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  1. confuciuschang

    Gordonsville 2014

    confucius say...guess that's why y'all get burned every time you make the trip to the Creekbank!!!
  2. confuciuschang

    Early predictions for 8-AA 2014

    confucius say...since you're bringin up the past...in 2001 and 2002...TC beat Chicken County 4 times...4 times in 2 years...let me repeat that...4 times in 2 years....can you hear me now? And if you wanna go DEEP...1974 TC wins 50-0...1975 TC wins 40-7 1976 TC wins 42-0...wooooo weeeee.....thems some butt whoopins right there!!!!
  3. confuciuschang

    Early predictions for 8-AA 2014

    confucius say...the way i see it...next year TC will probably have 7 region games, which will leave us 3 open games to fill...my bet is that Coach Creasy will call...1- Lafayette...2. Chicken County...and 3. Westmoreland...then he'll have to call some other schools to fill the 2 open spots... ...heck maybe he'll give Maynord a call in Cookeville...then we can see if it's a Carthrage thing, or a Maynord thing?...
  4. confuciuschang


    confucius say...ain't getting no better sitting over there...i know that Woods boy is big, but sitting out cause you're skeered just wouldn't cut it for me...
  5. confuciuschang

    Early predictions for 8-AA 2014

    confucius say...Milan transferred back to SC, because TC nearly broke him in half last year...he didn't want to have to go through that again...and he KNEW Chicken County wouldn't play TC... it's also the reason they didn't show up for the Sparta scrimmage...
  6. confuciuschang

    Your school's new enrollment

    confucius say...because people down there can't count higher than 10 (toes and fingers)....all of those numbers are actually guesstimates...
  7. confuciuschang

    Gordonsville 2014

    confucius say.... ...but true..
  8. confucius say...Adamsville, Austin East, Boyd, Grace, Goodpasture, Marion County, Polk, Tyner, Lewis County, JCS, Milan, Trinity, and Mitchell...are all quality opponents....with several of these being former state champions.
  9. confucius say...Watertown built a new bigger school and Wilson county approved open zoning...wouldn't be surprised if they end up in 2A....probably in region 4
  10. confuciuschang


    confucius say...it is basically 5 classes across the board...they just took the 32 largest out...to equalize the 5 classes.....other than the 32 largest being removed...it is pretty much EXACTLY like it was in the 90's.
  11. confuciuschang

    District 9AA Predictions

    confucius say...and you played it well...used it as a weapon a few times...
  12. confucius say....yippee....i see a TC vs SP playoff rivalry starting back up...thank you Football Gods!!!
  13. confucius say...at least we won't have to wait for other states to finish their seasons to see where we get seeded.
  14. confuciuschang

    Super 6 plan

    confucius say...in the new plan TC will be 1A....Westmoreland will be 2A....Maybe Westy and Alcoa will meet in the semi's every year...TC would probably be meeting SP...like we used to.
  15. confuciuschang

    Super 6 plan

    confucius say...screw travel times...good teams have a very hard time getting any locals to schedule them anyway's and end up having to drive to another state to get a game....then we have to wait for the other states to finish there games so we can seed our playoffs....now thats screwed up!!!