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  1. I call it how I see it! If you don’t like it I already told you what you can do. Plus you responded to me I wasn’t even talking to you. Besides a lot people just told you the exact same thing! One of kids that was faking must be yours that’s why you’re so upset.
  2. Look if you don’t like what I’m saying block my post so you won’t see them. But I stand by what I’ve said! Upperman players were dropping to the ground on every first down to slow PC no huddle down.
  3. They know man! After every first down someone from upperman was on the ground…smh
  4. 1997 Pearl Cohn team is the best metro team of all time! After them you can rank as you please!!! Remember both Pearl Cohn 1996 and this 1997 teams won it with private schools also. It’s no way you can put neither Hillsboro teams In front them!
  5. When Preston Taylor and Jo Johnson got rebuilt y’all do know that was Pearl Cohn base zoning right! So yeah Pearl Cohn knows all about adapting to situations that’s out of your control.
  6. It’s more so the kids than anything. These kids want to play together it’s not like the olds days when we wanted to play against the best! Same thing happened to college ball. Most these kids parents went to school with these coaches and want their kid to play for them. Its not about recruiting the four schools sell themselves too!!!
  7. I didn’t reply to you tho! So it’s cool for private schools to come take our kids right? I don’t see y’all over on the D2 page saying this! Before the open zone private school coaches use to eat off these same type of kids just because their parents didn’t won’t them going to their zone schools for whatever reason. So yes keeping our metro kids in metro is a big deal doesn’t matter what school they attend!!!
  8. At some point you have to let it go man! You been singing this same song for years now…smh
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