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  1. Cougar97

    White House 2019

    When does spring practice start? How is the offseason going so far? What has happened to all the White House posters?
  2. Cougar97

    East Robertson Coaching Search 2019

    Atlee Pond was named the head coach this past Friday. I hope he's able to get help on his staff.
  3. Cougar97

    East Robertson Coaching Search 2019

    Heard some interviews took place this week. Any updates?
  4. Cougar97

    East Robertson Coaching Search 2019

    Pond been named HC yet?
  5. Cougar97

    East Robertson Coaching Search 2019

    I’m guessing you’ve had a personal experience with the interim at ER? I don’t don’t Brooks at all but mighty high praise for him. I do know he’s been at about every school in Sumner County. I’d worry about stability.
  6. Cougar97

    East Robertson Coaching Search 2019

    I’ve heard the current interim and DC from Riverdale are the final two. I don’t know who is the better choice.
  7. Cougar97

    Stratford season done?

    Is there any truth to this? I’ve heard but haven’t seen anything official.
  8. Cougar97

    East Robertson Coachinf Search

    I’m not sure about the line. QB, stud WR, and I believe some of the backfield returns.
  9. Any news here on who replaces Broadrick? Will they hire from within? Who has applied? They’ve got some talent returning to my knowledge.
  10. Cougar97

    White House Football- God’s land

    If he asked the whole staff to reapply, that doesn’t sound real promising for the current staff. I believe big changes are coming in BDP land. Sometimes it’s better to start all over in certain areas. It’ll be interesting to see how much the admin gives him as far as teaching spots to fill coaching needs.
  11. Cougar97

    Gallatin Green Wave Grumors

    I’ve been told Trey Perry was offered and did turn them down. Burnetti or Broome would be good hires if in fact they interviewed. I also heard Dustin Wilson is involved. Can anyone confirm? Gallatin gave Perry everything he asked for and then he said no. Not a good look for Perry. Is the MJ new school a factor in him looking?
  12. Cougar97

    Gallatin Green Wave Grumors

    I saw where SC will be affected next year losing kids to Beech and then those same kids will go to Cottontown. Not ideal to possibly spend your HS career at 2, maybe 3 schools. Does the TC coach gain any more momentum after their win last night? No one was really picking them to win. Do any of the current assistants want a shot at the job?
  13. Cougar97

    Gallatin Green Wave Grumors

    Does anyone know how Cottontown will effect Gallatin? I assume it can’t help but may keep Gallatin in 5A.
  14. Cougar97

    Gallatin Green Wave Grumors

    Wow, what a thread this has been To follow over the past few days! I love reading the input every few hours. Gallatin is the premier city in the county, once the premier HS in the county. Their football program has fallen on hard times recently but is still an attractive program I believe. I know we’ve talked over assistants from Beech and Hendersonvile but what about at a smaller school in the county? Any candidates at White House? Westmoreland? I know Duncan at WH Heritage, RobCo, has Gallatin ties? I don’t think the Camp offers any candidates. Someone can win at Gallatin. The job is only as good as your admin and I just don’t have a lot of faith in that admin right now. Maybe I’m wrong. Enjoy the holiday! Interesting to see how this search ends up!
  15. Cougar97

    District 9AA 2017-2018

    I know WH opens up November 16 against Christian Community, the private school in WH.