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  1. What is everybody's prediction? Will it be closer than last year?
  2. After the 13-1 debacle in the district tournament i heard 2 seniors after the game say thank goodness this is over. Most seniors when they play their last game ever are tore up and sad that it is over. Our program needs major change and by what my daughter says it would help our PE program. She told her mom last night that Coach Martin has not taught one single day this semester. She says the entire class lays in the hallway all class. How does this happen. This was not allowed in my era, Coach Rusty would have taken care of business in class and on the field.
  3. I agree 110%, my daughter said she and the rest of her class set in the hallway for an hour this morning waiting on Martin to show up to school. If I was dead last and didn’t make the district tournament I think I might get to school on time. 13-1 Tullahoma wow that’s so bad
  4. So sad, my daughter told me today that she had had pe all year and Martin is late for class everyday and leaves before the bell rings!!! Don’t make the district tournament and doesn’t teach class INTEGRITY at its finest smh
  5. Coffee County is in the Play in game, we might not even make the district tournament. 7th out of 7, worst season i can ever remember. At least softball is good.
  6. My daughter has the coach in class and said he goes to the baseball field every day and that a sub watches them. I think the football coach left school for another job. Even though my Red Raiders are last at least our field looks nice lol #mowerworks
  7. Looks like we are in the play in game. Such a bad district and we are dead last. I saw where we had a kid sign with Louisville so i know we have some talent. I've been to 4 home games and we look so dysfunctional in the dugout. Maybe we can work it out in the tournament. When i played we had a huge following and now it seems like baseball has been forgotten. It's been 4 years since anyone even commented on 8AAA baseball lol
  8. I think the district will be much more competitive next season. We will def miss Vaughn and Morgan and Lincoln County and Tullahoma return all 5 starters. Here are my predictions, what does everyone think? 1. Tullahoma 2. Lincoln Co 3. Coffee Co. 4. Shelbyville 5. Franklin Co. 6. Lawrence Co. 7. Columbia
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