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  1. No, we're discussing our neighbor down the road. We're not that bad (yet).
  2. Coaches or players? lol Culture of the program is the biggest problem. They've never had football success and, Parents of decent athletes with the ability to leave leave. Building a winning program is much harder than maintaining one. The right coach with the talent they had in 2017-19 could've turned the program around. Now the younger grades don't seem to have the talent coming up as in year's past and they move up to 3A. Future is not bright.
  3. Sounds very much like the 1A championship game predictions right up until kickoff.
  4. This was an asinine, dubious decision by TSSAA last year. We covered it thoroughly in its own large thread. People not around here have no idea the one sided bad blood between Lincoln County and Fayetteville schools. That was an investigation in search of a crime (technicality). It's wonderful FC got the last laugh this year.
  5. Sounds like Community around here. Tons of youth league and middle school talent have equaled zero varsity success.
  6. Will we found out who gets the big transfers after Christmas break or do we have to wait until this summer? It doesn’t happen very often at our school so I’m not sure how this works.
  7. Over the last 4 seasons the only time Region 5 did not represent the West in Cookeville was in 2019 when the TSSAA removed an undefeated Fayetteville Region 5 Champ from contention based on a BS technicality. That team was as good or better than the team that just won it all.
  8. No telling how many lives will be saved by disrupting the basketball & wrestling season in Knox County. The other 90 plus TN counties are living on the edge. Next is a quote from Twitter on the link provided. Another misinformed idiot. If this is a CoachT poster my apologies. (Quote) Should have happened months ago. All schools should have been online only for this school year.I can't help but wonder how many teachers have died needlessly because schools were open. (Quote)
  9. WV might be the 2A favorite out of the west right now.
  10. Eagleville will be much better in 2021. Senior QB and some very good receivers. Their Sophomores-to-be class were middle school champs as 8th graders defeating the Fayetteville squad and their QB was The league MVP over the Fayetteville phenom RB.
  11. Absolutely. Logic is what has been absent from the beginning in this fiasco. Every game cancelled and every contact traced kid was completely unnecessary. The media will bury this story. This blows up the entire Covid narrative. An active infection caused zero problems or issues with over a hundred contacts. This isn’t. The only case where a Covid infection was handled in a non-guideline way and no harm was done. The rules were unnecessary and had no basis in science. If this story has any truth to it and DB hosed MC in the playoff game that’s Busch League all the way
  12. The big privates are scared? Right now does Oakland have any non region games?
  13. If everything in the article is true. A player with an active Covid infection practiced all week with his teammates. The player interacted with other players, coaches, and staff for extended periods of time. These teammates played in a game with an opponent. Three weeks later how many people associated with this have been hospitalized? Any deaths or other serious consequences? This scenario was probably repeated dozens of times this year in dozens of states. The same nuts saying in July and August that we couldn’t play high school football this season (we could, we did) are now saying people should lose their jobs and players should be penalized. No actions that illustrate this virus isn’t as dangerous as we’re told can be tolerated.
  14. And these are supposed to be All Star officials?
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