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  1. I have no clue if Derek tried to talk some since into his dad or not about staying here. All he is going to accomplish is going from the oven to the frying pan. If I were the coach all Ale would freze over before I set back and watched one of my good players leave without a fight.
  2. West would be a good team to get behind if they can pull it off again like last year. That championship game last year was awesome.
  3. Maryville has Alcoa on the schedule at the right time of the season which helped last year instead of at the first of the year not knowing much. West will be hard pressed to repeat this year but next will be a different story.
  4. You would think with football just three months away more would be talking. There's only so much a person can say about someone allowing the field to get painted without asking their boss who would have said (((((((( ALE NO ))))))))) or all the other BULLS#!T they've done as they lead Maryville High into the new age of WOKE in a conversative town. I'm ready for some football news without hearing something coming out of 825 that Power Munger has done to cap off the week.
  5. Maryville will recapture the loses from last year against West, Bradley and Farragut. The Bearden game will be the tough one but I look for the wheels to come off that ride somewhere down the road because of all the crap that goes on there. I know to many parents there and some of the things I've been told and some of the post a few of them have made on facebook. They all can't be liars.
  6. If Heritage moves down and Alcoa moves up the best thing for Heritage is to do what William Blount did when theystopped playing Maryville or meet certain defeat. Honestly can't see Alcoa not moving up the way the county is growing. Might be in the Mountaineers best interest to stay in 5A because none of those teams on their schedule are anything close to Alcoa.
  7. Heritage may be better this year but the schedule is tough. Hearing they will move down to 4 A next year which will help the situation. They have a good coach and he has proven he will hang around and see this thing through.
  8. Glen was on the radio crying "Oh the Humanity" after each two point conversion.
  9. What we have here is an influx of outsiders raining down on the town of Maryville like a swarm of locust trying to change our culture into the same crap they moved away from. I have no issues with anyone coming here but don't bring your politics with you. Most people around here never pay attention to the elections and keep letting the same ole rats and vermin right back in the back door and wonder why things are like they are. The problem at Maryville High is mainly due to letting outsiders get a foothold on control and shove their agenda down everyone's throat. Anyone that leaves there or let's say ranoff are replaced with an outsider with the same mindset. Eventually Maryville High will never be the same as it once was which I'm beginning to believe already but it's only chance of survival are to recruit people that will get in there and reverse the damage that has already happened.
  10. Not really sure how all this would have played if he had stayed but I dang sure know he wasn't interested in anyway of ever coming back, not to this mess.
  11. My favorite game of the 1980'S, that's why I remember it so well.
  12. When Danny was a senior he was the quarterback on the 82 team and also the placeholder on extra points. At the end of the game Heritage scored a touchdown with very little time left and went ahead 9-0. On the following extra point Danny rose up and threw a perfect pass to one of his receivers which made it 11-0 and Heritage's first win against Maryville since the series started in 77. Maryville fans were highly ticked off because they felt like it was rubbing salt in the wound. The following year when both teams met again at Maryville the Rebels ran away with the game and after the first couple of touchdowns they went for two points after each score for a pay back and the score was 45-0 at halftime. The following Monday Bob Gilbert the sports eiditor for the local paper bashed Maryville in an article called the Humilation of Teenagers and tore into Maryville even though he was a graduate of the school. Those were the good ole days when Heritage had decent teams and the rivalry between them and Maryville was a fun event to see.
  13. He may have possibly said that to get the best out of him. Back when I was in school word got out I was going to transfer and Coach Story popped off and ask Coach Wilson in front of the team if Maryville was going to get a jock strap in return on this trade. That got back to me and I got fired up and stayed just to show them up. Now today Coach Story is one of my best friends.
  14. Danny Wilson is the only one that come's to mind but I don't know where he is at now.
  15. I stopped at a yard sale two weeks ago in town and I ran up on a couple of ladies that were talking and no doubt one of them was a teacher at MHS and the conversation was pretty much what your saying. I listened to much as I could because the teacher was talking loud. I acted like their conversation was just flying over my head so they wouldn't stop talking. The lady was bold enough to come out and say someone wasn't happy just being what they are now but just playing their time until the big job opens. She told the other ladies people in town better wake up fast and get to asking questions on what was going on up there.
  16. Sounds like the same group that designed West, South, East and Fulton. They all used the old Knoxville High Field along with Rule. Talk about a field that got over used.
  17. The new school will be on that road behind Home Depot next to a church. I'm wondering if this could take from Greenback or could it be the end of Greenback, they only have 200 students.
  18. The New Word of the Day at Maryville High is Tuition. Everytime the superintendent hears about the yellow paint on the football field he gets Tuition he could stick that can of paint up someone's behind.
  19. It most certainley is and who knows how long the head coach will stay also.
  20. The season ticket had a $5.75 service fee on it. What kind of service will I be getting for that ?
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