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  1. Yep their scared. I'll say it again their scared. They entered a tournament knowing their were 3 private schools in the bracket.
  2. But if its next year why cancel against Catholic this year? Afraid like I've said. Dobyns Bennett played Providence and Baylor. Crockett played Maryville Christian and Concord Christian who knows about other Big 7 teams.
  3. Yea your wrong. I know Crockett played at least 2 private schools already around Christmas so it's just Science Hill being afraid. Science Hill has always been a bunch of crybabies and always will.
  4. Science Hill were the only ones interviewed so they afraid.
  5. Kollie is a beast. He was a man amongst boys this year. Such a great kid every time he was interviewed he mentioned God the first thing.
  6. Kollie only played every other possession first few games of season on offense.
  7. I believe Science Hill only cancelled because Catholic cancelled on them in football.
  8. Well why did they forfeit for mister genius I know for sure it's not covid related cause they played Crockett yesterday. Science Hill were afraid to play Catholic.
  9. These teams were to meet today in the championship game of Winterfest. Science Hill cancelled and no it's not covid related. Science Hill were afraid to face tough competition.
  10. Someone's letting down on their job. I guess hes been spending a lot of time in Elizabethton.
  11. Yea they'll be 3a. Going to 4classifications next year.
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