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  1. Here are the returning medalists from last year. I went ahead and updated the grade they will be in next season. It's hard to pick at the lighter weights because those guys move around so much. Half the time we don't even know what weight they'll be at until region individuals. That being said, the only wrestlers I'd feel confident picking to win are Coffey at 220, Sacharczyk at 182, and Pietarila at 160. Isbell repeating seems like a safe bet, but you never know who might come up or drop. 106 1st- McDaniel, Jr (Cleveland) 2nd- Calvin, Jr (McGavock) 3rd- Ivy, Jr (Morristown-West) 4th- Wilson, Sr (BC) 5th- Dindl, So (Bartlett) 6th- South, Jr (SC) 113 1st- Bradford, Jr (Cleveland) 2nd- Borders, Jr (WC) 3rd- Shires, So (Rossview) 4th- Watkins, Jr (DB) 5th- Koss, Sr (Bartlett) 6th- O'Daniel, Sr (BC) 120 2nd- Artiles, Sr (Collierville) 126 2nd- Mann, Jr (SH) 4th- Fisak, So (WC) 5th- Medina, Sr (Riverdale) 6th- Moore, Sr (Rossview) 132 1st- Isbell, Sr (Clarksville) 4th- Williams, Sr (Rossview) 5th- Seely, Sr (SH) 6th- Ables, Jr (Cent) 138 4th- Hurst, Jr (DB) 5th- Fort, Jr (WC) 145 3rd- Meade, Jr (Bearden) 5th- Frye, Sr (SH) 152 5th- Harter, Jr (SH) 160 2nd- Pietarila, Sr (Hardin Valley) 4th- Stone, Sr (WC) 5th- Feldhacker, Sr (Brentwood) 170 4th- Smith, Sr (Clarksville) 5th- Meeks, Sr (EH) 182 2nd- Sacharczyk, Sr (Blackman) 6th- Palmieri, Sr (Northwest) 195 6th- Brumlow, Jr (EH) 220 1st- Coffey, Sr (Brentwood) 5th- Shelton, Jr (Jeff Co.) 6th- Boyce, Sr (Blackman) 285 2nd- Langford, Jr (Walker Valley) 3rd- Dawson, Sr (Collierville) 5th- Linderman, Jr (Clinton)
  2. So what, exactly, are you insinuating? Not trying to bait you into an argument; I could possibly offer some insight.
  3. Didn’t they give out the invitations to all the champs and wild card selections? I heard there were going to be three teams (AAA, D-II, and a wildcard team). Not sure how accurate that is, but this appears to be a real thing.
  4. Ahh, I see. Should've figured that someone with the user name FRHSIrishVol would know their Father Ryan history haha. Thanks for clarifying.
  5. I believe you have it mixed up. Brandon Artiles is his father. The news anchor is his uncle.
  6. Worley had to medical forfeit due to a stomach bug. I think Dawson and Coleman (Bolton) both have a shot at medaling this year. Coleman beating Salyers was big.
  7. Personally, I thought the new set of rankings were pretty spot on. They obviously aren't perfect, but objective changes were made according to state dual results. Can't wait for the state individual prediction threads to start up.
  8. Anybody notice that G Bowers is down to 132 for the Brothers? Him and Dendy will be a good one to watch.
  9. Depending on how teams set their line-ups, here are some other good match-ups we could see in Rd 1: Centennial vs Houston A. Ables (Centennial) vs Manuel (Houston) at 132/138 Young (Houston) vs Knight (Centennial) at 182 TN High vs Blackman Ferguson (TN High) vs Brown (Blackman) at 152 Fields (TN High) vs Fowler (Blackman) at 170 (I doubt we'll see this one, but TN did bump Fields to wrestle Diehl at 170 in their region tournament so you never know.) Halls vs Bradley Central Hughes (Bradley Central) vs Morgan (Halls) at 132
  10. 132- Seeley vs Kerns would be a good one should Science Hill meet Arlington in the quarters. Kerns has only lost around 5 matches this year and all of them were to studs. He's dropped two matches to Bowers from CBHS, one in SV to Ward from McCallie, and a minor decision to Dendy from Baylor.
  11. So Brentwood won at 126, lost a minor to a good kid at 138, bumped the 170 and picked up a win, and won at 220. I didn't think it would get this ugly, but looks like I had it just about right.
  12. I haven't seen Brentwood wrestle this season, but the results on Track lead me to believe that Ryan will win comfortably. Brentwood's best shot at picking up wins will be at 126, 138, 170, and 220.
  13. Here are some of my thoughts from the Black Horse. Brother Martin dropping out at the last minute really hurt the level of competition. There was still plenty of great wrestling, but this tournament is usually a gauntlet when they bring two full squads. -Bradford from Blackman looked as good as advertised at 113. He wrestled a pretty strong junior from Bartlett in the semis and controlled the match from the parts that I saw. -Blackman can seriously contend for a top 4 spot. I knew they would have a handful on hammers that can go with anyone in TN, but their role-players looked tough as well. -The Brothers look good again. Their depth will allow them to be able to move some people around in duals for favorable match ups. Not sure if they will be able to compete with Baylor and McCallie, but that remains to be seen. -Austin Antcliffe is an absolute animal. I don't think he wrestled outside of the 1st period until the finals, and in that match against Sacharczyk he looked in control pretty much the whole time. -Collierville has a raw, but very promising prospect in Dawson at Hwt. I saw flashes of crazy athleticism from him and he definitely passes the eye test. -The new regime at Houston is off to a good start. For the first time since the late 90's someone other than Coach Holmes is at the helm for the Mustangs and I could already see a difference in the way they wrestled this weekend. Coach Holmes will surely be missed, but their new staff has those boys working!
  14. I just got around to watching the Adidas Nationals from this past weekend, so I thought I would update everyone on how the TN kids did (considering most people were probably watching Flo Nats or the Masters). Some of the kids registered under their hometown, so I don't have a school to list for them. Apologies if I missed anyone. 9th Grade Hayden Baudoin, Arlington- 6th at 133 Adam Milton, Arlington- 4th at 192 Hunter Parks, Tullahoma- 6th at 163 10th Grade Mason Hull, Arlington- 7th at 163 Joshua Reick, Independence- 4th at 148 Brian Nelms, Tullahoma- 7th at 192 11th Grade Justin Donahue, Arlington- 7th at 138 Austin Antlciffe, Arlington- 2nd at 174 Robert White, Nashville (?) - 7th at 174 12th Grade Brendan Jarvis, Knoxville (?) - 2nd Place at 138 William Parish, Knoxville (?) - 4th at 143 From what I can tell, the brackets get smaller at this tournament every year. Especially in the younger divisions. Some of the kids from other states looked tough based on what I saw in the match videos, but it's frustrating that they can't fill some of the weights. They should think about splitting it into two divisions: 9th/10th and 11th/12th. A date change might also help. Anyway, congrats to all of the Adidas Nationals AA's from TN.
  15. I don't have any inside information or anything, but he seemed pretty chummy with the Baylor wrestlers at the WC Wildcat tourney earlier this year. Pretty sure I saw his dad talking to some of the Baylor parents there too. Wouldn't be surprised if he's wrestling for them next year.
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