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  1. Y'all should clap! Pearl Cohn has consistently represented metro football, year in and year out for almost a decade!!!
  2. It's just my opinion! Time will tell tho.
  3. It's not up for debate! It's my opinion great hire for PC tho. PC vs Everybody still !!!
  4. Key word CHAMPIONSHIP GAME on a rebuilding year. So you can't bash our staff! This year coming up was supposed to be our year. But our coaching staff managed to have the best regular season in Pearl Cohn history. Our staff SUSPENDED all of our skill players two days before one of the biggest games on our schedule. So do you really think I care to hear about Hillsboro injuries! They beat Hillwood 15-10 and Hunters Lane 14-7. Man our freshman team would've beaten both of them by 4 touchdowns, so stop with this nonsense sir. I said that I like the hire for Pearl Cohn tho.
  5. Pearl Cohn gift wrapped 21 of that 40 tho. When i seen that Coach Fitzgerald made him OC, I knew Hillsboro wouldn't go far. Not a good hire for East but great for Pearl Cohn tho.
  6. Maybe my second time ever agreeing with you. Not a good hire in my opinion, but I love it for Pearl Cohn tho...lol
  7. Good question! I do not have an answer too.
  8. Its either play them or play 9 games. So I think it'll happen!!!
  9. Smh...its sad hate is real out here! It's cool, they can keep hating and we'll keep winning!!!
  10. Everyone stop entertaining this fb247 clown! He hates metro coaches that wins.
  11. Brunetti doesn't call plays! We respect your opinion, we'll be right back in Cookeville for rematch!!!
  12. PC staff doesn't get alot of credit, they have a well put together staff. It's a mixture of veteran coaches and young coaches. So yes I think PC staff can most definitely turn around Antioch!!!
  13. People can say whatever about PC and their staff. But if I had a kid going into 9th grade he's going to PC. For the simple fact that I know their staff will put my kid in the best position to be successful in life. So you think these parents aren't seeing how many kids getting offers to college at PC. So y'all call it recruiting when PC track record speaks for itself about kids going to college. As parent that's your job to put your kid in the best situation, because majority of these kids parents can't afford college. So yes PC will get good players on what they do, on and off the field!!
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