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  1. Salem

    Trenton Peabody Golden Tide 2019

    If yall pick up another transfer, I'm petitioning TSSAA to have you moved to Region 2-3A next season!
  2. Salem

    Best Of The Best

    Although I love the idea, it's tough to ask the wrestlers to maintain their weight for two more weeks. Some are moving on to other sports or trying to put on pounds for football. The day after States using the state weigh ins is a better option, IMO.
  3. Salem

    2019 Football Schedules

    GA's 5 and 5 comment was for the number of home and away games not the end of season record. If this group goes 5-5 with this schedule.... Barring injuries and if we have the right guys in the right places on the field we should be hosting several playoff games this fall.
  4. Salem

    FORREST 2019

    Putting up 49 points in the first half against an opponent on Homecoming is a great way to get kicked off the next schedule!
  5. Salem

    Cornersville 2019

    Instead of being one of the top teams in all of 1A they will be battling to be one of the top teams in their region next year.
  6. Salem

    FORREST 2019

    Eagleville should be way down. No reason the Forrest vs Lewis Co season finale isn’t for the region championship with the winner hosting the quarterfinals.
  7. Salem

    2019 Football Schedules

    8 wins at a minimum. This group can run the table on that schedule if they have some early success and regain their confidence. Our skill guys will be as good as anyone in 2A and they're all seniors but there's not a lot of depth with the guys blocking for them.
  8. Salem

    2019 Football Schedules

    @ East Robertson Portland @ Eagleville @ Moore Co @ Loretto Lawrence Co @ Summertown BYE Community @ Cascade Lewis Co This is what was released. Not sure why we have 4 home and 6 aways. Looking forward to hosting Waverly in the quarterfinals this fall!
  9. Salem

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    To outsiders looking in through CoachT vision, the coaching search appears to be done for show. It's unlikely Jeremy Pruitt or Derek Mason would have had a chance to get this job if the Superintendent's son wanted it. If the position did not have to be advertised since they were hiring within it never should have been. If the new coach was the slam dunk best fit for the program and already on the staff this should have been a easy and quick, drama free decision. Several adults wasted time and money travelling and interviewing for a position that had a predetermined outcome. Allowing the "list" to be published in a newspaper looks even worse now.
  10. Salem

    A/AA Individual State preview, picks and upsets

    McClendon at 170 should give Brooks a challenge.
  11. Salem

    Waverly Coaching Job

    For the good of the program the Waverly faithful should suspend all CoachT activity before the new guy has second thoughts and no one else wants it.
  12. Salem

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    Depends on how he got the information. Also, can't blame the school in the future to say "No Comment" every time he asks a question.
  13. Salem

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    I had my doubts. One explanation was fine print on the application saying if you sign this the information may be made public. Again, highly unlikely. If the paper went rogue, then their access to the program or at least the reporter's access should be limited. But someone provided the paper with a history of questionable decisions access to the list. These aren't men applying for an office job or for the electric company. They are currently demanding loyalty and sacrifice from a group of kids to get ready for next season. They are preaching total commitment to their program and it doesn't look good for them to be testing the waters elsewhere.
  14. Salem

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    Hopefully, every candidate gave his permission to have his name on a published list. If not, that was a Busch League move.
  15. Salem

    Trousdale County vs Portland 2019/20

    Apparently, we can expect a slow week on CoachT that week!