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  1. Thanks, same to y'all also!!!
  2. We are not focused on last year or two years ago. This team is focused and hungry. Plus these kids are playing for something special that's in house business. So you can continue to hate, or as you say legitimate question all you want carry on!!!
  3. Str8 facts!! But the audacity of (east nasty) to still be talking crazy to us after that game is mind blowing.
  4. Trust me when I say this, PC KNOWS. We taking this playoff situation one game at a time. We are not even thinking about semis right now.
  5. Find where I said that about last year team!!!
  6. We beat lil East with 80% of our offense missing. Y'all haven't seen PC full go this year, which that is scary for y'all. I know you got this hope that y'all can pull a Stratford this year, but truth is ALL AIN'T GOOD ENOUGH!!!
  7. Last few years has nothing to do with this year! But what I do know is our defense has finally caught up with our offense, taking alot of pressure off that side of the ball. End result first 10-0 season in school history, so we'll see what happens its one game at a time for us. But yeah his whole comment about question is who will upset PC was pure hate!!!
  8. One game at a time, the vibe is just different at PC this year! Not even thinking about no West TN team at the moment. Stewart County is our focus right now.
  9. Aw so he's a troll fan...smh
  10. You sound mad 64! Covington had a good two year run. Now fb26 and myself have been cool on here, not saying anything. All the PC talk is coming from other posters. But believe this, no disrespect will be tolerated tho.
  11. Road is harder for PC than BA that's all I said. D2 basketball is joke in my opinion!!!
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