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  1. When you say Henderson beat Dooley here last year what do you mean ? They were both in different weight classes last year, both making the finals. Henderson won and Dooley lost in there respected classes.
  2. There was only three 138 pound wrestlers in that region. Sad
  3. What are real college wrestlers ? His team has not beat your team in 10 years so why the shot at this accomplishment ? I sure if you took the time to check niether the Midlands or the Scuffle allow any high school students in there tournaments. Maybe just maybe years later we can sit back and brag to everyone that he wrestled in Tennessee.
  4. Paul,


    I'm not sure I can remember who rftn was.  What was his name?

    1. PaulSimpson


      Rick Lowery died last year of a massive heart attack  

      sorry i just saw this. I have also keep you and your family in my prayers. 

  5. Reftn passed away this pass year. Sorry we will not get to see his words of wisdom anymore.
  6. Let’s see. They fired his dad who used to coach there so you have that going against you to start. They probably pay him more at Pittsburgh as an assistant than UTC would pay as a head coach.
  7. Who was the last Tennessee wrestler to become a AA at UTC ? Who was the last AA at UTC ?
  8. No offense but how dose a young man win his weight class that he did not wrestle in the state tournament ?
  9. Christian Brothers High School has hired Mr. Derek Harrison as its head wrestling coach. Coach Harrison comes to CBHS after serving as the head coach at Seymour High School in Seymour, TN since 2015. He has also served as assistant wrestling coach at King University in Bristol, Tennessee, his alma mater. Harrison wrestled at Cleveland High School, as well as at King University. "With the outstanding tradition of our wrestling program and the opening of the Brothers Development Center, Coach Harrison steps into this role with resources and strategic pieces already in place.," said Mike Kelly, CBHS Athletic Director. "His work ethic, coupled with his history of developing outstanding wrestlers, will lead our program to a new level.†“My family and I are extremely excited about this opportunity at CBHS,†said Harrison, who will teach business classes at CBHS. “I would like to thank the CBHS administration and the hiring committee for giving me the opportunity to take over such a prestigious program. I will work diligently to develop well-rounded student-athletes and continue the successful wrestling tradition that has been built at CBHS. I look forward to a new challenge in such a great environment.†Coach Harrison received both his Bachelor’s (2009) and Master’s degree (2010) from King University. He has been active in development of youth wrestlers in Freeestyle and Greco-Roman. He and his wife Crista have two daughters, Caelyn, (4), and Cameryn (five months). “We welcome Derek and his family to Memphis and the CBHS community. Derek is both an accomplished teacher and well-respected wrestling coach,†said Chris Fay, CBHS Principal. “His personal mission as a teacher and coach is a great match for CBHS and he is well-prepared to be our next head wrestling coach.†- See more at: http://www.cbhs.org/About-Us/News/ArtMID/2184/ArticleID/457/CBHS-announces-Derek-Harrison-as-new-head-wrestling-coach#sthash.OeWolDST.dpuf
  10. No. The former coach you are talking about is Tony Bradley. He now lives in Arkansas, about 2 hours from Memphis. He is not coming back.
  11. When was the last time you missed a state finals?
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