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  1. As Cobra touched on, the District 8 coaches chose to award the regular season champion an automatic bid to Region play in the event they did not advance to the district tournament final. The tournament champion advances to Region play as the District 8 champion. The District 8 runner up is EITHER the regular season champion or, if the regular season champion also won the tournament championship, the tournament runner up.
  2. I bet you don't see any behavior like this from any coaches in Murfreesboro next week. #1. The referees at state tend to get out of the center circle. #2. The referees at state have the balls to eject a coach for acting like a fool. Both actions from the referees tend to cool the coaches down a bit.
  3. I am 0-2 in scores that I can find. Jackson North Side takes down Lexington 3-1.
  4. I t I think Signal Mtn from the Chattanooga area, Smith Co between Nashville and Cookeville, Merrol Hyde Magnet in Hendersonville and the private schools of Columbia Academy and Grace Christian from south of Nashville will all be playing into the Regionals next year. I really don't know much about schools west of the TN River.
  5. After one game, my predictions are exactly 0% accurate. Page takes down White House 2-0.
  6. Can you elaborate as to what that style is?
  7. Merrol Hyde also showed last week that they could surprise some teams by beating Central Magnet (in a game suspended at halftime for lightning) and Chattanooga Christian.
  8. Who is advancing to State? Science Hill vs Oak Ridge Farragut vs Dobyns Bennett Cleveland vs Oakland Blackman vs Cookeville Station Camp vs Antioch Franklin vs Clarksville Kingsbury vs Collierville Houston vs Bartlett I'll take: Science Hill Farragut Oakland Blackman Station Camp Franklin Collierville Houston
  9. Who do you have going to State? Greeneville vs Pigeon Forge CAK vs Unicoi Co Boyd Buchanan vs Merrol Hyde Central Magnet vs Loudon White House vs Page CPA vs Hume-Fogg Lexington vs J. North Side Jackson Christian vs Peabody I'll take the chalk: Greeneville CAK Boyd Buchanan Central Magnet WH CPA Lexington Jackson Christian
  10. Greenville vs White House was a fun game to watch. Hard fought through 110 minutes with multiple scoring chances for each team in the OT periods. The drama of the kicks was intense as it went to the 8th kickers. Kudos to both schools and their fans. That sideline was PACKED. #12 for White House suffered an ugly head injury in OT. He took a hit from the kickoff and immediately went down. I hope he is able to recover quickly from the obvious concussion. Central Magnet absolutely dominated JCS. The matchup tomorrow between them and CPA will be one to watch. Notre Dame showed a ton of fight coming back from 3-0 at halftime to make it a game in the second half. I thought they were going to pull off the complete comeback.
  11. I'd put Houston and Station Camp atop my list. Oakland and Cookeville would be at the bottom. I think the third team is a virtual pick 'em among the remaining four teams. Therefore, none of the "top" teams match up in the opening round.
  12. Brackets are posted and set up for the most of the top teams to avoid each other until the semis. Houston vs Oakland Ravenwood vs Dobyns-Bennett Collierville vs Bearden Station Camp vs Cookeville
  13. Predictions: Notre Dame vs CAK--CAK White House vs Greeneville--Greenville Murfreesboro Central vs Jackson Christian--Central Magnet CPA vs Lexington--CPA
  14. The fields at Siegel Park have certainly come a long way from two years ago's nightmare. One of the reporters from the Murfreesboro newspaper who was covering last night's 7-AAA final posted a picture from the championship field press box. I have no idea how to post the picture itself, but here is the link. http://pic.twitter.com/2MoSwnVAZH
  15. Oakland did indeed advance to the 7-AAA final tonight thanks to three quick goals in the first 10 minutes of their semi-final matchup against Blackman. The game ended 4-1. But Siegel fell to district "newcomer" Stewarts Creek on kicks, 5-4. Siegel didn't give up a single goal in district play all season and Wed night's semi ended 0-0 after 110 minutes of soccer. This is the first time in 10 or 11 years that Siegel has not advanced to the District final and by extension Region play. But give credit to Stewarts Creek. They came to play and threatened all game long. Multiple shots hit the frame. It promises to be a fun final tonight between two teams who love to attack.
  16. Did you see the Ravenwood fans dressed as refs? I didn't see them but I heard plenty about them and saw a picture. Pretty funny idea.
  17. No. Any bench player can be given a yellow or red card. If the referee is not able to determine the offending bench player, the coach is to receive the card. So in the above situation, the referee could have given a second yellow to the player on the bench.
  18. If you guys are talking about events out west, I think the blame squarely rests on the fans. I have seen videos and heard far too many accounts of teams/coaches/fans in the west behaving like complete idiots. Every region has some problem schools (ask CCS about their trip to DeKalb County a couple of years ago). But the west consistently takes the cake. I wish more fans behaved like the ones at the Coffee County - Oakland match from Tuesday night in the Region Semifinals. In an elimination match, the players played, the coaches coached and the fans cheered for their teams. Oakland had several close/questionable offside calls go against them including a goal pulled back. Coffee County had a goal stand against them after the AR had signaled for offside in the second OT. Yet nobody in that stadium needed to be asked to leave or even calm down. The coaches didn't cause a scene. And the players showed great sportsmanship. It was truly an enjoyable evening of soccer.
  19. Well, the Div II championships start at 4:00 and 6:30. I don't know why the Div 1 should be any different.
  20. Two things (actually three): I wish they had gotten a couple more seconds leading up to the kick. HOLD THE DANG PHONE HORIZONTALLY!!! Anyway, that was a heck of a shot. I love how he knew it was in before it ever went over the keeper's hands.
  21. In a wild 7-AAA season, parity was the name of the game. And the district tournament was no different. In the six games: Five games decided by one goal. The only exception was Siegel over Blackman when Siegel scored an empty net breakaway with 30 seconds left to go up 3-1. Four OT games. Oakland topped Siegel 1-0 to win the district title.
  22. Yeah. You get one year with thunderstorms that push the championship game to a late night start and you swing the pendulum so far in the other direction...
  23. Yeah. Saw the District 7-AAA semis Tuesday night. Those two spots are bad. They are unlikely to have any signigicant impact on a game, but boy do they stand out against the rest of the field.
  24. The bill will go to a conference committee next week where state legislators will try to revise the language to clarify that guns will NOT be allowed in parks when local schools are using the parks for sporting events. So no guns will be allowed in any of the parks during Spring Fling. The fields at Siegel Park are in MUCH better shape this spring. While it will still be another full year before they are back to premier shape, there shouldn't be any "complaints" about the field conditions this year.
  25. Four state titles, a #1 "national" ranking and a national Coach of the Year award (from 2013!) apparently weren't enough for the fine folks at Franklin High School. Franklin Athletic Director Toby Ruth decided it was "time to take the program in another direction." http://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/high-school/2014/11/13/longtime-franklin-soccer-coach-released/18996353/
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