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  1. my granddaughters friends who play in Tullahoma have made it known they are indeed practicing. They have also expressed their wishes that the old coaches be asked to come back because of their dislike of the new staff. Sounds like tullahoma girls basketball from the 80’s and 90’s
  2. I am glad to be a grandmother now and have my own kids out of the house because the day of holding your own kids accountable and expecting the parents to take ownership of their children have gone by with the good music and low gas prices. expecting coaches to know what kids do off the field is unexpected in this day and age of over teaching along with everything else that goes in the educational world. time for the days of parents and kids to take some ownership of their own actions but we are past that as a society.
  3. it has been a few years since my own kids went through but the organization called the tssaa does not allow it until a time period i agree with you but the rules are in place because some coaches just do not know what time off is and that is apparent in the next town over
  4. now more news coming out of the swapping and illegal activities of the Christian coach next county over
  5. our girls in franklin county have said all all year they have been practicing illegally. but not surprisingly they would do that over there and with that coach
  6. tell that to the other sports who follow the rules. in just the past two weeks multiple injuries coming from one school in this area I live all because the new coach wants to practice in the mornings is it worth it
  7. it is a shame these coaches cannot follow the rules and the administrators know it is happening and turn their head
  8. when your own players turn you in I think you might start following them
  9. the southern middle tennessee area might not know about this three player practice rule
  10. saw coffee county play this week and my lady rebels will have a tough time again this upcoming season have not seen Warren County or the eaglettes play. did witness coffee beating Tullahoma by 30 points and was not impressed with the new hires one I recognized from Columbia who did not have a great record. hoping We get to play the wild kittens I do think that is a win has anyone seen warren county at camp?
  11. did GH not name coach c yet? what do you know about Wilson central
  12. so a record does not mean anything when you are able to go get your own kids to fit your system? Blackman was not good because they were a new school and not full with all grade levels but after two years they got kids from other places who were zoned Blackman. best of luck to the ladies and coach he will inherit an already disciplined team with a winning tradition the last seven years so I guess the college record will not follow him as you say
  13. i keep hearing this statement but the record at his last stop does not justify these comments. below 500 record and it is not like tullahoma will have these high caliber players like Blackman does. he picked tullahoma and the question is why and everyone does know he will not be there long
  14. I do not think many will apply because the assistants, if they are still there, will get the job.
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