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  1. I’m playing bud. Just trying to get a raise out of ole King
  2. King has no clue. He has been staying in and quite for months now. He knows what direction the program is heading. Hate to say it but it’s true. Cloudland High will just be a empty building with lots of memories in the next prolly 4-5 years. Just my opinion tho
  3. I don’t see a close one. Just my opinion tho. The team that the mascot wears the most make up wins by 3 scores in this one.
  4. I’m Not sure if that just yet. I’ve heard of a couple that might do it but not certain
  5. Yeah that would be great Bull. I know that HS ball is different and just because last years Jr. High team made it to the Championship game doesn’t mean they will do anything later. But I will say this and those who was there and seen it will have to agree. Those girls had the Trophy to lose in that last game. It was theirs pretty much the whole game. If I’m not mistaken we led by as many as 15 at one point and was controlling every possession. But they didn’t complete the game and the other team won! I know of a couple on that team that works their tales off pretty much year around and didn’t like settling for 2nd place and it wouldn’t surprise me to see them bring the 1st Gold Ball back to Roan Mtn! Just my opinion tho.
  6. King what grade are the Twins in? And I know this is the HS message board but do you know who will be coaching Jr. High now?
  7. I’ll also go out on a limb and say that the Lady Landers host a SubState game in the next 2 years and make a State Appearance soon. Birch is stepping back into a slew of talent that he has been very close to and has Coached and will for about the next 5 years. Should be very exciting to watch Lady Lander B ball for a while!
  8. I’d put my $ on the former Jr. High Coach
  9. Yep! A good leader is at upmost importantance! Your 2 lil girls age will be another talented group but the next 5 years could be a great chance for a Gold Ball to be placed in CHS. Whoever gets the Head coaching job in stepping into a slew of talent. That’s a Coach’s dream. Next years Freshman through Junior class has done nothing but win. But they have lost 3-4 good players to Cheerleading too. We shall see I guess. I know who I think has the best shot to take them to the Championship game but not sure he will have the chance to do it.
  10. The future of the Lady Landers in the next like 5 years is looking pretty good. But who is going to be leading those Young Ladies?
  11. I say NO to Avery! Just because we are not use to Turf. Happy Valley Field is a good choice in my opinion. But no matter where it is, if it’s not on Orr Field then it’s not gonna be Home Field advantage. But I do understand the shape the Field was in on Friday night. You couldn’t have soaked a Football Field size Tarp with Dawn dish detergent and it have been any slicker. QB and the Recievers for The Wave done a good job of pass and catch with what they had to work with. Ole Dallas B prolly went through a basket full of towels trying to keep the Football dry all night for us. No matter where it is played, I plan on being there. Just hope for a different outcome than last years game. Actually I hope it’s no where close to being like that game. Those Jackets Man handled us.
  12. I know it’s only halftime but my gut has been in a rumble the past couple or 3 days being sick so I’m guessing that’s why I picked like I did! Lol! My bad King, I stand corrected! Still a lot of football to go tho! I’m not being out of the way by saying this but has Hampton got a First down yet?
  13. That’s right bud. No sech thang as mistake free Football unless it’s Pujos Chiefs playing. Lol. It’ll be interesting that’s fer sure and like one said in another post, this game means nothing, but means EVERYTHING. Both teams need to come off Orr Field Injury free Friday night and if so that’s a win for both teams in a sortuv fashion.
  14. Not hardly bud. I’m actually one that tries to and does find the positive in anyone and looks for it. I havnt even watched Hampton play this year. Like I said that was just a gut feeling and my opinion. Hope I’m wrong tho. I sure don’t bleed H-Town Dog Blood. So your saying ya by 14?
  15. Gonna make this short but not so sweet and I hate to even say it but I’m gonna be honest and go with my gut feeling and say Dogs by 12. Not sure why but that’s my thoughts. Hope for a different outcome tho. And hope and pray for Injury free on both sides of 19-E.
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