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  1. Salem

    1A Championship Cornersville vs Whitwell

    You can watch any football game and pick out one of the 9-10 guys blocking on every play and deem it holding. It's up to the refs to keep the calls consistent for both teams for the duration of the game. Many, many posts are in the bigger school threads complaining about the refs calling everything in the 4th quarter of the championship games after letting them play for three quarters. The Cornersville players did not block differently on their last drive than they did on the game's opening drive. You can't call everything in the final minutes of a game on one team and miss a blatant personal foul on the other team in the final minute and not expect criticism. It's bad when the only defense of a badly officiated game is they were terrible for us too. Maybe, but they were very good to you when it mattered most.
  2. Salem

    Class 2A 2019

    How many seniors did Riverside lose? Who's the Region 6 preseason favorite - Riverside or Waverly?
  3. Salem

    How Whitwell Won The Gold

    @tradertwo has the best post I've read on here in a while. Pretty cool to compose such a long, sincere post about a team you only casually follow.
  4. Salem

    Class 2A 2019

    Region 5 CA is out. Lewis County lost some good seniors and pizzpatriot thinks they will be down in 2019. Eagleville will be rebuilding. Summertown, Loretto, and Community are not historically football powers. So that leaves one team as the preseason favorite: FORREST! In all seriousness, Forrest and Lewis County should battle it out for the Region Championship. Hope to see Waverly in Chapel Hill next year for a playoff game.
  5. Salem

    1A Championship Cornersville vs Whitwell

    The word is synergy. Their combined effect is greater than the sum of their separate effects. Some teams have it; most teams do not. It's not just this group. Wait until this year's middle school team is sophomore and juniors.
  6. Salem

    1A Championship Cornersville vs Whitwell

    12 carries for 50 yards with 36 yards coming on one run. 2 receptions for 18 yards. 2 completions for 18 yards and one TD. There were several top players on the field Saturday for both teams. #31 wasn't head and shoulders above everyone else out there. The Whitwell D was a huge part of the win and #4 was involved on almost every big defensive play. If I was picking teams after watching that game #22 would be the first player taken.
  7. Salem

    1A Championship Cornersville vs Whitwell

    Cornersville ran 14 plays in the final 4:25 of the game. They ran 3 plays and had a false start penalty in the final 55 secs of the game. They used all 3 timeouts and got down to the Whitwell 21 yard line going into the wind (and the refs missed a 15 yard horse collar personal foul). All this was done without attempting a pass until the final 3 seconds. Any talk of clock mismanagement is nonsense.
  8. Salem

    1A Championship Cornersville vs Whitwell

  9. Salem

    1A Championship Cornersville vs Whitwell

    Nothing wrong with the coaches clock management. They drove the ball 50 plus yards into the wind at the end of the game. They overcame 4-5 penalties against them. They also overcame two blatant personal fouls by Whitwell against them that were not called. They lost some time after the clock started on an offensive penalty but officiating was more a factor in that 4th quarter than clock management.
  10. Salem

    1A Championship Cornersville vs Whitwell

    Wind here is brutal! Will be hard for either team to score going into it. Whitwell wasted the 2nd quarter - has one more quarter with wind at their backs to get on the board.
  11. Salem

    1A Championship Cornersville vs Whitwell

    Hopefully the weather and officiating will be better tomorrow. First two days the weather has been bad but the Refs have been worse.
  12. Salem

    1A Championship Cornersville vs Whitwell

    Has this week’s Whitwell hype video been released?
  13. Salem

    1A Championship Cornersville vs Whitwell

    More stats that probably don't mean anything on Saturday. 2A Champ Peabody scored 10 points in a loss to Gibson County. 1A Lake County scored 36 points in their win over Gibson County. Cornersville held Lake County to 8 points in their win @ Tiptonville.
  14. Salem

    2A Championship Trousdale Co vs. Peabody

    I think the biggest gap in 1A and 2A ball this year is coaching. I've seen many, many head scratching coaching decisions from some of the 2A coaches of elite programs. I've seen too many disciplined, fundamentally sound 1A teams that make the right calls and adjustments to just be a coincidence.