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  1. Right on all counts. Clearly, you had some inside info or a crystal ball. I would have been disappointed with a 21-7 loss. Fans were outraged by a 21-17 loss late last season to a 3-5 ERobertson. And then this. I will apologize for you traveling and paying $7 to watch that. That will go down as one of the worse performances on Forrest's field in school history. As you said a pick'em on paper. Cascade was playing for a #4 seed and Forrest still had a chance to win the region. No excuses for that effort. A running clock at 6:00 of the 3rd quarter and several dropped passes prevented Cascade from scoring 70. We are predictable and stale. The game looked like a scout offense going against the first string and the starters were listening to the play in the huddle. These kids have been running those same 3 plays for 8-10 years and we looked like a group of exchange students got together on Monday to install an offense. We couldn't block. We couldn't hold a hand off. Backs didn't know where to line up and ran into each other. Special teams were just as bad and the defense is the worst unit in the region, possibly in all of 2A. Trajectory. That is the issue and what GeneralF and I post about. Yes, the program had success over the last 5 years but we can't beat teams when the athletes on the field are even and the opposing coach watches film. This was a painful 48 minute- We told you so. No player retention or development. We have a great chance to be one of the top teams in 2A over the next 4 years but not without change.
  2. Forrest put a running clock on them in week 1. I don't know the score. Looking forward to watching this one tonight. Glad they're streaming.
  3. Line play is our strength with all the injuries to our skill guys. We had a slight edge last year and need to have a big game from both lines tomorrow. We have more depth on the line. If #1 can't go I'd give #61 a new # and let him block down or even play FB and kick out. Hard to say who wins at any position tomorrow, both teams are good at being inconsistent. Periods of good play closely followed by garbage.
  4. Thanks for looking this up so I didn't have to. Good info. The last 4 middle school games are just as lopsided. That is a point to ponder. This group of seniors may have the distinction of losing 2 out of 3 to Cascade (both at home). I don't think they've lost 2 games to cascade from age 4 thru 8th grade. Last season Cascade had 161 yards on 31 carries. 75 came on one busted run by the QB. Their other 30 rushes netted 86 yards or 2.9 per carry, Cascade has 25 yards of 2021 offense returning. Forrest has 121 yards from last year's game if #1 suits up.
  5. Your broadcast team does a great job. Hope these little Rockets put on a show tonight and live up to the hype.
  6. Quick thread hijack. Tonight's middle school championship game between Forrest (7-0) and Fayetteville (6-1) will be livestreamed tonight. Welcome to Tcsports1 Live Streaming https://tcsports1.com/stream
  7. Quick thread hijack. Tonight's middle school championship game between Forrest (7-0) and Fayetteville (6-1) will be livestreamed. Welcome to Tcsports1 Live Streaming https://tcsports1.com/stream
  8. I'm trying to save your credibility on a football message board. You'll thank me later.
  9. This is more like it. One big fast kid can run a sweep all game long and go undefeated if the coach doesn't know a football from a volleyball. In high school (at some programs) you have 5-10 guys spending dozens of hours every week looking at tendencies and film. The good coaches have a Plan A and a Plan B plus they can come up with Plan C on the fly. High school also has to present a program the kids want to play for because a 17 year old has more options than a 12 year old.
  10. That statement is 100% backwards for football. Please stop. Please.
  11. How did Cascade look against Eagleville in a scrimmage? How did we look two weeks later? Cornersville ran up and down the field on Richland until they cramped out. Cornersville couldn't move the ball on us. Eagleville and Richland would be a closer game than Richland and Cascade. Richland beat you worse than they beat SUCS in Memphis last week, Summertown, and Hickman County. We could've scored 60 on Hickman in a scrimmage. Mt. Pleasant's best player is out for the season. They will be banged up by Columbia, Richland, and Spring Hill before we play them. We lost another 2 way starter for the year last week. In our league a key injury changes everything for a team. Who knows what players will be on the field in two weeks.
  12. I don't think he's following anything we're saying. But in his defense they were a lock for the state championship game until the two kids transferred.
  13. Cascade Homer: "If we score more points this week, Cascade definitely wins." You must be new to the area. Who doesn't play with Confidence against Community? Lookout Valley had swag against the Vikings. Cascade beat Community (1-4), Huntland (1-4), and Cannon Co (1-5). Those teams have beaten Perry County, Webb, and Lookout Valley. Most impressive win is Huntland. For all the talk about Champions and Chattanooga this is same old Cascade. If this game is close it isn't a testament to how high Cascade has risen but how far the Forrest program has fallen. These two programs were on different levels and trajectories when the current coaches took over. We have an amazing group of 8th and 9th graders coming up. If Forrest loses this game at home to a 3-3 Cascade team and falls to 1-2 in region coach doesn't deserve to coach that group. If Forrest takes care of business we should win out and get the top region seed like everybody predicted in the preseason.
  14. The state gives $5000-6000 per student so most schools aren't going to under report by a wide margin. But if you know the cutoff and are within a handful and have a pro athletic administration it's possible to fudge both numbers. Also, if TSSAA doesn't take the time to double check each school some may report different numbers to the state and TSSAA.
  15. Thanks, Mr. Literal. I and everyone else who read the post knows exactly what he meant and my reply was in line with it. If need I can link what LOL means from the internet, pops. Thanks for following the thread and contributing nothing all week.
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