . Now I do preface this by saying I don't think his anything to do with the MOW outcome nor should it have but Little Bradford did beat 3 returning medalist thus rendering your statement about that inaccurate. Yes it is splitting hairs but.... Mercante, Gobel and Ellison are the three for what its worth .
  12. That is not accurate after this season per the TSSAA website. A and AA are the two classifications for Division 1 Wrestling. https://portal.tssaa.org/common/classification/?schoolYear=2021&sportid=7&type=high
  13. Bradford wasn't off last year . He was in the Finals and lost to Borders. He was kicked off the Team his Freshman year early in the season .
  14. well let me back pedal real quick . My First pick would have been whomever won the 32 bracket and then Fowler.
  15. I agree , my pick was Fowler also!
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