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  1. You almost nailed it. Only Shakespeare we had was how does he out coach thee, let me count the ways. Very good assessment. Defense was amazing. Players effort was amazing. Offense and one special team screw up were not amazing. I'm travelling tonight but will touch on your other points this week. Huge play. Worthy of a breakdown. 4th and 6 ball is on the 16 yard line. To set the play up. We're on the right hash so not much room to sprint out right. We have 5 minutes to come up with a play for 6 yards after a pair of timeouts. We line up with #9 at wingback one on one on the left side with lots of space- he's our playmaker. Defender is overplaying the inside. Post Corner, slant-out, slant and go are all available. #80 is at TE on the left and #2 is probably our best receiver but not the best blocker is on the right wing. Scouting report says sprint out pass. Our best edge blockers are #6 or 22 (on the sideline) and #80 (who's on the left). Best lineman are all on the left. #15 is lines up at WR on the right. #1 is the RB. Again we need 6 yards just like 2019. So the OC has really had 2 years to think about a play on 4th and 6 against Riverside at the end of the game in the red zone in the state quarterfinals. This exact situation. We call a roll out pass to the short side of the field away from our best blockers. The side without a TE to help block. The defensive end and outside linebacker come through untouched and the QB makes a great play to avoid the sack but has zero time to look downfield and has to force a desperation throw into the end zone before he's run out of bounds. There are 4 defenders around #9 as he drags all the way across and an inside LB makes a play. They lined up to take away the roll out pass right. That's what good coaches do. Our lineman were so close together there was no where to run inside so they just sent everyone off the corner. The play had no chance from the snap.
  2. We tried to tell them. There are different levels of teams in 1A and 2A. Neither Forrest or Riverside is an elite 2A team. It's not a knock on either, it's just reality. Forrest or Riverside would battle for the 4 spot in Regions 3 or 4. But we will probably meet again next season for a trip to the semis and hopefully another classic! This week we can be thankful for geography and TSSAA alignment! If I missed your really bad prediction I'm sorry. This is the feeling a Forrest fan has had after 90% of all Forrest games since 2018. Whatever you think the offense should score you can subtract 14-28 points a game. No team misses more opportunities and leaves more points on the field. That should be unacceptable and regardless of what you think about the @GeneralForrest's criticism and frustration; it is warranted. This is 4 seasons of offensive futility that has nullified the effort and hard work of 4 good group of kids.
  3. Team leadership comes from a handful of men collecting coaching supplements. That's where all calls for accountability should be directed. Some have performed well, others have not.
  4. As long as none of the McKenzie coaches are descendants of the Rebels who put in the game plan for The Battle of Franklin they may do alright.
  5. Thanks, man. Could have really used the third part of that prayer in 2019. Let's hope all 3 aspects come true tonight in our game and yours.
  6. After watching available games online with Riverside against E Hickman, Huntingdon, and Lewis I'm not sure this team is as good as the 2019 squad especially on defense. Riverside has an All State caliber defensive lineman and #90 is solid but the rest of the defensive guys are comparable to Summertown. Lots of young guys and several matchups a good OC can take advantage of. Offensively, they're very close to East Robertson when all the Groves are healthy. O line is about the same. East Robertson backs and receivers are better but Riverside's QB is much better running and throwing. Fans who cough up the $10 TSSAA gate fee should see a closely contested quarterfinal game that's decided in the 4th quarter. Previous matchups have been 21-15 (2019), 35-30 (2014), and 23-20 (2013). All were tossups decided on the last plays of the game. However, The Forrest offense has the ability to make this prediction go up in smoke. They've played two solid defenses this year and put up 3 points on Marion's starters and 6 on Cornersville via a trick play. They also turned the ball over in their own red zone in both games. Against good teams we struggle to score any points or even get first downs. Against bad teams we struggle to score 14 points without the defense or special teams setting us up. Riverside should play a similar defensive scheme as 2019 and Forrest has had two years to agonize over what they did and did not call in that game and all week to make adjustments that weren't made in 2019. May or may not be a good one but it will definitely be a cold one!
  7. After watching the McKenzie - Cornersville first half I do not think this one will be close if City is at full strength. Cornersville was missing a few players on defense including their best defensive player and McKenzie's offense struggled. IF KJ plays close to 100% Fayetteville by 14 plus..
  8. If the teams flip schedules Forrest is 11-1 or 10-2. Riverside is 9-3 or 10-2. Neither team has a legitimate shot against anyone else left in the bracket. They are both very fortunate to have been placed in the region and the quad they are. One fan base knows this and the other will find out soon.
  9. You and biggest singlehandedly counselled the entire TC community and got them back on their feet after the loss. Do you think they will return the favor if they win this Friday?
  10. Sounds like lots of good problems to have over there. Good Luck Friday!
  11. Is #11 playing? Haven't seen him in many highlights lately.
  12. What's Riverside's best win or most impressive performance of 2021? A 17-14 win at 5-6 Lexington? Lexington's best wins are against Crockett or Chester Co. A 20-14 win against East Hickman? A game where East Hickman had a 50 yard TD called back in the 3rd and was only down 6 with the ball deep in scoring territory at the end of the game. Big wins against Lewis, Loretto, or Summertown? None of those are top 20 2A teams. The bottom 3 Region 6 teams were much worse than anything in Region 5. Huntingdon was Riverside's only non region team with a winning record and that game was out of hand in the first quarter. Other non region teams were 1-9, 5-6, 2-7, 4-7.
  13. If KJ is close to 100% I will be surprised if City loses. They have been on cruise control most of the year waiting to turn it up a notch in the playoffs. They have always played up or played down to the competition.
  14. If you are getting this for free you should be ashamed. Become a Coach T Plus member!
  15. That's what I said previewing them against McEwen and McKenzie. Their front 7 is as physical and strong as anyone in 1A or 2A. They don't have any depth or team speed. West Carroll could beat them in a 4x100m Relay but I'd bet on Cornersville in a football game.
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