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  1. Not unbeatable but that was a bold statement I applied to tho!
  2. Not enough players due to grades so they say!
  3. I don't think y'all can beat us!!!
  4. Lil East shouldn't say a word to PC the week of this game. All they do is talk and never back up what they saying.
  5. I never mentioned anything about gold balls! I said East vs PC and y'all can't keep the game close, even at y'all home field. We own y'all! All we hear, year in and year out, that this year is lil East year. What's gone be y'all excuse in two weeks? Just sit back and be quiet sometimes!!!
  6. Lil East current head coach and staff has never made the game competitive with PC coaching staff. Y'all come in every year with all this hype and the game be over in the second quarter. Everything you say on here is totally false! Like you said PC would start 0-3 this year, sometimes you just have to be quiet, especially coming from East. Y'all do less with more every year.
  7. Come on now! Everyone's super bowl is a big stretch tho.
  8. Coming from y'all way real talk!
  9. I already touched on that earlier today! But we can agree to disagree.
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