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  1. What's funny is that so many people claim to be all virtuous here on this board, but many of them will report another team to the TSSAA in a heartbeat if they find something wrong. Seen it. Lived it. Yes, weight certifications are stored in Track. Yes, Bradford wrestled a weight class too low. I expect his folks didnt know any better. No, no one really cares though. I bet a huge percentage of kids at NHSCA do that.
  2. It doesn't matter how stalling is called. Top guy riding hips, bottom guy doing whatever, backing up, it does not matter. Just decide and call it the same way consistently across the board. That way wrestlers and coaches know what to expect and can make adjustments. I never denigrated any ref or the profession. I respect the guys who wear the stripes. It's a hard job. Oh...and cobra is a clown. LOL
  3. He's pretty tough. And smart. I'd hate to debate him for real.
  4. Calm down Karen. I was trying to empathize with you and follow along but alas, you lost me at soccer. I will say however, that I never thought of the "kiss my rear" approach. (seems legit) I never said that our referees don't have a hard job. That wasn't the point at all. The point was the inconsistency from match to match between different refs. Coaches and wrestlers are all confused these days about what is stalling and what is not. As for "refs don’t owe you or the fans crap". WRONG Just like coaches and competitors, refs owe the sport the best job they can do. There should be an initiative to make the stalling criteria more definable and more explainable. Right now, lots of different guys across the state call it differently.
  5. Dear Refs, STALLING - Will all you guys please have a meeting? Get everyone in the room and decide what stalling is and how you are going to call it consistently. THEN - Tell the coaches and fans about your decision. Thanks, EVERYONE
  6. Why did the ref call injury default?
  7. I'll get some haters for this but stay away from Chattanooga. They have four major teams. Two public and two private. Any other team in the area has to compete with them for athletes and resources and those four programs already vacuum everything up. This is assuming you want to end up being a head coach. As someone pointed out, Soddy Daisy used to have an excellent team but even so, only two teams from each region end up going to state. If you are from Bakersfield, you (and your wife if you are married) will enjoy the Nashville area much better. There are frequent opportunities in middle Tennessee for head wrestling coaches. I love the idea of Lincoln Memorial, but there is NOTHING up there but trees and wild animals...and meth. If you want to get as far away from civilization as possible and still have a job, LMU is an option for you.
  8. Why then the clandestine nature of operation? Why are so many meetings held behind closed doors? How do we know that we need to vote in new members when we don't really know whats going on in all those closed door meetings? What are the issues that are coming to the board for a vote? How did our region director vote? How did others within the leadership vote?
  9. I'm sure that someone will whine about the following statement but I have seen the Baylor wrestler get "chippy" on many occasions. Especially in close matches or when he is losing or loses. I imagine they will curtail that business at the next level. And still no excuse for people to cuss at him from the stands as I heard happened. As far as the Arlington wrestler is concerned, the clapping had nothing to do with anything. He received two unsportsmanlike penalties prior to the clapping. I think two unsportsmanlike penalties by the wrestler in the same match equals disqualification no matter the circumstances.
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