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  1. Oh ok.. NOT! His comments said everyone else is playing for second in 2AA. That’s when it brought me into the thread. I suggest you ignore any of my post if you don’t like them because I don’t play that way.
  2. Really? Wasn’t Memphis East suppose to be the clear favorite in 3AAA last year and most Memphis fans thought Whitehaven was the second best team? We all know how that turned out. First thing 2AA will be better across the board in my opinion. Teams 4-12 will be much better than last year. Second injuries are common in basketball and you have to avoid the injury bug. Third you have to be able to play as a team on offense and defense. Wooddale has all the pieces to go back to back but I’ve watched basketball far too long to say everyone else is playing for second. Especially before the season even starts...
  3. First of all no adjustments by the defense in the second half. To be in the 3-5 in the 4th quarter is a joke. We got beat up front and really didn’t deserve to be in this game. Offense game plan was not very good either. Give credit to Maryville they wanted it more, with 23 seniors that’s what you get in this game. We tried to get in a passing game with Maryville and that didn’t make any sense.
  4. Yea but playing a 3-5 in this part of the game makes no sense.
  5. Our o-line and d-lines are going to have to pick it up. Maryville has won the battle up front in the first half. First drive could determine this game.
  6. The worst call I’ve seen all year. Wow! Pass interference on the offense? Wow!
  7. BC I believe Maryville will use the short passing game a lot. They have weapons every where and we must contain them from making the big play. Key for us is the run game. If we can gain 3 to 5 yards on first down then I like our chance. Should be another great game...
  8. Lol!I’m actually glad we have another game to tune up. I guess I’m getting a little anxious.
  9. Lol! I guess Ravenwood is not very good either.
  10. Blackman is pretty good but we blew a lot of opportunities early. Offense looked better tonight and defense seems to be figuring it out. Next week should be a war.
  11. Lol! You need the exercise anyway turtle. I’m going to say Alcoa 34- AE- 6
  12. I believe Anderson County keeps it’s close but would say Powell by 6
  13. I graduated in 91 and can remember practice starting on October the 21st at least one year. First game was second week of November.
  14. Lol! When you lose a Mr Football your typically going to miss him. Just liked Maryville missed Dylan Hopkins. I give Blackman some credit, they didn’t break early and played a good game defensively but we have to execute better. #9 played a great game for Blackman on the defensive side of the ball. We missed several opportunities in the passing game which could have changed this game in the first half. If we are to go undefeated we will have to play much better down the road. Our defense needs to play every quarter like the second half of this game. Our offense will have to run the ball better than tonight as well. Having said all of that I’m just happy to get a win. Cheers!
  15. We’re they going to call block in the back on 20 for Greeneville too. Bizarre call that I don’t understand?
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