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  1. Great game Central! Congratulations on your first gold ball. Your defense was tough and that's what made the difference in the last minute. But once again, it was an outstanding football game with two outstanding teams to wrap up the year. Patriots, great season and I am proud of you all! Proud of our community who still showed up after that crazy rain delay and postponement. Big Red Pride runs deep, we will be back! Go Big RED!!!
  2. Kind of weird it being a Friday and having one more day to play. I believe this game has all the ingredients to be another classic! Its been a great week. So proud of our team and also our community for all the support that they've given! Looking forward to some great tailgating fellowship tomorrow afternoon (hoping the rain is done!) and a crowded house loaded with Big Red Nation cheering on their Patriots to victory!!! Go Big RED!!!
  3. This is for all the marbles! Hoping the weather clears out and its a beautiful evening for Championship Football! Really looking forward to this game. Once again, if our Defense shows up like I expect them too, I like our chances. Go Big RED!!!
  4. This is the Semi's! Can't take anything for granted at this point. Beech found a way to pull of victory after victory. They know they only lost by 7 and want to come prove that they belong despite their other losses. But that being said, if our Defense comes play again, its going to be tough for anyone to get much yardage on them! I like our chances... Go Big RED!!!
  5. Great game Patriots! Overcoming early turnovers and mistakes to secure the win was huge. But I wanted to throw out a Big Thank You to the Kirby folks who made a point to stop by our tailgate, both before and after the game. You guys were very welcoming and super gracious hosts! You should be proud of your community and school. Go Big RED!!!
  6. Pot stirrer! If we play solid D, and if we can do our jobs on special teams, I like our chances...
  7. I'm in complete agreement! That was an absolutely EPIC ending to the game! One for the ages!
  8. You are correct! And after that, Henry County started beating Melrose in the playoffs each year we met. I think Coach Flowers left Melrose on account of that. Of course that was only hearsay at the time 10-11 years ago. I am sure that Coach Flowers remembers Henry County WELL...
  9. One thing that I will say, which has been said many MANY times before - Defense wins championships! Personally, I am a bit worried about #15 on special teams. I think our Defense is good enough to hold them in check. They will score, but not all the time. But on special teams, we have to be on point! HAVE to!!! Go Big RED!!!
  10. I think Ridgeway has a much better line, as does Beech and Haywood. However, these guys make up for it with #15 running all over the place trying to be elusive - which he is most of the time! Its going to be hard for them to stop us, but our Defense is going to have to be VERY disciplined and stay on assignment and not just fly to the ball. Well, I agree with #15, going to be tough to tackle! Their QB though has a new issue to deal with - the coach that recruited him got fired Sunday! I am hoping his mind is preoccupied! Plus, Kirby is going to have to stop us and score on our defense every time they possess the ball - a tall order for them. All that aside, I am looking forward to meeting you BHS (again). We plan to tailgate at the stadium so look for us!
  11. This is a particularly deceiving stat. We frequently hear about the Patriots "calling off the dogs" and putting in 2nd and 3rd squad members on Defense. The majority of the points scored are after this has taken place. So in looking a bit more closely, and including the games where the 1st team defense stayed in the whole game, our allowed points are much closer to 8 ppg. Also, I believe that this QB and RB may be the best we have seen this year. These two are very skilled players! Fast and slippery. On the other hand, the offensive and defensive fronts are no where near the best we've seen. So this is going to no doubt be an interesting matchup...
  12. We need some input from kwc and BHS to give us the scoop on Kirby. Struggling against Southwind last night was a little unexpected. Anxious to hear what the Memphis folk's take is on this game...
  13. This is a little more like it. Took til Thursday to get much discussion going! In kwc's comparison, Ridgeway didn't have the scores come on them late in the game as did Henry County. For example, I was shocked last week that the DC v. Ridgeway game was even close at halftime. And Munford had NO offense against HC until the "trick play" that provided them a respectable 42-7 score at half. So it appears to me that Ridgeway doesn't get going until after the first half. I am hoping that the Big Red defense will come to play tomorrow night. And if so, we will come out victorious. Go Big RED!!!
  14. Ridgeway is coming together at the end of the season. Don't let their record fool you. This will be a tough game for the Patriots. But that being said, if we play our defense like we know how and get after them early and often - it will rattle the Roadrunners. And a rattled team will not play up to their potential by making mistakes. Another thing in favor of the Patriots is the LONG bus ride from Memphis. Maybe with a little luck the weather will hold out and we can get a good crowd and make this a playoff atmosphere like it should be! Go Big RED!!!
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