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  1. Salem

    CA vs Lewis County

    After watching the CA -Eagleville video, that’s not the same team we played a few weeks ago. CA offense may be in trouble come playoff time.
  2. Salem

    Regions 5AA vs. 6AA Scenario

    Sounds just like 2017 in here again!
  3. Salem

    Regions 5AA vs. 6AA Scenario

    As long as Coach has been comfortable working on CA in practice last week and even the week before (Community week) - playing tonight shouldn't be a problem other than giving CA's coaches a chance to scout a live game.
  4. Salem

    Trousdale travels to Cascade

    Concession stand gets a thumbs up, too. Good food!
  5. Salem

    REGION 5 | 2A

    That was awesome!
  6. Salem

    Regions 5AA vs. 6AA Scenario

    An opinion from the Region 5 side. CA and Lewis County are better than the 2017 versions; Eagleville and Forrest are not as good as they were last season. Not sure how the injury bug will affect CA the rest of the season.
  7. Salem

    Regions 5AA vs. 6AA Scenario

    Eagleville is a solid, well coached 2A team. They play a weak nonregion schedule. Their best player from 2017 is still their best player in 2018. They aren't as consistent as the 2017 group. They should have beaten Lewis Co but they should have lost to Forrest. The team completely quit in the 2nd quarter of the Cornersville game. Cornersville defense dominated the game. They fell behind 27-0 at halftime of that game and didn't look like they belonged on the field with those bulldogs. We will see tonight if that was an anomaly.
  8. Clear as mud? II. GENERAL REGULATIONS (Division I: Class 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A) A. In Class 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A and 6A, all teams are required to play all other teams within their region. The teams with the best region records shall be declared the region winner, runner-up, third and fourth place and shall advance to the first round of the football play-off series. B. If at any point when the following tie-breaking procedures are applied, one team has beaten all the other teams that are tied for a play-off position, that team shall be rated above the others. C. In the event of a tie for the region winner, runner-up, third-place, or fourth-place team, if either team(s) has defeated the other(s) in regular-season play, the team(s) shall be rated above the other(s) in the standings. (After the region winner has been determined, the tie-breaker procedure shall begin all over again starting at the top to work out the runner-up position. The procedure shall be repeated to determine the third- and fourth-place teams.) D. The following tie-breaking procedures shall be applied and all regular-season games, both region and non-region, shall count (After each of the following steps have been applied, item C above shall be applied.): 1. The team with the greatest number of victories. 2. The team who plays the greatest number of teams who win 50 percent or more of their games. 3. The team who has the greatest number of victories over teams winning 50 percent or more of their games. 4. The team whose opponents have earned the most victories. 5. The team whose opponents have received fewer defeats. 6. Coin Flip
  9. Salem

    Trousdale travels to Cascade

    Community, Jackson Co, and Grundy Co. Combined record is 3-18.
  10. Salem

    Regions 5AA vs. 6AA Scenario

    Last year’s results provide insight to anyone reading the post that isn’t familiar to the region. While nothing is decided chances are Region 5 will have the same four teams in the same positions 1-4 as last season. The first round matchups look similar as last season and should have similar results. The only questions are: can Eagleville go on the road again and defeat the #2 Riverside Panthers in round 1 and can CA travel to Waverly with a backup QB in the quarterfinals and knock off the Tigers.
  11. It should be but it could go either way. CA won last season 26-21 and then 40-14. So one close game and one blowout. Eagleville should have trouble scoring or moving the ball vs CA. Not sure how a new QB will affect the offense or who the QB will even be for CA. Their defense, running backs, and lineman are championship caliber.
  12. No region 5 team has clinched a seed at this point. Lewis Co and CA are undefeated in Region play and Eagleville only has one loss. With the exception of the Cornersville blowout Eagleville has looked good this year. They lost some good players off of the 2017 squad but record-wise they will be about the same this year as last year. BDR is on record predicting a CA blowout/ domination this Friday night for the dawgs.
  13. Three of those four are Community, Richland, and Moore County- no where near the caliber of defense you’re about to face. Not sure if you’re a diehard Eagles fan or a CA guy trying to motivate the team on Coach T after a tough loss. CA shou;d have no trouble this Friday.
  14. Salem

    Regions 5AA vs. 6AA Scenario

    Region 5 had a 3-1 record versus Region 6 last season in first round playoff games. The region 5 champ went on to beat the region 6 champ decisively in the quarterfinals.
  15. Salem

    REGION 5 | 2A

    With their defense, offensive line, and running backs all they have to do is find a kid who can take snaps and hand off and they will be fine. The injured QB was inconsistent in most of the games I watched. He might make a big play with his arms or legs and then two plays later take a big sack or have a turnover.