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  1. Who gets the head coaching job at Crockett? I heard interviewed people yesterday I believe it may be the baseball coach.
  2. That’s what I was told by last years baseball coach
  3. No he’s coaching the girls at Crockett. Josh Kite said no teaching positions available so it have to be a non faculty position hopefully to have a coach in a month. I was told there been over 35 coaching changes under Kite as AD.
  4. Their good friends. I hate he left Crockett wonder who Crockett will get Josh Kite said no teaching positions available said he wanted a teacher/coach but would get a non faculty coach if possible also said he’d like to have someone in place in a month.
  5. What about Smith did he resign or something?
  6. John Good resigns as coach at David Crockett. He’s such a great man and a coach hate to see him go.
  7. Huge win by Crockett tonight over Tennessee High 13-7
  8. Wonder why they went back to this format 2 seed automatically qualified for region since 2015. I know why because it’s at Boone they’ve always been crazy lol.
  9. I remember when Crockett girls won maybe 2 games in a season Tony Gordon done a heck of a job this year
  10. Go check bracket from last year top 2 seeds gets bye.
  11. Last year top 2 seeds made region also DB will play Friday district ends Saturday
  12. 62 combined free throws in the Crockett and Boone game. Crockett was 14-32 Boone was 16-30
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