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  1. Coach423T


    Crocketts WR Donta Hackler picked up his 1st D1 offer last night after the game from UT San Antonio!!!! Kids future is bright and many more offers to come along with Cade as well. I should of added the name my b.
  2. Coach423T

    5A -- R1 vs R2

    Crockett has definitely got some player when's the last time you saw a county school in NET with this many athletes???? They have the #1 Passer in TN according to unapproved website & two WR at #6 & #7 in Receiving yards in the state. They have size and speed on the Dline with a solid Oline as ever at DC. LBs are fast physical and can cover in also hAve pretty capable DBs. If the D can continue to hold people to 14 and 21 we will be in good shape for the playoff run. So proud of thsee guys if they lock in and really put all their energy into this playoff run it will be a fun ride. Gotta execute!!!!!
  3. Coach423T

    David Crockett vs Knox Halls

    WOW can't believe for of their starters and Bosken got tossed. Who did you all play?
  4. Coach423T

    Crockett looking like a contender

    Just because Crockett has some black kids in the team doesn't mean they are SH kids. Blazer the only thing that can stop them is themselves. Proud my boys for the first ever 3-0 start in school history and a Top 10 State Ranking for probably the 2nd time ever in school history!!!!! I'm pulling for them all the way.
  5. Coach423T

    Crockett looking like a contender

    Stockton I feel the same way those last 3 will be our toughest challenges of the year. Cocke Co will give us a good game looks like they are playing good ball. Proud of my Crockett Boys!!!
  6. Coach423T

    Looks like David Crockett is back on track!

    Seymour was a little improved from season so it was hard to tell. Campbell County will be a lot better test for DC so we will see where they stand after this one. I think it's a very winnable game for DC this season after they lost a nail biter to a more talented CC team last year. DC will have to be discipline and exact well in all 3 phases and stop the Screen Game of CC. If they take care of those things they will be in business.
  7. Coach423T

    Volunteer High School outlook

    Hahaha Waco your a nut. Yeah hats off to Volunteer!!! Seems like to new coach may have them going in the rightdirection or HV is down this year.
  8. Coach423T

    Greeneville @ DB

    I'm pretty sure Greeneville has a good crop of Freshman that came in this season. So I'd say they will just reload up with talented kids. The work they do separates them from about almost any school in the state. Go give David Crawford a follow twitter if you want a daily view of the work they do in the weight room.
  9. Coach423T

    Morristown East or West Football

    Back when I was in HS 05-09 playing in the IMAC was probably one of the toughest conferences in the state. MoWest and MoEast have really fell off from what they used to be BIG time. If they had one Morristown team I'd say they would have 2 or 3 Gold Balls.
  10. Coach423T

    Graham Clark Resigns!

    So much for a national search looks like they didn't have to go to far to get their new HC.
  11. Coach423T

    138 Predictions

    Glad to see Gavin Russell from David Crockett getting a little love on here. He gave Luke Story a run for his money in the Region Championship
  12. Coach423T

    Sensabaugh 2.0

    It really is a shame Blazer because they still have a ton on talent coming back. They only lost 4 or 5 starters total all their skill players are back Oline could be rough. Yeah they got one coach that's been working them out if it wasn't for him they wouldn't even have a off season weight program right now. So if they don't get a interm coach it looks like they wont be having spring practice? What's gonna happen if the interm runs Wing T and when they get a new coach that comes in with a different system? They are gonna be completely behind the 8ball and every team in the state.
  13. Coach423T

    G$ getting outcoached

    Thanks for the info WBNC that's what I was thinking. I've heard of more than the Kollie boys thinking about transferring else were but you never know.
  14. Coach423T

    G$ getting outcoached

    I'm pretty sure as long as they move adresses there is nothing that can be done bUT im nothe 100% on that. It's like all the kids that came from SH to play at DC most of them moved so they were eligible.
  15. Coach423T

    Boone vs. Crockett - The Musket Bowl

    The Kollies have been wanting to move for a long time out of state we have just got lucky they are still here. After GS was gone one of the parents wasnt happy. Id say it's a 50/50 chance they stay or move. When they got in on D they helped stuff the run in the 4th. You could really say Crockett could of been Conference Champs they have the team with a ton of talent.