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  1. Can some of them east Tennessee fellows that have seen it real close explain what's so special about the Murphy man's pole to get his own thread? Lots of posters on here present their poles but this one gets the most attention. Practice has barely started so it seems like some premature exposition of poles is going on.
  2. Played Gordonsville and Cornersville. Defense looked good; offense was shaky. Overall, we will have talent but no depth. Not sure if we will dress out 35 kids this season.
  3. Who knows who posts what on here. I was making a joke about the grown ups being told to keep quiet. Maybe they will return after dead week.
  4. Hard to say since none of the county schools play each other in middle school or high school football. Last season Marshall County had an 8th grade stud running back.
  5. Could be quiet confidence or sense of dread after watching the spring game? New coach may have told them to button up on the T.
  6. Late November is too long to wait for these two to play. Need to set up a jamboree or at least a preseason scrimmage in a few weeks. I would drive over to watch!
  7. Community finished 2018 with a 1-9 record with their best senior class in school history. This group had over 20 seniors and won the middle school championship as 8th graders. The football future looks bleak over there.
  8. Both teams (baseball and softball) advance to the state finals!
  9. Since this thread is about everything except the 3 way scrimmage - Forrest's baseball and softball teams are still going strong in the state tournament. Boys are 2-0 in their bracket and the girls won their game 1. Looks like Forrest and Sequatchie Co are the only two schools to qualify both teams for AA state!
  10. I personally oppose everyone getting a trophy in junior pro but when the 2019 spring scrimmage argument brings girls' softball and 1977 into discussion it's time to make exceptions.
  11. For the sake of ending this argument, Let's just say: Forrest had the best defense. Gordonsville had the best offense. Cornersville had the best team. Everyone gets a medal!
  12. Lewis County should be every bit as good as both teams we saw last week. They will have a D Lineman as good as anyone we've seen in many seasons. They have outplayed us in JV games the previous two years. They play East Robertson 2 weeks after we do so we will have a common opponent to compare early in the season. We're only 15-16 players deep so any of the 4A teams will give us problems with their depth alone. Moore County is a wild card. They looked amazing last spring against us then had a mediocre season. Who knows who they pick up from Tullahoma or Winchester this year. The other six teams should be wins.
  13. A senior started the scrimmage and was hurt a few plays into the 2nd offensive set. An 8th grader came in and ran the offense until the end of the scrimmage goal line situations.
  14. Did these guys play last week? Who looked better Blue or White?
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