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  1. We will certainly be battle tested if we make the playoffs lol
  2. Good y’all choke in the third or fourth round like every year anyway.
  3. Wow you would complain if they were handing out gold bars at the game lol just take the win and be happy.
  4. On the stream he grabbed the Peabody player by the face mask and pulled him down
  5. Might have to buy at Humboldt if Trenton sales out.
  6. I’ve seen an announcement that tickets will not be for sale at the gate. You have to purchase them before the game.
  7. White play 7 games? Diggers has played 6. On average if that is the case White has 272 all purpose yards and 3.7 all purpose touchdowns a game. Driggers has 284 all purpose yards and 3.8 all purpose touchdowns in a game. If white has played 6 then Kudos to him.
  8. I feel that game will be our measuring stick for the playoffs.
  9. My opinion is this team is better than last years team but we will see. They play better as a unit together and we are more balanced than last year. Like I said we will see very soon.
  10. The Westview game was more of a tune up or knock the rust off game for him. We relied more on the run in that game. My opinion. Since that game offense has scored an average of 43.6 points a game.
  11. I think we are more balanced and less predictable. When Ganaway left we spread the ball more.
  12. Disco duck is new and might be our old friend Jack the Ripper but not sure.
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