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  1. Yes sir we got what it takes to make a run to the Boro
  2. Haywood will be tough this year returning all starters. They have a deep bench also.
  3. Well it is directed to anyone. This is sports we are supposed to be talking about.
  4. Why do we have to bring politics in a sports tread.
  5. We only lost one player. They will start 4 seniors and 1 sophomore
  6. I totally agree with you. Watch out for Haywood next year.
  7. MILAN had a nice crowd Saturday.
  8. I was definitely rooting for Mian and Southside. West Tennessee people must stick together.
  9. Congratulations Greenville good season Southside
  10. Maybe they will come out after halftime ready to play.
  11. Not a good start for Southside they not defending the three. Missing layups is not good.
  12. This is good game it sure is not a blow out
  13. When we played yall in 2015 it was good game for the championship.
  14. Good season I know yall will be back next year
  15. Congratulations Upperman Good season Southside
  16. HawkGuy06 U are on one today lol. Good luck tomorrow see yall next week
  17. I really think that Fayette-Ware and Fulton game will be competitive.
  18. I will be up there Friday morning. Please South Side make it to the 2nd round.
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