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  1. In regard to the Jr. High (Middle School) please note the schedule they play. 8 games which include Trousdale, W.J. Baird, Livingston and Macon. All with only 27 kids. Pretty tough as I see it. The wins may not be there but as they move up those kids play quicker at the next level because of a stronger schedule and an effort to mimick thier High School program as best they can. As for the uniforms, I saw one kid with David McDonald's thigh pads the other night. Go figure. Hope the league you are involved in does well.
  2. I suspect about everyone of us. SC travels well and a game like this will brings out even the passive fan as well as the die-hards. Not sure who else plays a big game like this in the area but I am certain SC/WHS will rank high for ones to watch. I have not been there since 2000, hope the consession stand is still as good.
  3. Our QB Club works nearly year round to raise money for the Owls. They paid for the new consession stand and local merchants went in and bought the scrolling sign. The same people update it by calling around the mid state to friends at other ballgames. The horn in the south end was also paid for by local people. Yes it takes alot of money and we are fortunate to have a community which helps support the Owls.
  4. 2600 paid plus bands, cheerleaders, teachers and others with season passes. Total appox. 3000.
  5. Thank you. We work hard all year round to keep our little place in good shape. Having a hard working QB club also is a great advantage.
  6. Ahhhhhhhhh Grasshopper....we agree!!! 825729594[/snapback] Our PA guy wouldn't do that, would he?
  7. Good luck to one of my favorite people. Cannon Cty. has landed a winner in every sense of the word. I hope the community supports Michael as I know they will.
  8. Queenie....since it was the ONLY penalty of the game, someone had to get it....
  9. I have watched Audrey play for 4 years now and can safely say she has earned everything by hard word and dedication. She has great parents and a little sister who works just as hard. Her 1000 points is a great milestone but she will remembered at SCHS for quite a bit more. Congratulations to a great player.
  10. NO. The player has to make the choice on their own based on their ability. I think that each sport in HS has elevated to the level where 3 sport stars are going to be rare. Football has become a 11 month a year deal, basketball has expanded to AAU along with the many summer camps which are becoming more neccessary. Baseball is nearly year around considering spring, summer and fall schedules not to mention the travel teams. I think a kid needs to be a kid but when? I went to school with a great 3 sport star. He started both ways in football, high post in BB and center field on a Dist. Champ team. Haven't seen many since.
  11. Macon County's defense is real. As good as I have seen in a few years. Their kicking game speaks for itself after K. Smith beat Grundy and turned around and beat Smith County the next week. He is good from the forty and in. They come from a strong region where 6 of 10 team could have competed in the play-offs. Not many "nights off". The head coach is a long time football man and a good man to boot.
  12. What exactly is the criteria for winning Mr. Football? Are grades and school involvement considered? Or is it purely what is done on the field?
  13. Right or wrong? Thursday our coaches will paint the field (2 hours). Friday our students will clean the stadium (2/3 hours), this is after one of our coaches has already spent 2 hours mowing and sweeping the grass (Sunday after Church). The concession crew and the QB club people arrive at the stadium around 4:30 PM to start cooking/setting up booths to sell merchandise. Our Game Management crew comes in at 5 PM to set up the field and get the press box in order. Gate opens at 5 PM for "Big" games so there are usually two teachers along with the band boosters sells tickets and programs. And speaking of Bands, ours usually start thier set up at 5:30 PM. All this is for a 7 o'clock kick off. I figure at least 35 to 40 people are working not including the football managers who tote and pack an army of supplies from the fieldhouse to the sidelines. I haven't mentioned Civil Defense, County Deputies or the local radio station or the local Ambulance service. Who desires the biggest split of the money?
  14. Usually SCHS football is on 104.1 FM or 1350 AM. Both are local. The AM station signal is alittle weak sometimes. Better off coming to the game and seeing it for yourself. Queen's burgers are worth the drive.
  15. I know it will be one of the best games of the year. I just hope a crowd comes to support both teams. There were alot of empty seats at Owl Stadium Friday night.
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