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  1. BC I was thinking the same thing on the energy level. If we go down to Blackman and think we've won just because we showed up we will get beat. I hope the coaches get their attention this week.
  2. First of all we are talking about 2019-2020 season. Last years standings mean absolutely nothing come November. It’s a long season and anything can happen. What people are forgetting is the East has had a team in the2AA Championship game the last 5 years. 2AA ball in East Tennessee has improved the last 5 or 6 years. Matter of fact I would say bb in the East has improved at every level the last few years. I expect the East to represent in the 2AA Championship game this year too.
  3. Southside a surprise team???? I think most people would have them in their top five in 2AA.
  4. Lol! If this is true then Ravenwood would have to be the favorite in 6A but you still have to earn it.
  5. Well if Wooddale added a 6'9 kid then that makes it much tougher for everyone else. That would make Wooddale the big favorite for sure and I stand corrected. However, I don't think they will have anyone close to the skill level of Chandler Lawson next year. Didn't notice this 6'9 kid last year at the state Tournament? Transfer?
  6. Wooddale should be ranked #1 come the start of the season. They should be really good but I wouldn't crown them yet. Last year they proved they were the cream of the crop in 2AA. I personally believe that 6 to 8 teams could win 2AA this year. It's all about match-ups in tournament time and who's playing good at the end of the year.
  7. Austin East lost 4 out of 5 starters and the next three off the bench. AE will still be good but not as good as last years team. IMO.. Brainerd I believe had 2 seniors that started. Maybe someone from that district can clarify that. Tyner, Howard, and Brainerd should be pretty good next year. It should be an interesting year in 2A.
  8. This is exactly how it should have happened. tradertwo you must have been some kind of administrator.
  9. Your are incorrect in saying that a third member feels the same way. I know everyone on the board and that is not the case. Two members do not like Rankin and of course we know the two. The other members had no ideal this was even going to be brought up. This was a hit job on the coach pure and simple. Your source does not hold water if they say anything different. I'm personally disappointed in Brandy & Clayton's comments on the two players they were talking about. Brandy has two nephews that are tuition students and one of them plays sports and a niece who just graduated that played softball... HMMMMMM... I'm confused????
  10. Of course we are trying to figure it out. We have 5 new players and one of those is an all district type player in Cam Burden. Also a new coach and new scheme is taking some getting used to. I believe we will be better at every position than last years team and we will have better depth. Fulton and AE cannot say the same and hence why I believe we will be in the hunt for the district title. Alcoa does play Kingston and AE the footballers first week back. Should be an opportunity for those two schools to get a win but if that doesn't happen then it could be a long year for your roadrunners. For you to say we wouldn't hang with most of the teams in the district. Lol! That's what totally shocks me... There are only 5 teams in our district. Which means you think we will finish 4th or 5th. Lol! I guess we shall see in about 6 months. AE will probably finish 3rd in the district but Kingston and Scott County will be better than last year. Remember Scott County did beat AE last year in the regular season.
  11. Lol! So you think we won’t compete in district 4AA this year? Lol! We are better at every position than last years team. We have a deeper bench and are more athletic than last years team. You lost any credibility in basketball with me when you say we won’t compete in this district next year. We have 5 players from last years team and only 3 playing in last weeks team camp this summer. We are still trying to figure it out right now. Fulton and AE lost most of their teams from last year. If you remember we split with AE last year and lost in the district semi finals by 8 to them. They were not that much better than us last year and losing 7 players that played plus 4 starters. AE might not finish in the top 3 in the district next year. I feel very confident that we will compete for a district and regional Championship next year. I’ll revisit this post in 7 months from now and remind you of it.
  12. I did see Community play last week and they should be pretty good. It was a toss up on the last few I picked but they will be in that top ten conversation.
  13. My preseason top 10 1. Wooddale 2. East Nashville 3. Jackson southside 4. Mitchell 5. Fulton 6. Howard 7. Alcoa 8. Upperman 9. LA 10. Tyner
  14. All three great high school players. I personally think Keon has the best chance to make a bigger impact at the next level. Akeem could also be a very good player at the next level if he can improve his shot. Not taking anything away from Emory because he’s a very good player in his own right. I’ll be curious to see who has the best senior year out of these three.
  15. Turtle what’s up, we all know Fulton will be Fulton. Jody is a great coach and Edward Lacy has to be considered the preseason player of the year in the district. Having said all of that, I do believe by the end of the year Alcoa will be the best team in the district come January. We might struggle until we get all of our players from football. We have 6 football players that will play this year. Looks like 3 starters and 3 good players to come off the bench. We haven’t had half our team during the Maryville College camp but I do see some reason for optimism. The new coach is going to make a big big difference.
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