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  1. I think we can all agree that the risk of covid 19 to high school athletes is minimal. However i don't think the precautions being taken are for them. Its the spread from them to elderly or the at risk. So arguing for football because these kids are gonna be safe is futile. Need to figure a way to play football without the risk of transmission to at risk.
  2. If you shut football down. Then he needs to shut down travel baseball. No way that allowing 1000 people into a 7 year old coach pitch game. Is less dangerous then football practice.
  3. No not a big turnaround. If hickman had played lc last year they would have lost. Big difference in hickman and maplewood, marshall or dickson or columbia. No disrespect intended toward hickman. Just big difference in level of play.
  4. Hickman co will not beat lawrence co...
  5. Walt smith would be a good fit. He knows the region did well in single a before at mt pleasant. Where is he?
  6. For who? Low pay. Low talent level. Rural area playing in a very tough class.
  7. Not arguing with them going to 4 quarters. But if they were 20 points better then why go to that at all. Blackmon did jump onto Lc in first quarter. But after Lc adjusted to speed they made a game of it in fact got as close as 4 points just couldn't get past the overall team talent as they was running player after player in. I don't think I would sell Lc short they are better then most know or think.
  8. If I'm not mistaken. They were picked 5th last yr. it just seems to me they get it done. They are proof you don't have to be flashy or follow the current trends in offense to be successful. All u need is good kids solid coaching and desire. As a coach and a fan of high school football you have to respect that.
  9. Just having a little harmless fun. Dadx5
  10. Man......must be bad in gc. If u trolling on Lc board.😎
  11. They are private school like Zion. They played 8 man football last yr. there head coach is former Tennessee Titan. Rusty smith.
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