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Everything posted by Dadof2

  1. Yes I agree with everything you said. I watched Central Saturday and the gap between them and Meigs is big, I think they will get better though the year because Morgan is a good coach but I don’t think it will matter. I think Meigs wins the district and region this year, and they have a very good chance to make it to state, and they have a good schedule to get them ready.
  2. I talked to a Rockwood fan that was a the game Friday, he said Rockwood dropped two TD passes, that could of changed the game. He said that SG has a good Offense and defensive line, but he also said that this game want be close.
  3. Macon is favored to win that region, I think Upperman gets the 2 seed, and if we can win the region tournament, we would play Upperman, (IF) it works out that way.
  4. Yes there good lol, I will get to see Upperman in December at the Greeneville tournament, I have a feeling that’s who will play, if we take care of business in the region.
  5. Really good, Campbell is a good 3A team that went 28-5 last year and they have a D1 post player. I think it’s going to be a good year for the lady tigers. Meigs 40 Jefferson Co 22  Meigs 53 Campbell Co 48
  6. I agree, they have a chance, according to the big ones contest, they have a 11.1% chance of winning. lol I had to
  7. IMO if South Greene is a run team, they won’t score 21. This will be the best team SG has seen all year, on offense and defense.
  8. Someone said on the 5AAA page that Rhea beat Cleveland and East Hamilton this weekend.
  9. I think I heard that Meigs wouldn’t score 14 on them last year, and they put up 29, but in a losing effort. I just think this is a different Tyner team then last year. But I could de totally wrong.
  10. I heard yesterday he was fine. I hope that’s the case.
  11. This is a tuff one to pick, I know what happened last year but I just have a feeling that Tyner wins this one. I’m going 28-20 Tyner.
  12. Meigs is 5-0 against region 1 teams in the last three years, and they have out scored them 215 to 39 and none of the games have been even close, and IMO this Meigs team is even better than the last two, and Its just hard for me to think that any of them have improved that much. But I guess we will see.
  13. I agree, Meigs would be favored the next two games with or without him, but the next one would be very difficult to win without him.
  14. Two good scrimmages today. Meigs 40 Jefferson Co 22 Meigs 53 Campbell Co 48 Campbell has some really good players.
  15. Watertown will probably be to much in this one. But I will say Bledsoe looked pretty good tonight. A big night for Rogers, I was told 193 rushing 60 receiving. No county return yards.
  16. If we both make it that far. I know there’s some work needing done on 1st Ave, and if you Hampton guys look over their and see a bucket truck stretched up in the air, don’t worry about it everything is fine
  17. It’s not that bad, I drive it a couple times a week checking on crews that work up there. And on the way home you can be thinking about who we will be playing the next Friday
  18. lol, those young ladies looked good last night. There will be some good players coming to the high school the next couple years. Looking forward to watching the high school girls tomorrow in a couple scrimmages
  19. Yes Grainger is a good team, I saw them this summer at camp, I thought Meigs was 10 to 15 points better then. Meigs looked really good this summer biting everyone by around 20+, Pickett Co Jefferson Co Rockrsactle just a few teams that they played. But that was camp, a lot of things can change.
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