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  1. First of all, the msm as a whole is controlled by only a handful of people and that includes the AP. There is no real journalism left in the msm. Period! It’s all controlled content to the public. Russia gate is just one example of that. Secondly, this whole Coronavirus is a bunch of bull. If you look at the CDC’s #’s on the flu last year and compare that with the early #’s on Coronavirus #’s you’ll find out that the flu is more dangerous to everyday Americans than the Coronavirus is. So why is there so much panic. I personally think it’s all political and that’s my take on it. I could be wrong in the end but only time will tell. Hope you try and educate yourself with facts in the future.
  2. Congrats to Maryville and Joe Anderson on the win last night. Maryville shot the ball good and we didn’t. Plus our defense was average at best last night. As I had said before this Maryville team has a chance to make some noise in 3AAA. As for Alcoa it was a disappointing performance and we still have not figured out a few things. I’ll just leave it at that. Good luck to Maryville the rest of the way.
  3. Maryville comes to Alcoa tonight in the rematch. I expect another intense game that should go down to the wire. Expect a packed house and a good ballgame. Hopefully the officials don’t get to involved in this game like the last one.
  4. My bad thought you was someone else. Lol! For the game is was a good one but the referee's didn't let the players get in any flow. That was very disappointing. Congrats to Maryville they made the plays when it counted. Can't wait to see the rematch...
  5. I did predict the Rebels to be the sleeper this year in AAA.
  6. Lol! I like to stay a little behind the scenes because I can be too honest sometimes. If you know what I mean. I'm pretty sure I know who you are and good luck to your son tonight. However not to much luck because I do want my Tornadoes to get the W.
  7. Alcoa vs Maryville tomorrow night. This game should be closer than last years games. Alcoa is a lot more talented than last year and the coach has done some good things. However the point guard play needs to be settled. We have one true point guard and the last 3 games he has not started and we have feel behind early the last 3 games. We are 1-2 the last 3 so only time will tell. I expect a packed house and if we play up to our potential it will be a dandy. See you Maryville folks tomorrow night.
  8. Where you at Turtle?? Alcoa had Powell down 47-14 at the half last night. We have our full roster now so here we come. Pick your head up out of that shell.
  9. Well we had 2 kids that will be starters that come out this Monday. Cam Burden and Isiah Cox will start for this team. Burden is 6’2 post player that scored 30 in the state tournament last year for Sevier County. He’s very athletic and should be a huge help. Isaiah Cox is 6’3 long, athletic and can play multiple positions. We also have another guard that’s very good defensively that should help us. This team will look totally different by years end as long as the point guard gets healthy. We won’t know the status of him until next Tuesday. With a full roster this team could be really really good.
  10. Congrats to Upperman on beating Alcoa on Saturday in a very competitive game. I expect these two teams will have a good chance to make it to Murfreesboro.
  11. The Alcoa game tomorrow will be interesting. We are short 2 starters and a bench player due to football. If we had those players I would feel pretty good but without them we will have to play our best game of the year to win. I expect both of these teams will make it to Murfreesboro come late February. Who knows this could be a preview of a state tournament game?
  12. Congrats to my Alcoa Tornadoes on beating AE tonight. It looks like the new coach was the right hire. We are still short 3 players and 2 starters at that and we are 2-0 in the district. When we get our team complete watch out. This team once complete will be very good and will be able to compete with anyone. Turtle where you at? What do you think of the new coach now?
  13. AE host Alcoa tonight. These two teams have had some great games through the years. I expect tonight to be no different. Turtle where you at??? I know you'll be at the game tonight.
  14. I believe this Maryville team will be better than last years. Maryville will win their district and have a very good chance to get to the state tournament.
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