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  1. I think Kage Williams lives in NC.
  2. Why then the clandestine nature of operation? Why are so many meetings held behind closed doors? How do we know that we need to vote in new members when we don't really know whats going on in all those closed door meetings? What are the issues that are coming to the board for a vote? How did our region director vote? How did others within the leadership vote?
  3. I'm sure that someone will whine about the following statement but I have seen the Baylor wrestler get "chippy" on many occasions. Especially in close matches or when he is losing or loses. I imagine they will curtail that business at the next level. And still no excuse for people to cuss at him from the stands as I heard happened. As far as the Arlington wrestler is concerned, the clapping had nothing to do with anything. He received two unsportsmanlike penalties prior to the clapping. I think two unsportsmanlike penalties by the wrestler in the same match equals disqualification no matter the circumstances.
  4. Abhorrent. There is no excuse for that kind of behavior.
  5. You'e not supposed to be a d$%k when you have constructive criticism to offer. Not personal of course.
  6. At what point did Eslinger give his motivational speech which gave them the willpower to win? Glad that era is over.
  7. Ohio is exactly who I was talking about. And they have fans. Real fans. They could have the Ohio State Tournament in a literal pig sty and tons of people would still line up and pay decent money to get inside.
  8. So insult my wrestling IQ all you want. No disrespect intended to PF, but i havent seen where they have wrestled any ranked AAA team this season. No emperical evidence out there. I just dont think they can beat Oakland who was mentioned, or Brentwood for that matter.
  9. Uhhhhh.. Pigeon Forge does not belong on that list.
  10. If thats the case, it sounds like coach needs to pay more attention.
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