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  1. At one point Henry County was up 17 in the 4th quarter. I don't know for sure but somebody had said Page scored 35 in the 4th quarter alone.
  2. I'm at a total loss for words. I need to sleep on this one. Great game by both teams. Just heartbreaking.
  3. Very surprised by that score. Heck of a team Powell has.
  4. How nice would a long drive be coming out of the half with a TD? Let's get it boys!!!
  5. Game tied 7-7. I have no idea why the NFHS Network isn't working. They said on the Henry County Facebook page they would be having it live on NFHS. I'm disappointed in that.
  8. Same thing happened last week. Springfield was favored by what 80 something percent when I had last checked it.
  9. Should definitely be an interesting matchup!!
  10. Most people are saying this is the "championship" game. In my best Lee Corso voice, "Not so fast my friend"
  11. I was kinda surprised we had as many rushing yards as we did against that tough Springfield defense. No disrespect to Page but I can't see them being any stouter on defense. If we can run the ball like we usually do, I definitely like our chances. Containing McNamara is a MUST!!!!
  12. We wasnt the favorite against Springfield last week I didn't think but we see how that turned out. Page is a different animal. We will have to bring our best game and then some. I think Counce has them playing the best we can possibly play right now!!
  13. Man this Henry County team is sitting pretty if you ask me. Nobody (including me) thought after we was 3-5 that we would even be close to the semifinals, but yet here we are. They have surpassed expectations after the rough start. Yes, we all want to go to play for a State Championship and still very well may, but we have nothing to lose now. We go to Page and lay it ALL on the line and play our #### off and I believe everyone at Henry County can live with the results!!! Proud of our Henry County team!!!!
  14. Change of subject. We got a game to be played this Friday. I haven't seen much of anything on Page yet. I know they are a dang good football team and we will have to find a way to beat them in their own house. Tough challenge for Henry County but one I think they can accomplish.
  15. Thanks man! The defense definitely played lights out, but they did a good job the first game as well. Really was glad our offense could stay on the field and kind of wear the Jackets defense down a little. The Yellow Jackets still had a great defense. Hats off to you guys for a great season!!
  16. I know!! Colton deserves to be there as much as anybody! He's only one of two QB'S to get a ring plus a perfect season!
  17. Yeah for sure. He led the team to a perfect 15-0 record!! He did everything he needed to do to help the team be successful!
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