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  1. Basically you’re saying the whole staff, minus 2 or 3 coaches are headed to one of our biggest rivals? PCHS should be ashamed of itself for letting that happen. Which I think they will be when MC’s staff made up of PC coaches is beating us consistently.
  2. I agree with with everything you said here. Good luck to Meigs as well.
  3. I’ll just say that I am skeptical now. If what I have heard this morning about the staff that is being assembled at PC is true, they are in for a big time drop off from last years staff.
  4. This year marks the beginning of a new era at Polk County. Regardless of anyone’s feelings about it; Derrick Davis is out, and Rusty Brewer will be the new head coach. The worry now is; who will be his assistant coaches. I would expect a couple of the staff memebers from last year to stay on and help him. Hopefully the school will let him go get some other coaches. Does anyone know of possible new assistants for Polk this year? I know we lost a good batch of seniors but there is still some talent left on this team. We will have a new QB, with some returning backs and lineman. It will be interesting to see who the new QB will be. Anyone have any clues on that? What about defense? I know D. Davis was the defensive coordinator for several years, who will take over that role? There are a lot of questions for this team for sure. Anyone know anything about spring training? Go Wildcats!
  5. Two paid assistants? No wonder he left. I knew he didn’t have as many coaches on staff at PCHS, but that is really something else. I thought he had two assistants that worked at PCHS but I could be wrong.
  6. This has been a big hit to my love for high school football. I wish the best for Coach Davis for all he did for Polk but I can’t cheer for MC. I am confused about how he is bringing in his own staff. I think most of the coaches on his staff at Polk, besides his dad, are still at Polk or are out of coaching. Correct me if I’m wrong. Who is he bringing in that wasn’t already at MC?
  7. I have wondered who Charlie’s identity was. Thanks for clearing that up for us all. I can assure you he has said none of this garbage to Derrick Davis’ face. That would take guts. Something he obviously lacks. Charlie, it would be a shame if we start discussing your family history on this thread. You have enough issues of your own. Don’t throw rocks when you live in a glass house. By the way, I’m surprised they let you into the stadium still, after all the times you have been kicked out of it. Hope you can sort some of your anger issues out so that you can attend all of the sporting events in 2019. Peace out!
  8. Here you go people. A guy that truly doesn’t get it. Head coaches across the country miss things with their family and friends to pour into the young men on their team. That’s what makes them so special and unique. If I recall, all these soccer event took place right at the end of football season, while Coach Davis probably was preparing his team for district games and a playoff game. That doesn’t make him “sorry”. A sorry man is one that hides behind a keyboard and bashes a man’s character on a day that the rest of the community is celebrating the end of his era with their program. “Losers assemble in small groups and complain about others”. So you and your group keep “dealing in reality” (LOL) while the rest of the community sits around and laughs and waits to see what idiotic thing you complain about next.
  9. Brewer will do a fantastic job there. I think he has been the head coach in waiting for a long time.
  10. Look for them to hire the current offensive coordinator, Rusty Brewer. I don’t think the school system is in financial condition to go after another head coach.
  11. If you think soccer had anything to do with this, you’re as misinformed as I thought. I’m sure you would like to think it did, but once again you’re wrong. Nothing other than the administration in central office is the reason he left. Go back to the soccer threads with the other 8 people that care about that sport. Be careful what you wish for. I was here the last time a Davis left this program. That didn’t end well.
  12. Roy, I do remember Davis shaving it at some point this year. Maybe you should make a trip to Polk and have a conversation with him about it.
  13. This is a true pick em! Polk has got to get something going on offense. They have looked really sluggish there. I’m going to say Polk finds a rhythm on O this week and grinds Marion down. Polk-28 Marion-21
  14. I always enjoy watching good, physical football. And that’s what those to teams treated us to. Good luck to the Tigers.
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