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  1. I am being very serious about him coming to meet Madison and myself. My best guess is that he will decline my invitation.
  2. I would like to personally invite you as my guest to come and visit one of our workouts after school. Madison of course will be there and you can meet her and have a conversation with her and see her workout. Maybe we could change your mind. Would you like for me to set this up? I do not know you or have any problems with you, because I know nothing about you. However when you talk about one of my players then I will defend them. So I would love for you to come to a workout and meet me and my players. Do you want to do this?
  3. Bleedblackandgold, When talking to the people from Gatorade, I did share your concerns with them. Seriously I did. I gave them your screen name and everything. Told them you were a hard person to get in touch with however, that may be why nobody contacted you. Apparently they really didn’t care about your opinions and decided to give their award to the person they believed best deserved it. Kinda crazy how they did that isn’t it?
  4. Would still love to talk to you about this. You have any interest in that? I promise I will still keep your identity a secret.
  5. Since you consistently want to bad mouth players that are not on the Bradley team, I believe we have come to the point that you should have a direct conversation with me about it, seeing how my player is the one we know you are talking about. You know exactly who I am, so you know how to reach me at any time. Send me an email or call me at the school, you don’t even have to do it on here, that way we can keep your identity hidden. I can’t wait to hear from you so we can discuss this.
  6. You know what bleedblackandgold you sit there behind your screen name and take shots at kids. This post is obviously taking a shot at Madison Hayes, who everyone knows is one of the best players in the state if not the best. Not everything revolves around your beloved Bradley Bearettes. You see I have a good relationship with Coach Reuter and have a lot of respect for him, however it is people like you that make it where people don’t like Bradley. You do nothing on here but talk bad about other coaches and other players that aren’t on Bradley. You wanna talk about me or my team, go ahead. But when you start talking about my players then I have to get on here on say something. I would be glad to sit down and have a conversation with you about this if you would like, but everyone on here knows that you will only be known as bleedblackandgold and keep your identity hidden.
  7. I am not arguing it. I WAS THERE!! I know who voted for who, YOU WERE NOT THERE!! So quit reading headlines and trying to stir something up that you do not know about. I would be more than happy to sit with you sometime, have some cold beverages and explain everything.
  8. It was not unanimous because Coach Reuter did not vote for himself, everyone else voted for him. I have noticed your strong hatred towards Coach Williams so I have decided to set up a fundraiser here at East Hamilton. It will be a steel cage, loser leave town match. Coach Tony Williams vs bleedblackandgold (we don’t know your real name as you keep a hidden identity). Are you willing to help out the fine people over here at East Hamilton and take part in this event?
  9. Let’s be perfectly clear that I did not cancel the game, my administration did. I was looking forward to playing a tough opponent on their home court. Make sure you understand that I wanted to play and was only following what my admin told us to do.
  10. East Hamilton will be hosting the Choo-Choo Classic on March 20-21. All games will be played at The Summit softball complex. This will be a 4 game Guarantee. Indoor hospitality room for coaches!! Entry fee is $275. For information contact Norma Nelson at [email protected] or 423-280-0221
  11. Bearettesalltheway I am not sure what pipe you have been smoking but not a lot of stuff you say on here makes much sense. The voting was done way before the state tournament and Madison’s stat line for the year was unbelievable. All three finalists were very good and could have easily won. Don’t discredit Madison with some of your dumb comments.
  12. Madison Hayes from East Hamilton. 25 ppg 12 rpg 3.5 apg 3.3 blocks 3.2 steals 22 Double Doubles this year. She fills the stat sheet every single night.
  13. So he beats all of his district too bad so you go after the 2nd best team in Murfreesboro. Well he only beat them by 30 in the sub state game. Mad Science, I hope you are not a major decision maker of anything important.
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