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Predictions about D-II this year?

First of all I'm gonna say McCallie wins pretty handly, with Webb or MUS coming in 2nd. McCallie is a dynastly in D-II the past couple years and they only got better this past year. They are possibly one of the best teams the state has ever had.


Other comments I have is that Ensworth is pretty solid at the top with Forrest Edwards at 1, Rand Jackson at 2, and Alex Rudd at 3, then after that they drop off majorly and I doubt the rest of their line-up even plays tourneys.


MBA is not as good as last year, with the loss of Adam Baker and Roger Briggs. They still have Naveen, Russel Anderson, and Brusting but nothing compared to last year.


Baylor probably lost the most amount of players out of any D-II team. Before their line-up had Bo Seal and the German kid and Tanz Kane and now they are left with pretty much nobody. They should be an easy win this year.


MUS i dont know much about, but they are always a contender for state. I think they have Will Carter and Watson George so you know their solid.


Finally you have Webb who lost their top 4 players and only have 1 player from the top 6 last year is actually playing in their top 6 this year. (Chris Haydek). The rest of the line-up is filled with freshman and 8th graders but they are surprisenly deep and talented.

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Yea, I agree with you about McCallie.


Ensworth will probably be decent later on, the top 3 players are pretty young.


MUS does have Watson and Carter at 1 and 2, they arent near as good as an overall team as they were in the past years. But they are very solid.


We got killed by MUS(as usual) barely lost to MBA, just couldnt pull it out. I think MUS will probably get runner-up this year

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Yeah AA aren't as good as D-II teams so I guess you can call yourself babies? USJ should have a pretty good shot at winning state though. You and Catholic are probably the only teams with a chance.


For girl's I think GPS is hands down the champ. Webb has 4 8th graders in their top 6, so theyll be good in a few years, but are not even close to GPS in terms of skill.

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Whats your lineup?

I know about Colton at 1 and Hunt at 2 but thats about it.


Catholic has Steven Young at 1 and Widmer at 2. Both of those matches will be tossups. No advantage either side.

Catholic's 3-5 are Michael McCarty, Mark Distefano, and Andrew Bosse, who are all decent but not great in match play.

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Webb played MBA today, and won 4-3 in one of the best comebacks I have ever seen. Webb was missing their number 3 player, harrison smith. Here's how it went down:

1)Brandon Fickey (W) def. Naveen Chadalavada 7-5, 6-2

2)Richard Brunsting(MBA) def. Chris Haydek 6-4, 6-4

3)Russell Anderson(MBA) def. George Butler 6-0, 6-1

5)Jim Shaub(MBA) def. Carter Tisdale 6-2 in the third. I gotta hand it to this guy; Shaub puked on the court 8 or 9 times, but played through it and pulled out the match.


Only the 4 match was still on, Brian Carman vs. Palmer Campbell. These two have played several times, and Carman has never won. Carman (W) wins, winning the 2nd and 3rd sets in tiebreakers. All eyes were on this match, and Carman, an 8th grader stepped up his game to put Webb back in this match.



Fickey/Haydek (W) def. Chadalavada/Anderson 8-5

Butler/Carman (W) def. Brunsting/Hymes 8-4



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This is going to be the first year of Webb's fourpete in Tennis. Without one of our best players we beat MBA. McCallie and Baylor had their fun, but welcome to the new D-II, Webb Spartan style.





McCallie 9, MBA 0

The Varsity Tennis Team defeated MBA 9-0 today at the John Strang Tennis Center. The match moved indoors after an hour and a half of play outside. McCallie continued to show its strength up top and down below by not losing a match. ???I thought we played well and focused at the bottom of the line up. We are still looking for consistent play at the top of our line up,??? Coach Voges said. The Big Blue goes after its first Rotary Title since 2003. McCallie??™s next home match is Monday April 7th against CCS at 4 PM. The Varsity record is now 4-0.



David Henry def Naveen Chadalavada, 7-5, 6-2

JP McLemore def Richard Brunsting, 6-3,7-5

Wes Nelson def Russ Anderson, 6-2,6-2

Chris Schlabach def Jim Shaub, 6-2,6-0

Thomas Fanjoy def Jake Hymes, 6-1,6-0

Sawyer Voges def Davis Thraikill, 6-3,6-2

Nathan Winters def Leland Brandlow, 3-6,6-0, 1-0(10-4)

Taylor Rogers def Chris Vaughn, 6-1,6-2



Nelson-Schlabach def Chadalavada-Anderson, 8-3

McLemore-Henry def Brunsting-Shaub, 8-4

Voges-Fanjoy def Hymes-Thraikill, 8-2

Rogers-Winters def Bandlow-Vaughn, 8-1

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