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  1. I do agree that this is one of the best teams or dream teams that Baylor has ever had, if not the best. Will be interesting to see what happens in February. You do make a great point Da Bears, the lineup will, in fact, determine the outcome. I never really thought about it like that.
  2. All I am saying is that Baylor does not run away with it in either duals or individuals with all of the kids that they have gone out and gotten this past year to strengthen their lineup. Not sure if Mr. Cleveland was talking about duals or individuals in his post, my apologies.
  3. Mr. Blue Raider, correct me if I am wrong but didn't the Blue Raider Nation lose to the Red Raiders (Baylor) by 1. Then the Blue Raiders were only able to beat the Blue Tornadoes by 5.5 in the Mccallie invitational this past weekend. If so, not sure how Baylor runs away with it. Cleveland is strong this year, while the rest of AAA is down, so I do not see someone beating them. However, I would not be surprised if someone does give them a good run for their money in February.
  4. So glad to see Bowers wrestling for the Bros. He will definitely be a great addition to a CBHS state championship team this year. I am very happy (assuming) Bower's could get the approval of TSSAA and check these rules off: In order for a transfer student with an athletic record to be eligible at another school there must be a bona fide change of residence by the athlete’s parents; All transfer students must be approved by the Executive Director of TSSAA before participating in any game or contest. Love seeing kids like this pursuing what they love, even at the extent of changing schools, so they can become a top wrestler in the country.
  5. 106- Nelson 113- Hicks 120- Martin 126- Weaton 132- Landers 138- Ingram 145- Fuller 152- Rippy 160- Sells 170- Satterfield 182- Hicks 195- Spangler 220- Boek 285- Boykin
  6. Round 1: Tennessee over Mt Juliet Independence over Blackman Heritage over Houston Bradley Central over Knox Halls Summit over Gibbs Cleveland over Maryville Arlington over Science Hill Wilson Central over Tullahoma Round 2: Tennessee over Independence Bradley Central over Heritage Cleveland over Summit Arlington over Wilson Central Round 3: Bradley Central over Tennessee Cleveland over Arlington Round 4 (Championship): Bradley Central over Cleveland
  7. Would love to see a rematch of Cleveland vs Bradley. My pick is Bradley. Coach Smith knows what he is doing to get those Bears ready for the state tournament. Cannot wait to see how each team performs. I see Bradley going home with number 25.
  8. I see that Ethan Dendy (Mccallie) and Eli King (Father Ryan) both weighed in at 152lbs. Correct me if I am wrong. I saw that King stepped out onto the mat first at 152, while Mccallie sat back and sent no one out there. At 160lbs I saw Dendy walk out there and get the fall. IMPRESSIVE victory for Dendy as he was giving up 8lbs!
  9. We all thought Elijah Oliver was the next Jordan Lean/ Philip Simpson, but we've seen how it has turned out. Not taking anything way from Oliver, he is a great wrestler and is one of the best from Tennessee, but he has not received All American status yet. Oliver was much tougher than Whitworth from Mccallie is. To be a NCAA Division 1 champion/ All American is a completely different story than high school wrestling.
  10. Bradley vs Baylor 106 – Wesley Devaney (Brad) major dec. Clayton Pettway, 17-3; 113 – T.J. Hicks (Brad) pinned Jake Weekley, :14; 120 – Trey Hicks (Brad) pinned Grant Slye, 3:27; 126 – Ethan Anderson (Brad) dec. Hayden Hartline 11-5; 132 – Ryan McElhaney (Brad) pinned Like Fraley, 1:24; 138 –Austin Atchley (Bay) pinned Curtis Rzeplinski, 1:30; 145 – Knox Fuller (Brad) dec. Alex Atchley, 6-2; 152 – Austin Mathews (Brad) dec. Connor Duffy, 10-4; 160 – Mason Reiniche (Bay) pinned Caleb Adkins 4:28; 170 – Riley Westlake (Bay) won by injury default over Henley Headrick; 182 –Khamari Whimper (Bay) pinned Trey Johnson 3:12; 195 –Kevin Gentry (Brad) pinned Derek Duncan, 4:55; 220 – D.J. Gibson (Brad) pinned Sam Reynolds, 3:37; 285 – David Thompson (Bay) pinned Mathew Cheek, :31, WC vs FRHS 145 - Louis Marfone (FRHS) pinned Dave Moredo (WC) 152 - Houston Crouch (FRHS) pinned Matthew Hester (WC) 160 - Eli King (FRHS) pinned Sinji Noga (WC) 170 - Damon Smith (WC) dec. Anthony Hagey (FRHS) 182 - Niko Noga (WC) pinned Patrick Clements (FRHS) 195 - Henry Hagey (FRHS) forfeit 220 - George Hooker (FRHS) pinned Kolin Miller (WC) 285 - Michael Kramer (WC) pinned John Hayes (FRHS) 106 - Paul Killian dec. Grant Fetters (WC) 113 - Jim Killian dec Gage Bachus (WC) 120 - Sean Sesnan (WC) pinned Christian Simpson (FRHS 126 - Simon Pergande (WC) dec. Lawrence Madson (FRHS) 132 - Raymond Eason (FRHS) pinned Alex Pergande (WC) 138 - Joey Volgepohl (FRHS) maj. Prentice Belcher (WC) THOUGHTS?????
  11. Lol same education, that's a joke. Public does not compare to a private schools education. And please tell me why numerous of Cleveland wrestlers have been in GA the past years and somehow they're in TN this year? How did they hear about Cleveland?
  12. With Cleveland's #1 ranked wrestler, Tristan Blansit, out for this match changed the whole outcome. Tristan being in the lineup, this match would have been much closer and Cleveland could have pulled it out. While having your number 1 guy out, most people don't try anymore and don't care. I think if he was there, Cleveland would have been ready to go. Huge props to the Ole Purple Mat Eaters. They did take this one, but we'll see what happen in February.
  13. 106- James Killian 113- Phillip Freeman 120- Michael Whiteside 126- Trey Chalifoux 132- Colton Landers 138- Kirby Simpson 145- Caleb Eachus 152- Eli King 160- Steven Wilson 170- Robert Hicks 182- Riley Stevison 195- Could be either 220- Ben Stacey HWT- Michael Lewis TEAM- Cleveland
  14. I think you put Binns too many times. You should probably do your research.
  15. 14. Debian- Cleveland 132 13. Hicks- Bradley 106 12. Navarro- Bradley 113 11. Solomon- maryville 182 10. Kennedy- riverdale 170 9. Russel - Clarksville 195 8. Fuller- Bradley 126 7. Boykin- Riverdale HWT 6. Taylor- Cleveland 138 5. Hamilton- Brentwood 152 4. Garrison- Blackman 160 3. Shrader- Franklin 120 2. Russo- Soddy Daisy 145 1. Filby- Franklin 220
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