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  1. Plan makes sense. 9 is too many. 9 is way too many. A public school with 2000 students to draw from shouldn't be afraid of any private school.
  2. Forrest played a 14 year old QB at the camp and only won one game the entire day. Fortunately, Cascade was there or we would have been 0-6. You would never know that from Homer's posts.
  3. Good post from a guy who gets it. Forrest went with the freshman QB almost exclusively. Looks like that's who the coaches are rolling with in 2022. He looked good in the spring game but he's a 14 year old that weighs a buck 35 and likes to run. Barring injuries this team should be in the quarterfinals again. Best chance for Forrest since 2019 but we've blown chances to take the next postseason step in 2 of the last 3 seasons. With the new classification on the horizon this may be our last chance for a deep postseason run. Entire backfield returns and the lines on both sides of the ball will be bigger and stronger. #77 is the first legit D1 prospect we've had in years. Only question mark is the QB and the offense but we say that every year. Defense will be better and our OC has had another year of on the job training. Rest of your picks are solid. Summertown should be near the top again. They have a RB and a WR who excelled this spring at football camps. Edmiston will play college ball and their WR is one of the top in the state..
  4. Two year cycle and switch up the playoff pairings would be my only suggestions. Some teams meet every year in the same round. Would like to shake those matchups up.
  5. No Forrest mystique, just players who have gotten their tails kicked 95% of the time they have faced the F on the field from age 5 until the alumni game. A 7on7 game won't fix so many bad memories. Mt Pleasant had an outstanding showing at last year's Shelbyville 7v7. Forrest was awful. Forrest had 400 yards rushing and dominated the actual football game a few months later. Putting too much stock in a 7v7 game is an interesting way to say you don't know much about football.
  6. With the rule change, JV and upper classmen who rarely play, get less opportunity on Friday Nights. Was a reason given to lower the mercy rule from 5 scores to 4? Eventually some team will fall short of a great comeback because the clock was running in the 3rd quarter.
  7. Did Cascade show any of their secret plays at the 7vs7's? I was missing Marion Madness' posts but cascade homer may be just as optimistic. Cascade won't win state with their returning talent but if Shelbyville Central turns into a dumpster fire this summer after their coach leaves and Cascade picks up some transfers all bets are off for the Region or Quad championship.
  8. What can the teams on the Warriors schedule expect the MC offense to look like in 2022? Any changes with the new guy?
  9. Lewis County, Summertown, and Mt Pleasant all made big splashes with their new hires recently. I look for Lewis Co to close the Region 6 gap with Riverside. I won't be surprised to play a game in Hohenwald this November.
  10. Not sure what his options are but Moore County, Cornersville, and Chapel Hill should have solid teams and could use a QB this fall. MC and now Cornersville will probably play shotgun. Our style in Chapel Hill isn't what most QB transfers are looking for. Wish him the best.
  11. The 2 year starter staying around or is he on the move now?
  12. Columbia was 3 TDs better. Forrest changed nothing in the offseason on offense. 8th grade QB looked good running and throwing.
  13. Did City pick up a new QB for this season? The Class of 2023 was the last dominant middle school group to go through the Duck River conference so Fayetteville may take a step back after next season.
  14. I bet he drank the whole bottle after hearing this news. Any dawgs want to come on here and spin this hire?
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