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  1. Right!! You should come out on the 24th. Should be two good games.
  2. I agree!! But PC living rent free in lil east coaches and players heads. They also have to come to Pearl this year, so I'm guessing another L!!!
  3. August 24th the whole city should be at TSU!!!
  4. No excuse Stratford won! But the difference between me and you is, I didn't go in hiding for a year like yourself. Another thing you don't see me talking about no other team like you keep doing. I'm flat out telling you brunetti tried and still wants to play y'all. So you and your coach go man up and make it happen. We'll settle for scrimmage like I previously stated. But I'm probably talking to someone who just attend mt juliet games and don't even know mt juliet coach at all.
  5. Stop it!! You should go on the road with this stand up comedy.
  6. Nothing about MT juliet will ever say 6A powerhouse. Y'all wouldn't be powerhouse in 3A for that matter. But we do agree on one thing, that I won't go away.
  7. 6A powerhouse tho? I'm still crying from laughing off that post you made.
  8. Facts! Mt juliet don't want no smoke with PC. Mt juliet mess around & get mercy ruled by PC. That 3A school he keep pointing out!!!
  9. This can all be settled with a scrimmage or regular season game between Pearl Cohn & mt juliet.
  10. We can beat y'all with Jr firebirds little league team!!
  11. They would never do such a thing. heck they want even play Pearl Cohn. (Let them tell it) we are 3A school with bad coaching. You would think easy win right!!!
  12. Kinda funny you're on here this year but wasn't the year before.
  13. You clearly went MIA for a year po fella and that's facts!!!
  14. Spring or summer! Tell your coach to contact brunetti.
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