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  1. He would be a good fit for Louisville and Bobby Petrino
  2. Volnut

    my take on the 6A blue cross game

    I think Whitehaven will play Maryville in the Blue Cross Bowl in 2017.
  3. I think Waverly will be in the mix and will represent West Tennessee in the 2017 Blue Cross Bowl.
  4. Volnut

    my take on the 5 A blue cross game

    Unbelievable comeback one of the greatest that i've ever seen
  5. Volnut

    WBHS Schedule 2017

    I think the top 4 in the Region will be Maryville Ooltewah Bradley Central McMinn County The will be a huge gulf between Maryville at #1 and everyone else.
  6. Volnut

    2017 2A Favorites

    I'll say Waverly will play Happy Valley in the 2017 Blue Cross Bowl and Waverly will win the Trophy.
  7. Volnut


    Trezevant was dominant in their impressive win over MC.
  8. Volnut

    my take on the 4 A blue cross game

    I was very surprised because I thought Knox Central was on a roll and would win the game for sure.
  9. He interrupted the color commentator constantly
  10. Volnut

    What is your favorite NBA team?

    I'm a fan of the Spurs
  11. Volnut

    Favorite MLB Team?

    I'm a fan of the Braves
  12. Volnut

    my take on the 3 A blue cross game

    Wow, that will be a major blowout
  13. Volnut

    My Take On The State Championships

    I think having it mid-state would be preferable for teams throughout the state,
  14. Volnut

    My Take On The State Championships

    They could move it to Austin Peay where there is a natural grass field.
  15. Volnut

    D2A State Championship Knox Webb vs. Lausanne

    Congrats to Lausanne and their fans on the great victory and the State Championship. I think you win the State Championship again in 2017.