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  1. What an attention seeking, drama queen post. Maybe if enough posters beg him to stay he will keep his profile up. Yeah, it’s all fun when you’re slinging insults that have nothing to do with the conversation or debate at hand. Below are a few snippets of some of the garbage you posted this week that a 5 minute search turned up. Bad thing is most of the comments were edited which means you typed something stupid and then went back and doubled down but one never hears you speak in a degrading manner like such ? I ignored the first four insults from you and clap back once and you lose your mind and try to play the victim card? As you said, ”Don’t throw stones living in a glass house, homie!!!” You keep hatin baby girl we will keep ballin for Gold while you play with balls ...... Tell your baby daddy GA sup !!! Edited Tuesday at 12:17 PM by PeabodyPride She said that Peabody pride guys obnoxious ! She agrees with that Salem lady !!! But dont wanna highjack this thread !!!  Edited Tuesday at 12:15 PM by PeabodyPride Salem never heard of her !! Shes irrelevant just like your Rockets!!! Dont throw stones living in a glass house homie !!! I thought Salem had lady parts the way she posts her passive aggresive garbage "  Edited October 11 by PeabodyPride
  2. Apparently we know which teams are going to the playoffs in Region 5 but not a single playoff seed has been determined through Week 9. Region 6 isn’t much better, Riverside drilled Camden, who beat Waverly , who beat Houston Co who drilled Riverside.
  3. So if EV loses to Mt Pleasant (possible) and Lewis Co loses to Forrest they both have 7 wins. So then we have to see which team played the most opponents who were .500 or better on the regular season. Our region seeding could come down to if Huntland can beat Cornersville and get to 5-5.
  4. Tiebreakers are where Lewis Co being unable to get a 10th game will hurt them. Eagleville can get to 8 wins if it beats Mt Pleasant and Loretto. Lewis Co will be 7-2 with a loss to Forrest. Lots of incentive for Lewis Co to win and get home field vs lose and drop to 3rd.
  5. Some clarity after tonight. We know who is the #4 seed. ——> Summertown Two scenarios left depending on the Forrest vs LC Game in 2 weeks. If Forrest wins. There will be 3 teams tied at 3-2 and first tie breaker is total wins. Eagleville can get to 8 wins with victories over Mt Pleasant and Loretto. Lewis County would only have 7. 1. Forrest 2. Eagleville?? 3. Lewis Co?? 4. Summertown If Lewis County beats Forrest: 1. Lewis Co 2. Forrest 3. Eagleville 4. Summertown
  6. That would put: 1. Lewis Co 2. Forrest 3. Eagleville 4. Summertown Summertown travelling to Erin or Waverly is a long way for a 1st round match up. So let's go ST!
  7. Eagleville vs Summertown and Lewis County vs Forrest are virtually toss ups at this point in the season.
  8. "You mess around with me, it's gon' be consequences and repercussions!" - Ray Gibson Life (1999)
  9. Well Summertown needs to get it together this Friday!
  10. Yes, Forrest should finish 1st in a 3 way tie. But if Eagleville beats Summertown then it will be Lewis Co and Forrest head to head and the winner is #1. Will clear up a little after this Friday. So assuming everyone beats Loretto and Community: then Forrest can finish 1st or 2nd Summertown can finish 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Eagleville can finish 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Lewis Co can finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
  11. I will have to see which players dress out for us 11/1 to make a prediction. Hope to find out how good or how bad Houston Co is after this Friday.
  12. If Eagleville wins out and Forrest beats Lewis Co, EHS will be 3-2 in the region along with both Summertown and LC. Will go to tiebreakers. If Summertown wins out then Forrest can still win region with a loss to LC. If Summertown loses to EHS then Forrest- LC winner is region champ. Right?
  13. No need to be defensive and go on a CoachT tweetstorm if you want to take the easiest route with a stacked deck and go after a gold ball in the state's second smallest and arguably weakest division. So the mighty 2A powerhouse is comparing schedules to a 2A team that won 9 games over the last two years? We absolutely tried to make our schedule easier and only picked up two 4A teams to get to 10 games. That being said our schedule is rated almost identical to Peabody's in the strength of schedule department. We have the 3rd easiest schedule among top 10 2A teams (84.75) and Peabody has the 4th easiest (85.61) according to Sonnie Moore. We also haven't beat our chest claiming we have the depth and the talent to play with anyone in the state and then schedule Sheffield and Washington because we don't want anyone to get hurt or drive a long way to our games. Maybe your fans enjoy paying $6-7 to get into a game and start the 3rd quarter with a running clock every week. Maybe the coaches enjoy calling plays that work every time and having zero stress until December. Fair enough.
  14. That will be awesome but ours is a long way from settled. We could end up with 3 teams tied at 4-1 in region or 3 teams tied at 3-2 and go to the tiebreakers. Region 6 should be settled after Waverly and HC wrap up.
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