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TNT Tournament

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If anyone has scores from TNT Tournament that started today, please post here. I will be going tomorrow and will try to post anything I can find out when we return tomorrow night.

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Just got back and here are the scores that are posted at The Center:



1A Christ the King 28 Lobelville 22

Palmer 32 Coker Creek 21


2A Big Sandy 37 Woodland 35

Red Boiling Spring 54 Linden 38


3A Trinity Christian 27 Middle Tn Christian 23

University School Jackson 31 Waynesboro 27

Collinwood 38 Hickman Co 21


4A St. Henry 31 Springfield 12

Bledsoe Co 44 Hunter 43



When we left it was early but Celina was up on Selmer 7-1 and looked really good (3A).

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In 4-A Macon Co defeated David Lipscomb 38-21

Heard Avery Trace defeated Bledsoe by around 30 points(not sure if this is accurate)


3-A game was Collinwood over Huntingdon. Eventhough Collinwood trailed the whole game until the forth quarter and made a great comeback. They have a girl that is 6'1".


Does anyone know how Macon County and Avery Trace will match up next week?


Congrats to RBS and Celina on their wins earlier today.

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Anyone have scores from Friday And Saturday,Feb [email protected]?




In 3A Fort Loudon girls defeated USJ 41-28


USJ Boys defeated Fort Loudon


Also heard that Trinity Girls were defeated by Sacred Heart.


In the game before ours, in 1A Allons won, and also heard that in 1A, St. Mary's Boys won their game.


Sorry do not have more scores. Amazing how hard it is to look at the boards after your team loses. /dry.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="

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In girls 2-A Carroll Oakland defeated RBS by 6.

In girls 3-A Collinwood defeated Celina

In girls 4-A Macon Co. defeated Avery Trace

In boys 3-A Selmer defeated Waverly in an awesome game that went into OT.

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Girls 3A Championship was won by Collinwood Troganettes on Feb 21st, 2009. They defeated Fort Loudoun 32-17.

The Troganettes came out strong and never let up. Their 2 guards played like they were on fire! Great ball handleing, quick decisions, and excellent execution was their game. They may not have scored alot of points, but they sure knew how to get the party started. The three deep worked the ball to the hoop drawing foul after foul.

It wasn't long before Fort Loudoun was in some serious foul trouble. Collinwood dismantled Fort Loudouns full and half court press over and over again. In return Fort Loudoun was pressed pretty hard by Collinwood. It all comes down to rebounds and free throws and Collinwood was on. Red hot on the rebounds and not to bad on the line. This is one talented group of girls, who will all play together again in 2012. I expect they might take home the 2012 trophey too!!! Congratulations Collinwood Troganettes, you all rock!!!


stay cool!

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