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  1. GroundandPound

    Griders 2019 South Pittsburg Pirates

    What is the early spread on the sp/whitwell game next yr?
  2. GroundandPound

    2019 Sequatchie County Indians

    Out of region games are S Pitt, Marion, Bledsoe, Hixson, and East Ridge
  3. How often does a group of kids that had success in sequatchie youth league winning and playing for harvest bowls carry over to success in high school. I know the 16 seq co and this yr whitwell team are perfect examples
  4. GroundandPound

    Class 1A 2019

    You are right about those 4 teams and the are the favorites for sure to be in the finals. The freedom prep school Lakecounty1968 talked about could be a school like cornersville. A lot of sophomores coming back with some success and meaningful playing time. And Coach Rice can never be counted out. I played for him and I know how he can get the most out of his players.
  5. GroundandPound

    Class 1A 2019

    If you would have said the same thing two years ago you would have been dead wrong because no one saw cornersville making b2b finals and whitwell winning this yr.
  6. GroundandPound

    2019 Sequatchie County Indians

    Who did sequatchie drop if they are playing east ridge
  7. GroundandPound

    Class 1A 2019

    Not to familiar with them. What about out west?
  8. GroundandPound

    Class 1A 2019

    Whitwell will lose all their skill players on offense and on defense the whole secondary and linebacker group. Top 7 is a bit of a reach imo. I could see 6-4 maybe 7-3 depending on who is on their schedule
  9. GroundandPound

    Class 1A 2019

    Who are some of the teams other than s Pitt, lake co, Huntington, and greenback that could make a run at the title next year. Who could be the next to duplicate c’ville and whitwell last two yrs.
  10. GroundandPound

    2019 Sequatchie County Indians

    That’s crazy.
  11. GroundandPound

    2019 Sequatchie County Indians

    Whitwell didn’t schedule them
  12. GroundandPound

    2019 Sequatchie County Indians

    Has anyone heard or seen what the schedule is.
  13. GroundandPound

    Whitwell "Tigers" 2018 1A Football State Champions

    Very true. I played for him and you couldn’t ask for a better coach. Coach Rice and Coach Crews will adjust their offense to compliment what the kids do best that’s why they have been so successful. Been over in the Seq valley for a while now so it has been interesting to see good football played on both sides of the state over the years.
  14. GroundandPound

    2019 Sequatchie County Indians

    Who is going to be qb and power back if they keep the same offense