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  1. I felt like this game could go either way, but I never seen an AC blowout coming, Greeneville sounds completely out of it according to the radio announcers. Huge win for AC to get over the hump, I’ll pull for them the rest of the way
  2. That’s been a problem all year for CD, they always start slow, they slugged with AE last week at 8-7 until like 2 mins left in 2nd, then pulled away. Good season for CD regardless and good season for GP, next week is probably an unclimbable mountain but I wish them luck lol
  3. Sounded like a good game on radio (I dragged #### all week and had to work til 10 tonight lol) hope y’all don’t run that poor kid 55 times every game lol
  4. Bring your rain coats, raining now and supposed to rain all night and then all day tomorrow lol. What a good time to end our drought . Field is gonna be a muddy mess
  5. Finally got a thread about Chuckey Doak with some life and we in here talking about Alcoa and how they apparently Burned our crops, poisoned our drinking water, and delivered a plague upon our city lol. I don’t know what goes on down in the Knoxville area for football, but people sure have strong opinions about it
  6. Y’all couldn’t bring any less of a crowd than Austin East did lol. They had like 30 fans and the band and cheerleaders didn’t show up til after halftime. Should be another good one
  7. I do love a good Pals burger and fries, can’t believe they haven’t expanded west past Morristown yet. I thought AE looked alright for awhile, I thought that when they abandoned the run for a while there killed them, they were running straight through CD at will and then just stopped running the ball. I don’t know how young AE is but had some solid pieces out there
  8. If one of us beats Alcoa I will get the winning teams logo tattooed on my chest lol. hopefully it’s a good game likes last years playoff matchup
  9. Come on, y’all were just here last season, memory shouldn’t be that short lol. If you want food at the game you can’t mess up mozzarella sticks lol, but I haven’t eaten anything at a game besides Mozzarella sticks in years personally
  10. Chuckey Doak 43-8 final. 3rd playoff win ever, first at home since 1992, first 10 win season ever. Don’t know if they got a shot against GP but it’s been a great season already. Game was close through the 2nd quarter with 2 minutes left with AE leading 8-7, but it all went CD from that point
  11. Comedy of errors to start the game, CD let the kicker recover his own onside kick to start the game, AE false start, AE drop on 3rd down, Murvin gains 40 yards first play for CD and then fumbles, AE gains 25 next play and then also fumbles, then Murvin takes it 60 yards on the next play to the house.
  12. The Austin East fans must not have had any faith, there’s like 10 of them in their stands. It’s just an hour lol
  13. i didn't say anything about a championship lol.
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